Mito annual meeting the highest award 10 bitcoins? In fact, a total of less than two

Mito annual meeting the highest award 10 bitcoins? In fact, a total of less than two


In February 1 day evening, Mito company held the annual meeting, and since it was founded in 10th anniversary, lively and extraordinary. Especially the ultimate prize eventually, even bitcoin, also caused the envy of many people. However, for the year-end bonus value of 630 thousand and 10 bitcoin Mito denied rumors.

At present, the bitcoin market is still up to about $10 thousand, according to previous rumors, it is sent directly to $100 thousand, equivalent to 630 thousand yuan. But apparently not so beautiful figure “hao”. According to the introduction of beauties, the 15 employees get bitcoin. But not one, but 0.0888 per person. Add up, probably 1.332 bitcoin.

But although there is no rumor so exaggerated, but the total value of bitcoin is 80 thousand yuan, is also very generous.

NASDAQ provides technical support blockchain advertising contract transaction

NASDAQ provides technical support blockchain advertising contract transaction

In October 24, 2016, the United States of New York Manhattan District NASDAQ trading center.

(New York, NY) as more and more mainstream financial record keeping software project into the real world, the company has provided a new technology block chain operations to ensure transaction exchange, advertising contract.

Interactive advertising exchange global exchange operator NASDAQ and New York (NYIAX) said on Tuesday, NYIAX will provide the electronic market for publishers, advertisers and media advertising business, buying and selling in the future of advertising resources. NYIAX was founded in the fourth quarter of 2016.

The exchange will be similar to the contract, or at a specific price and a future date to buy or sell an asset to promote trade agreement. Its purpose is to provide the advertisement market participants to provide more effective and more transparent way to sell and buy advertising resources, NYIAX executives said in an interview.

The NYIAX platform is constructed by using the NASDAQ Exchange Technology, and block chain as the core of the trading book classification.

The blockchain first appeared as a crypto currency bitcoin system infrastructure, which is recorded by the computer network and distributed non centralized maintenance management institutions of ownership of assets. The classification of books to make any changes must go through the network of all participants approved, and then make it possible to avoid tampering, become an ideal tool for auditing.

Although the transaction is expected to initially from the advertising market in the company, but still hope that the asset class that can cause the financial interests of the company. The exchange will initially focus on digital advertising, also plans to expand to other media.


NYIAX CEO LouSeverine said:

“Once the transaction reached critical mass of digital advertising, we will begin to support TV commercials, print ads, radio and outdoor advertising market.”

BTCFork announced bitcoin expansion program, the implementation of hard drive bitcoin expansion fork

BTCFork announced bitcoin expansion program, the implementation of hard drive bitcoin expansion fork

Bitcoin expansion debate is still continuing, everyone put forward their own solutions and ideas. However, shilly-shally bitcoin community is still not resolved, I do not know whether to increase the block size, and if it is determined to increase the block size increases, how much is appropriate?


Some members of the community have embarked on another program, hard to expand through the bifurcation of bitcoin blockchain. These members will have to discuss the plan Reddit, create a BTCFork called subreddit. The group was founded in a few months ago, originally known as the new movement, a lot of people are looking forward to this organization to bitcoin blockchain in the near future to bring some fundamental change.

Although BTCFork has failed to achieve the expectations of the people. The community is already in GitHub on the future path of development are discussed and created a proposal. They believe that the current community process reduces the bitcoin community freedom of choice, which resulted in no BitcoinCore developers agree it impossible and put forward the implementation proposal. The decision-making power has been transferred to the community from the hands of one of the miners and the core developers alliance.

The BTCFork community said they intended to through the implementation of the whole process of democratization hard again bifurcation, and hard bifurcation is consistent with the original vision of bitcoin. Bitcoin their evolutionary process is divided into 3 parts: consensus abstraction layer (ConsensusAbstractionLayers), the concept of development acceleration (AcceleratedConceptDevelopment) and implementation readiness level (ImplementationReadinessLevels).

Consensus abstraction layer provides a way to measure and track the developer community to block change. It brings the responsibility between the participants, while promoting consensus mechanism to implement these changes.

The concept of acceleration development, function is more like a rapid prototype block chain manufacturing, allowing for the continuous development of each proposal chain based on block. These proposals from all the prototype, after review and consensus, can be directly used.

To prepare the implementation level will be as proposal maturity index. The index can make community progress on a proposal for tracking. By using this index as a reference, developers can improve all aspects of the code, in order to meet the required standards.

BTCFork now need some necessary power to really start to implement their bitcoin expansion proposal. Also, if things go well, it can well solve the controversy of bitcoin expansion.

Bitcoin investment Exchange group: 221662679

Japanese politicians interested in the growing field of bitcoin

Japanese politicians interested in the growing field of bitcoin


At least two Japanese lawmakers bitcoin has great interest in bitcoin enthusiasts gathering and discussion, one of them is Mineyuki Fukuda. He often meet understand bitcoin and domestic currency and friends, and met a California electronic currency trading platform team. Fukuda bitcoin interest thanks to Keiichi Hida, he founded the “Rising Bitcoin Japan” organization in Japan bitcoin development activist.

Politicians interest does not mean that the government’s support. Japanese officials take the attitude of nonintervention, now also no capital gains tax. This kind of uncertain policy to let some bitcoin owners worry. From the existing tax law, as long as the investment income tax law applicable. The consumption tax to bitcoin payment to do a more precise definition.

Have a great negative impact on Japan’s Mt. Gox event bitcoin development, but most bitcoin enthusiasts have already regain confidence. The mainstream media bitcoin drug crimes related to pay more attention to the. The latest issue of the Nikkei weekly bitcoin as a cover and with a large space coverage, basically positive comments.