Yamada electric announced that it would provide bitcoin payment services

Yamada electric announced that it would provide bitcoin payment services

The Japanese electronics retail giant Yamada motor has encryption and currency exchange bitFlyer reached a cooperation, will provide bitcoin payment services in the two stores.

According to the draft released last week, will provide the new service shops are located in attracting a large number of foreign tourists in the main business district of Shinjuku, another near Tokyo.

The company said:

“In addition to diversify our services, we will also implement some measures to improve the acceptance of bitcoin, and promote its use.”

With the launch of bitcoin payment system, the company says its goal is to meet the diverse needs of its customers in Japan and overseas customers. “We believe we can provide better service and more convenient.”

Yamada motor set up bitcoin settlement limits, each account can pay the equivalent of 300 thousand yen (about $2760) of bitcoin. According to the CoinDesk bitcoin price index, as of this writing, bitcoin transaction price of approximately $11200 (1218016 yen).

As early as April of last year, another Japanese electronics retailer BicCamera bitFlyer has announced a joint test of a new PoS system, the purchase of goods to allow customers to use bitcoin. The company also said in July last year is bitcoin payment services to expand its nationwide stores.

Last August, the Marui Department of Tokyo also in the Shinjuku tested bitcoin, bitcoin transaction set up 100 thousand yen (about $900) limit.

Singapore court rejected the $43 million worth of bitcoin disputes

Singapore court rejected the $43 million worth of bitcoin disputes


Documents show, Singapore International Commercial Court ruled today dismissed the plaintiff’s attempt to recovery of 3092 coins from an encrypted currency exchange procedure.

This is the first case submitted by the British B2C2 company in April this year, with the Singapore Quoine encryption currency exchange negotiations, involving a large number of bitcoins caused people’s attention. According to the bitcoin price index data show CoinDesk, then 3092 bitcoin worth $3 million 700 thousand at present value soared to $43 million.

According to court documents, the judge ruled in favor of Quoine SimonThorley, because B2C2 deliberately on the platform with a problem, while the Quoine terms retained the rights of revocation of such transactions.

As CoinDesk reported, B2C2 managed to capture Quoine in April, the so-called “technical failure”, and 3092 of a bitcoin sold 309 Ethernet, creating a profit of $3 million 700 thousand. However, according to CoinDeskBPI data, then bitcoin price of $1226, compared to about 25 times higher than the Ethernet token.

Quoine soon revoked the transaction, did not inform B2C2, citing the company’s violation of the fairness of the market, then causes the B2C2 to recover 3092 bitcoin litigation.

According to court documents, Thorley judges that the plaintiff must know all the price of the price and time has been seeking the transaction is completely inconsistent (all prices are low 250 times).”

B2C2 and Quoine have yet to respond to requests for comment.

With bitcoin wages, the Japanese Internet giant GMO to promote the development of the virtual currency

With bitcoin wages, the Japanese Internet giant GMO to promote the development of the virtual currency

Japanese Internet giant GMO launched a new salary system, the company’s part of more than 4700 employees wages will be issued in the form of bitcoin.

Bitcoin salary system

GMO announced that, starting from February next year, will be part of the wages of employees is bitcoin. The company said in a statement, only the beginning of the GMO Internet subsidiary staff will receive wages in this form, but will gradually expand to the whole group. According to the company’s website, as of September this year, the number of full-time employees of the Internet subsidiary has reached 4710.

There are 42 subsidiaries of GMO group, including GMOCoins encryption currency company, and GMOClick – the world’s largest foreign exchange trading platform.

In order to promote bitcoin payment system, the company mentioned:

GMO Internet Group has decided to allow wages to bitcoin in the form of payment, to encourage employees to hold virtual currency.

Employees may receive bitcoin wages at 10 thousand yen (about 584 yuan) to 100 thousand yen (about 5836 yuan). The exchange rate in accordance with the GMOCoins exchange, each salary would be minus a certain number of bitcoins. Registered account in the exchange of the employees according to the payday day bitcoin exchange rate received.

To promote the development of encryption currency

After the May announced the launch of encryption currency trading platform, GMO in the September open mining plan. The next few years, the company plans to build a mine at the same time, research and development of mining chip 7Nm, 5nm and 3.5nm. In October, GMO announced the sale tokens form to sell 7Nm mining equipment.

The company said in a statement Monday:

At present the company’s mining business plan to start in January 2018.

Make a contribution to the development of GMO will be through the implementation of virtual currency within the group to the global virtual currency field.

In order to further strengthen the development of the virtual currency, virtual currency and employees to actively use it is necessary to learn the relevant knowledge.

Apple co-founder: bitcoin is better than gold and the dollar

Apple co-founder: bitcoin is better than gold and the dollar


Apple Corp co-founder Steve Wozniak believes that bitcoin than gold and “fake” dollars — because the dollar can be printed purely for political reasons, and the total bitcoin is unchanged, thus become the “fake dollars” are superior.

Bitcoin magazine, Wozniak held in Las Vegas Money20/20 described his remarks, although bitcoin has been criticized because of its price fluctuation, but it is more stable than the government’s currency, such as dollars, because it has a fixed supply, and fiat money can easily be diluted.

“The number of bitcoin is limited,” said the publication quoted Wozniak.

This makes it more “real” than the dollar, because the United States government for purely political reasons to issue new currency, this is “a false”.

He praised the bitcoin as a store of value, and compared it to have an appreciation of the assets, such as a house:

“Your house is valuable.

If this is a house, 40 years from now, it is still a valuable house, “he said, even if prices rise over time. In the past, investors use gold to hedge inflation monetary policy.

However, Wozniak warned that despite the supply of gold is fixed, the continuous improvement of the technology will enable the miners to be able to extract gold from the earth with higher efficiency, effectively dilute the supply.

“Gold mining, mining and mining continued,” Wozniak said.

“Maybe there is a certain amount of gold in the world, but bitcoin is more accurate and more standardized, no one can change the number (fixed total).”

This view and the investment banking giant Goldman (GoldmanSachs) view of contradiction.

Although bitcoin is more open than JP Morgan, Goldman (GoldmanSachs) recently warned its customers, bitcoin is not a “new gold”, because gold than encryption can meet the characteristics of monetary currency.

In other areas of discussion, Wozniak said, when he first understand bitcoin, he appreciates the digital attribute of it, but do not understand how to work a chain block.

However, now he is fully aware of this, he is now a major supporter of the blockchain technology and encryption currency.

In addition to bitcoin, he also said that he on the platform such as Ethernet Intelligent contract Fang excited.

He believes that the contract will be like “tens of thousands of intelligent (software) program”, open many possibilities, before the invention of computers, no one can imagine.

Bitcoin can be used to do what in Chiasso Switzerland you can use it to pay taxes

Bitcoin can be used to do what in Chiasso Switzerland you can use it to pay taxes


According to local media reports in Chiasso, the small town of Chiasso will begin to accept bitcoin tax.

This new plan will be implemented early next year, apparently in consultation with a number of local groups after the chain block.

But according to reports, the plan also has some limitations, and the use of bitcoin payment tax cannot exceed 250 Swiss francs ($265).

Reported that the Chiasso mayor Bruno Arrigoni said the town “is recognized in the world is the state and the Swiss Center for economic growth and the development of science and technology.”

Chiasso is known as the “local encryption city”, is to establish itself as the Swiss city of Zug another block chain (Zug) rival, reported that over the past few months there have been 8 start-ups set up here.

Zug in the world famous, known as the “Switzerland encryption Valley”, announced in 2016 that it allows people to use digital currency payment service government. However, the local has not yet been bitcoin as an option to pay taxes.

The Swiss town of Chiasso announced to accept bitcoin payment of tax

The Swiss town of Chiasso announced to accept bitcoin payment of tax


According to local news reports, the Swiss town of Chiasso (Chiasso) will begin to accept bitcoin payment of tax.

This new plan is expected to be formally executed at the beginning of next year, apparently to negotiate with a number of Swiss block chain company results.

However, this plan has some limitations for bitcoin payment of tax shall not be more than 250 Swiss francs ($265).

Local media quoted the Chiasso mayor BrunoArrigoni said these words,

Chiasso is the “economic and Technological Development Center of the city and the whole of Switzerland, which has been internationally recognized.”

There is a “encryption city” said the Chiasso plans to become a chain block and the centre of the country’s rival zug. It is reported that in the past few months, there are 8 startups located in Chiasso.

Zug is Switzerland’s “encryption Valley”, the more and more international recognition. In early 2016, will allow citizens to Zug in the form of digital money paid to the government.

But as of now, pay taxes in the use of bitcoin, and not as what zug.

Ukraine three members of Congress have a large number of bitcoin assets

Ukraine three members of Congress have a large number of bitcoin assets

According to foreign media reports, the Ukraine state legislature recently disclosed that the total bitcoin three lawmakers over $45 million.

According to a report by the Russian International News Agency RIANovosti, the three legislators are the Council members of the “PetroPoroshenkoBlock”, this is the largest group in Parliament members.

A total of three bitcoin lawmakers over $45 million

Three members mentioned in the report, the number of DmitryGolubov’s bitcoin up to 8752BTC, the current price is about $36 million. AlexanderUrbansky has 2494 BTC, while the DmitryBelotserkovets has 398 BTC, were approximately $10 million and $1 million 600 thousand.

The news published on the occasion, the Ukraine government is moving in the direction of regulatory bitcoin.

Last week, the National Bank of Ukraine central bank said the legal issues of encryption currency will be discussed in the Financial Stability Board of Ukraine’s next meeting. At the end of August will convene a hearing held by the state finance department.

It is unclear what the government of Ukraine will eventually take measures, but local sources said last week, a state agency found a number of bitcoin mining machines, these machines were confiscated.

Although officials have for how to regulate bitcoin meeting, but some institutions have already begun to test how bitcoin blockchain technology and how to more widely used in other fields. For example, one has begun to run the new land registry block chain based on technology.

Harvard scholar predicts that by 2021 the price of bitcoin may exceed $100 thousand

Harvard scholar predicts that by 2021 the price of bitcoin may exceed $100 thousand


By February 2021, the price of bitcoin may exceed $100 thousand; a Harvard scholar announced that bitcoin is the first to follow Moore’s digital currency.

In BusinessInsider e-mail, DennisPorto said investors, in the analysis of the bitcoin performance after it is found to follow the rules of “digital technology first” currency.

Porto wrote: “the number of transistors of Moore’s law specifically applicable to the circuit, but also applies to any digital technology. Any form with the exponential growth of Technology (for example: “Moore’s law”) are double the time.

The comments on the occasion, because SegWit will lock the company’s share price in August 9th, so bitcoin prices hit a record high.

In March this year, every coin price reached $3500, and this figure is earlier this year to activate some coins like SegWit, for example, Wright currency.

Porto said that since its inception, the price of bitcoin actually every 8 months to double.

He added: “this is the one and only bring opportunities for investors,” and have a very good response in social media circles.

Although a number of prominent commentators in the future contribute much to bitcoin price of 5 to 10 years out of their views, but in 2021 the price of bitcoin in the $100 thousand range in bold.

This week, MaxKeiser reiterated his bitcoin will reach $5000 confidence in the next few months.

The New Zealand police seized large quantities of drugs, drug trafficking criminals use bitcoin

The New Zealand police seized large quantities of drugs, drug trafficking criminals use bitcoin


New Zealand police seized $about 500000 worth of drugs, and hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash was found in Oakland.

These criminals use virtual digital currency bitcoin to buy imported drugs, these drugs and eventually through international mail.

In the past six months, codenamed “wolf plan” in the action and seized a large number of drugs, including methamphetamine, LSD, fentanyl and GBL.

In this action of 13 people aged from 19 to 59 years old and has been arrested in court, north of Le Wei tower or Oakland district court, they involved a total of 79 charges.

The customs information manager Wei-JiatTan said: “the buyers may think that small amounts of drugs of no great importance, customs also sit idly by, but every time the arrest will help us with our partners to describe more detailed information blueprint, so this is not whether they will be caught in question, but what time was arrested.”

Sergeant Williams added: “the police or customs to knock on the door is only a matter of time, you will face a more serious charge of drugs.”

After the operation in 2016, the investigation. The survey found that those who often buy illegal drugs on the Internet are usually young people, they are not recorded before drug crime.

Bitcoin users have special tax reporting software in the United States

Bitcoin users have special tax reporting software in the United States


As the blockchain software service startup Node40 has to bitcoin users released its encryption currency tax reporting products.

The balance of the company’s software is initially available for Dash traders, and now it can accurately calculate the bitcoin income.

The tool is a direct response to strengthen the review of the United States, especially the ongoing struggle in the IRS and the case of Coinbase the number of users during the surge.

The company’s chief executive officer PerryWoodin said in a release on the press release: “the IRS Coinbase called motivated Dash users to use our services and access to records, to the 2016 tax season, while bitcoin holders will indeed get full attention.”

“Voluntary compliance rate of more than 80% citizens of the United States, it is obvious that most of the people are seriously reporting their tax obligations; we believe that bitcoin users just haven’t found the right tools.”

Before the tax services in this report is widely used, the user first must first be transferred to an electronic coin purse.

Coinbase crash

For most bitcoin users, the authority within the limits prescribed by law to report successful capital gains is still a problem.

Statistical data as part of the IRS-Coinbase collapse, every year only hundreds of American traders report, while the total number of transactions with bitcoin now has millions of dollars.

Woodin said: “even if the digital currency is more and more mature, and more mainstream investors will join, we believe that bitcoin will always be a form of property.”

“[… This means that the report bitcoin tax obligation is a personal legal liability… Americans need a long-term, reliable, and cost-effective solution is the most important.”