The United States Virginia allocated $500 thousand to help establish a new bitcoin mine

The United States Virginia allocated $500 thousand to help establish a new bitcoin mine


The United States has received $500 thousand in Virginia, to help establish a new bitcoin mining in the area.

On Tuesday, said the Virginia Beach development authority, it will put the money donated to the BcauseLLC to help create more jobs in virginia. According to Virgrinian-Pilot report revealed that the mine is currently under construction, will be the fastest in the later this month open. At present, the coal mine has received nearly $65 million in funding.

This provision is a high-profile project, it shows a fusion between the public sector in promoting employment growth and efforts in the field of encryption currency. In addition to these funds, BcauseLLC will be eligible for tax cuts are associated with the construction of the data center of the computer and other expenses.

Virginia economic development director Warren Harris said in a statement: “Virginia again stood in the forefront of innovation and technology, we are very happy that BcauseLLC will continue to stay here. Encryption of money market is expanding rapidly, we expect the company will be at the forefront of the new financial system.”

Last June, Montana state government provided $416 thousand for there bitcoin mining activities. Just as in the case of Virginia, Montana officials provided funding through the development of new data center resources to stimulate employment.

The British company Business Waste LTD announced that the garbage collection in the UK to accept bitcoin, Wright coins and coin ether

The British company Business Waste LTD announced that the garbage collection in the UK to accept bitcoin, Wright coins and coin ether


When you see the “coins” and “junk” two words in a sentence, seems to be not what good things happen. For example, Australia’s Campbell Simpson and Welsh James Howells accidentally 1400 bitcoin and 7500 coins were lost when the garbage disposal.

But now, a garbage collection company support bitcoin payment into the sight of people in the UK recycling company BusinessWasteLTD announced in the UK to accept bitcoin. At present, the base is located in England garbage company has been in business contract waste added to accept bitcoin payment options.

According to the company responsible person said, the British enterprises should enter the new century, to accept any form of payment, it is logical. BusinessWasteLTD spokesman Mark Hall (MarkHall) said: “now, whether personal or business transactions in the global scope and other digital currency bitcoin encryption, so long as our customers are willing to accept, we certainly support.”

Not a gimmick

BusinessWasteLTD said, this is not a publicity stunt, but a logical business decision. Holzer continued: “for us, this is just another way to pay for our service, this is just a question of money, we also accept Wright coins and coin ether.”

When it comes to BusinessWasteLTD company is not a technology company, Holzer commented: “you may be surprised, ordinary people are now in production and trade of virtual currency, and are keen to use them to buy goods and services. BusinessWasteLTD company is the first to accept bitcoin business company in the world, bitcoin has become a mainstream.”

The miserable man lost 7500 bitcoins worth $127 million

The miserable man lost 7500 bitcoins worth $127 million

According to a report in the British “telegraph”, the name of James Howarth (JamesHowells) man living in southern Newport Welsh (Newport), started in 2009 in his notebook computer “mining” bitcoin, a total of 7500 gold digging, stored in the computer hard drive. In 2013, he stopped after mining, the laptop computer is split into several parts, in the eBay auction.

How keep a computer hard drive, I hope some day in the future bitcoin become valuable, he can be the bitcoin cash. Unfortunately, in 2013 to clean up the house when he took this hard drive into the garbage, the garbage was sent to the local landfill buried.

Since a few years after that, bitcoin prices rose sharply, especially since this year rose 10 times, at present every bitcoin price at around $17000, means that if there is no Howarth to lose his bitcoin, bitcoins will now be worth more than $127 million.

In the meantime, a lot of garbage is poured into the landfill. If he wants to find their own bitcoin, will be a very difficult job. Howarth said: “modern landfill is a complex engineering project, mining a thing will bring all kinds of environmental problems, such as dangerous gases, and may cause fire. This is a huge, expensive and risky projects.”

In any case, he wanted to try, but the Newport municipal authorities are not allowed.

In an interview with the technology website Wired, a spokesman for Newport City Hall said that their office received Howarth application, but mining, storage and processing of waste may cause huge environmental impact on the surrounding area.

The landfill the field reportedly buried about 350 thousand tons of waste, and an annual increase of 50 thousand tons.

The City Hall officials pointed out: “this hard disk may have been subject to severe corrosion, even found may not work.

In addition, this work may require special construction vehicles, may have to spend millions of dollars. Although Howarth has found sufficient financial support, but still need to be approved, because the landfill is not open to the public, illegal entry will be regarded as a criminal offense.

With bitcoin prices continued to soar, some people speculate that bitcoin will eventually lose how very valuable, then city hall will be forced to allow him to explore.

Forbes: three rules for exploring bitcoin, block chain and encryption currency mania

Forbes: three rules for exploring bitcoin, block chain and encryption currency mania

Encryption currency (Cryptocurrency) the word four years ago was included in the Oxford English dictionary, and often appear in the cocktail party, golf courses and other places in the dialogue. With the digital currency imperceptibly become our daily topic of discussion, new supporters began to buy the currency and push up their price. In fact, digital currency like bitcoin using encryption technology to manage the new record, transfer of funds and operating outside the scope of the traditional banking system. But investors seem to be more concerned about the price fluctuations, rather than block chain is successfully changed the transfer of money of our economy in a way. This kind of fanaticism is more reminiscent of the BeanieBabies bubble, not Wall Street asset fad.

Many people enter the encryption currency market may depend on the strategy division, these people can predict which currency will flourish as well as the market price trend to. Unfortunately, those who claim to know the future claims often contradictory. At the same time, people’s greed and fear of missed opportunities will make the psychological blindly into the field. As a consultant, I encourage you to identify risks, a better understanding of digital currency, and carefully consider the so-called expert advice. To this end, I summarized the exploration of the 3 rules of encryption currency boom.

Risk identification

Before a decent return into temptation, we need to recognize, buy a digital currency at present is more like playing roulette gambling in Las Vegas, rather than investing in stocks, bonds or traditional currency. Although the future of encryption currency could completely change the traditional banking business, but has become the mainstream technology in the block chain before will be faced with many challenges. At present, buy the blockchain is purely speculative, which means that the price of the currency now reflects a herd mentality, rather than its intrinsic value. Like the BeanieBabies toy, if people pay attention to the transfer, so the currency prices may fall sharply.

To be honest, a lot of money itself has almost no intrinsic value. For example, the dollar is not other than the government issued currency is more valuable. But unlike blockchain currency, dollars to hundreds of years of economic strength and stability as the basis, so as to have the authority. Any encryption currency to achieve this level will experience a struggle, and will face more and more government interference (such as the IRS tracking) and hacker attacks and other problems. We should recognize that these variables will only increase the risk of price fluctuations.

Again, focus on Technology

We should focus on understanding the underlying technology again, and not just for a quick profit in the crypto currency platform specific to gambling. Block chain in the future application of this technology seems to have unlimited potential, has proved its value through the basic function to avoid the traditional banking, allowing the buyer and the seller exchange value in the absence of intermediate people who participated in the case. Although we have to rely on private banks and the central bank to control the currency, but the great depression and the recent revelations of fraud and other events have caused customers to lose confidence in the system. Although faced with many challenges, but this pattern clearly indicates that appear to the center of the transparent block chain.

In order to better understand the blockchain and related disorders, we analyzed the encryption currency can not only consider the price, but should be its ability to create actionable security platform and appropriate supervision, tax management and network security problem based on. In other words, we should pay more attention to the possible long-term success of the encryption currency, rather than short-term price highest currency. With the surge of ICO, many new money as a scam to enter the market, in order to quickly raise money easily, the trading system instead of creating a successful and lasting. Investors should consider the use of the new ETF block chain to enter the market, in order to reduce the platform risk and extensive contact with the chain block.

Do not superstitious expert

Every so-called experts have their own views on the future price of encryption currency. Unfortunately, these experts argument contradict each other, leaving some inconsistent and biased interpretation of information to people. For example, the chairman of JP Morgan and chief executive officer of JamieDimon said that people buy bitcoin is foolish. At the same time, the International Monetary Fund (ChristineLagarde) President Lagarde says it is unwise to ignore the virtual currency. We need to recognize that, although experts are very powerful, but no one can predict the future of encryption currency.

Investors should first create a global diversified portfolio, rather than worry about whether they should buy encryption currency. Do we accept I cannot predict the future of some asset. Our investment portfolio should reflect our goal, liquidity requirements, risk tolerance and time range, and not as in the case of Las Vegas once tried to win the bet. In the case of portfolio diversification, we can give the digital money in risky assets such as appropriate investment, so as not to endanger our financial situation in the investment facing the overall losses.

Diversified and long-term investment strategy can help us to suppress due to fear and greed impulse, this impulse will lead us to take unnecessary risks, and make a disastrous investment decision. Although encryption currency is very attractive, but we need to be aware of these risks, the renewed focus on the understanding of block chain technology, do not rely on the opinions of experts. No matter the blockchain is going to be the next BeanieBabies foam, or will change our economy, we should all take a deep breath, it was found that financial strength in the broader investment strategy, and do not become victims of crypto currency boom.

The first bitcoin ATM while carrying out digital currency regulation

The first bitcoin ATM while carrying out digital currency regulation

Gibraltar’s first bitcoin ATM machine has been successfully installed. The south coast of Spain’s European tax havens has carried out a number of bitcoin business, the local government is currently formulating the regulatory framework for the digital currency.

The first BTM of Gibraltar.

The first bitcoin ATM Gibraltar (BitcoinATM, referred to as BTM) the reception is installed in the Gibraltar Trade Center, announced last week. The British overseas territory located in the southern coast of Spain, by the end of 2016, approximately 34408 of the population. The BTM at the same time, Gibraltar accept sterling pounds and euro bonds, trade center responsible person said:

In the work and life of the people and tourists can now buy digital currency by cash and Mobile Phone Wallet APP. At present, GBP, GIP and BTM to accept Euro bonds, so the user can purchase a small part of the bitcoin, the minimum acceptable 10 pounds or 10 euros.

According to reports, the “Gibraltar Chronicle” machine is bitcoin enthusiasts LudekSafranek privately owned.

He said:

I contacted the world trade center, asked whether I can install the first bitcoin ATM in gibraltar. A few weeks ago Malta installed a similar machine, so I think it is time to do the installation in gibraltar. I think this is the perfect place to the first BTM machine.

The website Coinatmradar records BTM location tracking shows that the one-way BTM is currently the only BTM of gibraltar. To buy bitcoin will cost $4.3%, with website said, will soon join the new digital currency, “Altcoins”.

Gibraltar attract digital currency companies

The world trade center a company owned by DanThompson, named Supernatural health food restaurants have begun to accept bitcoin. He said that he is the first retail companies to accept bitcoin payments in local. He said: “we hope that through our efforts, to enhance our awareness, and encourage other retailers and customers have begun to use the money.”


According to the street newspaper reported in detail, more and more digital currency company is transferred to gibraltar. This is because the preferential tax policy in this area very attractive and relatively lax laws and regulations.

July 2016, approved by the Gibraltar stock exchange a ETI currency exchange listed on GSX. The bitcoin exclusive exchange also at Deutsche Bank (DeutscheB? RSE) listed.

Government planning digital currency legal framework

The government issued a consultation paper on digital currency regulation in January 2016. From then on, discuss the regulatory framework regarding the encrypted digital currency business has been.

In May, the government issued a document, including digital currency related business regulatory proposals. And held in Gibraltar university digital currency summit conducted a comprehensive public consultation. These include the 1989 “financial services (vote Zihexin.) the relevant provisions of the law” was amended, the implementation of the recommendations of the date no later than January 1, 2018. The document also said, “there are several related enterprise encryption digital currency has begun operation. “

BCC is more and more accepted

BCC is more and more accepted

For bitcoin fans, this is a crazy ten days, because the network had its first notable network One divides into two.. In the first week, BCC block chain has been launched, the money market is booming. Now, the two encryption currency payment processor, theLivingRoomofSatoshi and Rocketr have announced support for BCC in their platform.

The BCC network and the market rose

BitcoinCash (BCC) block chain already in the processing block, is currently booming into a network. So far, the BCC chain has been the emergence of 408 blocks, in exchange for currency trading volume is large. At present, each BCC transaction price of $300, becoming the fourth largest encryption currency in market capitalization. So far, there have been many exchanges and encryption of digital currency wallet decided to support the BCC network. In addition, other companies like Purse market, has also announced to hold customer funds on the platform of BCC distribution.

The digital product market Rocketr customers can now use BCC in the online store

This week, the digital product market Rocketr has announced that customers can use BCC in the online store. Rocketr is an e-commerce platform for sales and publication of digital goods, such as documents, procedures, activation code, software and other services. The company was founded in 2016 by RobDanielson, BTC, ETH, PayPal, Stripe (credit card) and now BCC. The company announced the addition of currency statement in August 9th in Twitter;

“We have just opened BCC as payment. Today you can use the online store.”

LivingRoomofSatoshi accept BCC payment payment platform

Another is called the LivingRoomofSatoshi start-up company revealed crypto currency users can pay bills on BCC platform. The company was founded in 2014, is the one that allows Australian residents to pay electricity, telephone charges and credit card bills, payment platform. LivingRoomofSatoshi announced in August 7th to support the currency. Since then, people have slowly started to use BCC in the Australian startups platform to pay the bills.

“Now you can use your BCC to pay the bills, or cash payment to the bank account of the LivingRoomofSatoshi!”

So far, considering BCC all obstacles and difficult start, this is quite good for a week. In addition, the integration of this website reported customers can use BCC in the market thanks to Shapeshift. For a new Internet only a week, encryption currency is still a long way to go, despite all the bad mouthing BCC only so.

Visit bitcoin private key by brute force Large Bitcoin Collider

Visit bitcoin private key by brute force Large Bitcoin Collider

Recently it has been reported that an organization called LargeBitcoinCollider by brute force way access to 3 with bitcoin private key, here the so-called brute force, which is on the way to the exhaustive algorithm of luck.

As we all know, bitcoin private key is displayed in 64 hexadecimal number sixteen (in the binary number representation is 256), then crack all bitcoin private key is 2^256, which is about 1.15792*10^77.

Currently has a number of bitcoin address, 3Nxwenay9Z8Lc9JBiywExpnEFiLp6Afp8v is the most, the number is about 128439.83709770BTC.

So, how many have guessed its private key probability? About 8.637*10^ 78, at present, the whole network has a number of coins of the private key is about 13 million 500 thousand, of which more than 1BTC of the private key is about 400 thousand

Even if we refer to the 13 million 500 thousand private key as 3Nxwenay9Z8Lc9JBiywExpnEFiLp6Afp8v behind this address “won the first prize in the private key”. Then the probability can be obtained guess bitcoin is 1.166*10^70.

But there are also bitcoin stakeholders put forward different views, they believe that violence is not cracked bitcoin private key in, but the computer work, fast computer can calculate a second to 100 million units of private key, they thought of using computers to break the private key probability is very high.

– look at Motherboard, LargeBitcoinCollider brute force organization access bitcoin private key for about a year, through 3000 trillion (3*10^16) of a private key. That is to say, the average of about 950 million per second computer traversal (9.5*10^8) bitcoin private key.

In this calculation efficiency, the computer per second guess one prize private key probability (9.5*10^8 * 1.166^1070), equal to about 1.1 * 10^61. The number of bitcoin so to first prize to calculate the private key contains LargeBitcoinCollider, brute force organization 24 hours with brute force to get the number of bitcoin expectations about (1.1 * 10^ 61 * 128439 * 86400 (BTC) (s)) =1.22 * 10^-51 (BTC).

– professionals believe that this result shows that the LargeBitcoinCollider brute force organization in this way is similar to a crack, bitcoin private key, even if the brute force organization with a life time, I won’t get any bitcoin even if it is a (the smallest unit of bitcoin).

But the report said that the organization has met 3 containing a small amount of bitcoin private key, the winning rate actually higher than the theoretical value of 9, 09 * 10^44 times.

Bitcoin promote anarchist prosperity

Bitcoin promote anarchist prosperity

Bitcoin to the center is one of the most important characteristics, this is a free feature, but also it can quickly swept the world. This means that bitcoin is not the arbitrary control of small parts. Foreign media found that due to the characteristics of bitcoin, some anarchists are using it for their own lives.

The real bitcoin is fully respect the choice of the market, although it developed by the technical staff, but the development of bitcoin does not depend on their bitcoin, also need to bitcoin miners and operators of the support and cooperation of nodes. These phenomena show the attribute of bitcoin free.

At present, some people use bitcoin free to live a free life, they separated from the state and government. People working in a FreethinkerHouse garden in Texas and life. People in such a way that gives a bitcoin to the center of the significance of new, just like the island in the Pacific Ocean, bitcoin is from the stone on the island and the evolution of currency.

Anarchist Derek? Said Bruiser these people and their living and working area for free unit.

The implementation of these free unit activism to strengthen their activities. Free unit should be voluntary exchanges on the black market, and social change through these market philosophy. Experts and scholars will have this type of activity is called reverse economics.

Free unit to adopt this anti economic philosophy, so bitcoin and other encryption currency can be used to provide the appropriate money for them.

Indeed, many free units can be the main way to use barter way of economic activities, however, cryptography provides alternative, digital, virtual and transferable value storage.

In fact, bitcoin has the ability to help free unit get more development, because it makes these groups more exciting and practical economic life. An interesting side effect of government decentralization is a community or group is only suitable for small. Bitcoin is a part of the decentralization process, and other encryption currency may play a similar role.

Bitcoin allows free cell development, because it is useful for trading in these groups, instead of using a barter system. It provides a complete technical means the same thing for them, but also more practical. In fact, bitcoin is designed as a kind of economic transactions easier and more free technology.

This is the main anti money monetary economics, it will allow more freedom groups illuminate more prosperity and freedom.

Bitcoin global development community this weekend will be held in the new Scaling Bitcoin meeting

Bitcoin global development community this weekend will be held in the new Scaling Bitcoin meeting

Bitcoin global development community this weekend will be held in a new phase of the ScalingBitcoin meeting. The focus of the conference is some urgent problems related to the development of the network, for example, to solve the congestion problem by expansion block.

ScalingBitcoin began in 2015, aimed at resolving the expansion and intensification of contradictions, expand the user base. This weekend the ScalingBitcoin conference will also focus on the issue of expansion, including isolation verification (SegWit). Since its inception, vigorously pursued isolation verification by the community, but also the focus of hot debate.

This meeting will not launch any important updates. However, bitcoin developer said isolation verification activation code downloads and conference brought huge test. It also represents the isolation and verification from the official release one step closer.

But before the release, developers must test its potential vulnerabilities.

BitcoinCore developer EricLombrozo said, they must be careful to ensure isolation verification and other updates (such as newly released software compatibility etc.).

At present, we are adjusting a network.

BitcoinCore developer BryanBishop added:

A problem which is how to verify the isolation faced with dense block compatible.

The dense block successfully deployed in August this year. When the mutual communication between nodes, dense block can help nodes faster and more efficient data transmission.

In addition to wait patiently, we should also be issued for isolation verification excited. Because after the release of the code, can make bitcoin transactions doubled, and is likely to solve all kinds of disputes involving bitcoin expansion.

Not only can the rapid increase of network isolation and verification of transaction processing, but also for the future potential expansion project development foundation.

Isolation verification can solve the transaction scalability problem (transactionmalleability). This problem has been solved, lightning network (LightningNetwork) can also be deployed successfully.

Then, before the long-awaited expansion code came into effect exactly what needs to be done?

Come into effect

The August release of the BitcoinCore0.13.0 includes the first isolation verification code, but not formally activated.

According to Core developers, to 0.13.1 when released, you can download the isolation verification code. Whether to show their support for the scheme of bitcoin miners can pass the way and then update the client.

BitcoinCore wrote in the official website, isolation verification code will start in the “lock”. If 2016 blocks before (about two weeks of trading volume) with the new code for broadcasting, then two weeks later (after that another 2016 blocks), isolation verification code can formally enter into force.

Core recently said in a blog:

Isolation of all nodes authentication code required to run the miners consensus on a new round of isolation verification rules.

Lombrozo said, Core developers hope that the relevant process can be as fast as some. Because after about two to three months, another important bitcoin update check sequence (CheckSequenceVerify, CSV) is proved to be activated.

Profound influence

Isolation verification change affects the entire bitcoin ecosystem.

Bitcoin this user oriented world has begun to prepare for it, a wallet supplier plans to update the code to achieve compatibility. Core developers said they are actively and these enterprises cooperation, ensure the smooth deployment of the code.

But in the activation code before the wallet vendor can actually do not do what. The person in charge of BitGo BenedictChan think this situation and the first philosophical problem of the chicken or the egg like.

Chan is expected to update the isolation verification takes about five weeks.

The five week is not a long time is not too short. So we will be in the specific activation date out after considering whether to update.

Core developers have suggested user code after activation to wait a few weeks to upgrade. This can be a hundred percent sure the whole network of the vast majority of people are in favor of the new rules about isolation verification.

Lombrozo think this is a flexible process. Because the wallet can choose to upgrade at the appropriate time. But if they wait too long, you might not benefit from the.

The best of “popular”?

However, there are still not too optimistic about this update.

BitcoinClassic organizer JonathanToomim declared support for large block in the last ScalingBitcoin. He still had doubts about the isolation verification, think it can not restore the user interest in bitcoin.

When asked if there is any way to change his views on isolation verification, he still insisted, said he is more optimistic about the other block chain platform, such as ETH and Zcash.

Toomim said that in any case he had not changed his views.

Isolation verification limits the development of bitcoin, waste developer time, also let the currency competition take market share.

I think the verification results in the expansion is not isolated, and it’s too late.

If other people do not agree, but also depends on the specific situation after verification of active isolation.

Bitcoin mining power consumption is too large, the power company tailored for power grid

Bitcoin mining power consumption is too large, the power company tailored for power grid

In the news network correspondent Li Shuxia reports

It is understood that bitcoin as an electronic currency, it is the interpretation of Hayek’s “free money” in the dream. Which was born in 2009, is a set of password based encoding, generated by complex algorithm, a limited number (21 million). The limited amount of bitcoins from the point of view, like digital gold. At present, many institutions have to accept bitcoin to pay the bill, even the German government officially recognized it as a form of currency. But China has just become the world’s largest bitcoin exchange market.

The electric power resources centre bit cloud base industrial park integrated centre city, domestic medium and large bitcoin cloud computing center in the industrial park, built in stages China the largest bitcoin cloud computing base. The company sales department in the centre received bit cloud base technology limited electricity for the first time, and the enterprise, government, CMC, bureau of industry and information and actively communicate with the electric properties of understanding of the business, the electricity load, tailored for the enterprise optimal grid access, tailored to develop economy, rational power supply scheme.

As of January 2014, China domestic bitcoin is not to 1P, according to the 1T need to calculate the power consumption of 1 kilowatts, annual power consumption of less than 50 million yuan. According to the current development trend of bitcoin, which is China in bitcoin in 2016 will reach 1 billion 700 million yuan of scale power consumption, 2017 will increase to 2 billion 400 million yuan, while the satellite cloud base share of the domestic market share of 6%-20%. Therefore, bit cloud base home defender not only expanded the defender of the cloud industry base, is expected to increase annual load of 21 thousand kilowatts for DCS, increased electricity sales 150 million kwh.