How bitcoin 2018 prospects? Experts have made six big predictions

How bitcoin 2018 prospects? Experts have made six big predictions


Beijing time on December 29th morning news, according to the famous American financial news website TheStreet reported that bitcoin, 2017 is unbelievable for a year.

This encryption digital currency prices hit from 2017 January low of $778 a sustained rise in December, once broke a record high of $more than 19000.

In 2018 approaching, there are a lot of bitcoin related situation is worth attention, and these developments not only all its price.

Perry Udin, chief executive of New York block chain management and encryption of digital currency tax compliance company Node40 (PerryWoodin) that, in 2018, the public will be generally aware of coins and other digital currency is encrypted.

“This year, all the friends and relatives you will want to know how much you have and how to buy bitcoin. The bitcoin topic will become the ultimate dialogue of water cooler.” Wu Ding said.

The following is the six part of the top experts to predict the future of bitcoin a year:

1, the tax will become a big problem

To recognize the tax problems and know how to correctly to the IRS (IRS) tax is very important. Next, because bitcoin and become millionaires (even billionaires) people will be due to the IRS pressure and how to tax is an issue worthy of attention.

2, the encrypted digital currency will increase

There is no doubt that the use of encryption digital currency will become more and more. To build the media ecosystem using block chain technology PROPSbyYouNow, senior vice president of business development Jonatan Serra (YonatanSela) estimates, by the end of 2018, worldwide there are more than 50 million people holding at least an encrypted digital currency. “My hope is that bitcoin will continue as a” digital gold “and hold their value, and hope that Dash become a kind of digital cash commitment will be honored.” Wu Ding said.

3, bitcoin will develop a payment network

In the encrypted digital currency technology Polymath CEO Trevor Coloko (TrevorKoverko) believes that bitcoin will become a complete payment network. “At present, bitcoin is used as a store of value and speculative assets. However, with the advent of the LightningNetwork solution, the use range of bitcoin will rise sharply with the price of a road. The real problem is that the future will be the bitcoin ‘backbone’ have the courage to use these upgrades, or “bitcoin cash” (BitcoinCash) and other chain?” Kewoke said.

4, investors will diversify their encrypted digital currency assets

Most investors will realize that in addition to bitcoin, and Ethernet (Ethereum), Fang (Litecoin) Dash, Wright coins and other digital currency IOTA encryption. Biddable CEO Mark Ruri (MarkLurie) said that for investors, they will diversify their encrypted digital currency assets, and to treat the traditional assets and investment attitude to manage encrypted digital currency assets investment.

5, from the interest of institutional investors will increase

TheCryptoCompany CEO Mike Porter (MikePoutre) believes that institutional investors will enter the encrypted digital currency market in 2018.

“Bitcoin volatility will reduce the other encryption digital currency continues to expand. In addition, we will also see that as to increase the supervision of the response, security token will rise. Conservative estimates, I think the total market value of the entire industry will reach $5 trillion by the end of 2018.” Alpert said.

He added: “there will be more capital into the future organization of the highest quality project. During the financial crisis, so venture capital and growth stocks round. Most companies can not raise any money, but the ability to raise funds of the company to obtain a high valuation. Even in the financial crisis, the capital will flee to the high quality assets.”

6, is expected to be more regulatory constraints

With the development of bitcoin, regulators will be the first of the “first token issue” (ICO) regulation, then the direct supervision of the encrypted digital currency. However, it is difficult to increase the forecast supervision of the industry in the end is the impact of positive or negative.

INSEcosystem co-founder DmitryZhulin said: “the expected bitcoin will further rise, the price in 2018 will reach 30 thousand to 40 thousand dollars, because it is easy to use, and will be used as a means of payment and capital reserves and further use. Although the supervision in the field of digital encryption currency will increase, but I think the blockchain technology will not be hampered due to severe supervision.”

In a word, for bitcoin and other encryption digital currency, 2018 looks will be another exciting year.

Forbes: three rules for exploring bitcoin, block chain and encryption currency mania

Forbes: three rules for exploring bitcoin, block chain and encryption currency mania

Encryption currency (Cryptocurrency) the word four years ago was included in the Oxford English dictionary, and often appear in the cocktail party, golf courses and other places in the dialogue. With the digital currency imperceptibly become our daily topic of discussion, new supporters began to buy the currency and push up their price. In fact, digital currency like bitcoin using encryption technology to manage the new record, transfer of funds and operating outside the scope of the traditional banking system. But investors seem to be more concerned about the price fluctuations, rather than block chain is successfully changed the transfer of money of our economy in a way. This kind of fanaticism is more reminiscent of the BeanieBabies bubble, not Wall Street asset fad.

Many people enter the encryption currency market may depend on the strategy division, these people can predict which currency will flourish as well as the market price trend to. Unfortunately, those who claim to know the future claims often contradictory. At the same time, people’s greed and fear of missed opportunities will make the psychological blindly into the field. As a consultant, I encourage you to identify risks, a better understanding of digital currency, and carefully consider the so-called expert advice. To this end, I summarized the exploration of the 3 rules of encryption currency boom.

Risk identification

Before a decent return into temptation, we need to recognize, buy a digital currency at present is more like playing roulette gambling in Las Vegas, rather than investing in stocks, bonds or traditional currency. Although the future of encryption currency could completely change the traditional banking business, but has become the mainstream technology in the block chain before will be faced with many challenges. At present, buy the blockchain is purely speculative, which means that the price of the currency now reflects a herd mentality, rather than its intrinsic value. Like the BeanieBabies toy, if people pay attention to the transfer, so the currency prices may fall sharply.

To be honest, a lot of money itself has almost no intrinsic value. For example, the dollar is not other than the government issued currency is more valuable. But unlike blockchain currency, dollars to hundreds of years of economic strength and stability as the basis, so as to have the authority. Any encryption currency to achieve this level will experience a struggle, and will face more and more government interference (such as the IRS tracking) and hacker attacks and other problems. We should recognize that these variables will only increase the risk of price fluctuations.

Again, focus on Technology

We should focus on understanding the underlying technology again, and not just for a quick profit in the crypto currency platform specific to gambling. Block chain in the future application of this technology seems to have unlimited potential, has proved its value through the basic function to avoid the traditional banking, allowing the buyer and the seller exchange value in the absence of intermediate people who participated in the case. Although we have to rely on private banks and the central bank to control the currency, but the great depression and the recent revelations of fraud and other events have caused customers to lose confidence in the system. Although faced with many challenges, but this pattern clearly indicates that appear to the center of the transparent block chain.

In order to better understand the blockchain and related disorders, we analyzed the encryption currency can not only consider the price, but should be its ability to create actionable security platform and appropriate supervision, tax management and network security problem based on. In other words, we should pay more attention to the possible long-term success of the encryption currency, rather than short-term price highest currency. With the surge of ICO, many new money as a scam to enter the market, in order to quickly raise money easily, the trading system instead of creating a successful and lasting. Investors should consider the use of the new ETF block chain to enter the market, in order to reduce the platform risk and extensive contact with the chain block.

Do not superstitious expert

Every so-called experts have their own views on the future price of encryption currency. Unfortunately, these experts argument contradict each other, leaving some inconsistent and biased interpretation of information to people. For example, the chairman of JP Morgan and chief executive officer of JamieDimon said that people buy bitcoin is foolish. At the same time, the International Monetary Fund (ChristineLagarde) President Lagarde says it is unwise to ignore the virtual currency. We need to recognize that, although experts are very powerful, but no one can predict the future of encryption currency.

Investors should first create a global diversified portfolio, rather than worry about whether they should buy encryption currency. Do we accept I cannot predict the future of some asset. Our investment portfolio should reflect our goal, liquidity requirements, risk tolerance and time range, and not as in the case of Las Vegas once tried to win the bet. In the case of portfolio diversification, we can give the digital money in risky assets such as appropriate investment, so as not to endanger our financial situation in the investment facing the overall losses.

Diversified and long-term investment strategy can help us to suppress due to fear and greed impulse, this impulse will lead us to take unnecessary risks, and make a disastrous investment decision. Although encryption currency is very attractive, but we need to be aware of these risks, the renewed focus on the understanding of block chain technology, do not rely on the opinions of experts. No matter the blockchain is going to be the next BeanieBabies foam, or will change our economy, we should all take a deep breath, it was found that financial strength in the broader investment strategy, and do not become victims of crypto currency boom.

The central bank will carefully consider the legalization of bitcoin, plans to launch the appropriate regulatory framework

The central bank will carefully consider the legalization of bitcoin, plans to launch the appropriate regulatory framework

After Philippines and Chinese government took the supervision of digital currency footsteps, the government of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the central bank has also launched the action plan in the near future for bitcoin digital currency exchange operations and provide a clear regulatory framework.

In January 1, 2017, the UAE central bank issued a report entitled “the regulatory framework” value storage and electronic payment system files, the file referred to the market leading digital payment and financial technology (fintech) technology.

Bitcoin in the United Arab Emirates legal?

It is reported that the regulatory documents in section D.7.3, explicitly mentioned prohibit the use of virtual currency, and does not recognize the digital currency transactions. The paper caused a controversy in the United Arab Emirates bitcoin and financial technology industry, many leading enterprises have asked the UAE central bank will consider whether to recognize bitcoin and other digital currency exists.

In this regard, the UAE central bank governor MubarakRashedKhamisAlMansouri announced that this regulatory document does not actually contain digital currency (bitcoin), digital currency companies and block chain technology.

AlMansouri further pointed out that the UAE central bank is contemplating the legalization of bitcoin, launched the necessary regulatory framework for commercial and trading.

At the end of 2016, the Dubai government also stressed that the government officials and political leaders will come together to discuss the potential of bitcoin and block chain technology in the financial field, especially in the financial industry and the ecological system of the United Arab emirates.

The government said in a statement:

“The highest legislative council of the emirate of Dubai (SLC) has announced that it will discuss encryption currency at a seminar (bitcoin) status of the relevant legislation and the legal framework and the future. This seminar, Legislative Council and Dubai electronic security center (DESC) cooperation, the meeting will be held in November 20, 2016, local and federal government agencies will attend the high-level.”

Similar to the Philippines central bank practice

Not long ago, Philippines’s central bank admitted in a document published in bitcoin as the legal status of network payment and remittance.

The UAE government officials and regulators also saw a huge potential business, bitcoin exchange and market. The UAE central bank, and the financial industry in the United Arab Emirates and other important figures, they have been announced in many public occasions, the government will publish bitcoin regulatory framework for a nationwide, to ensure that the digital money market can become prosperous in earnest under the government’s supervision.

This method is similar to the Chinese government strategy that allocate more resources to the supervision of bitcoin, with efficient and practical regulations to ensure bitcoin users are still trading than in compliance of the trading market, rather than the black market or underground market.

As of now, bitcoin is regarded in many countries as a commodity, including australia. In the near future, the use of bitcoin in the UAE will become legal, the government will soon release the corresponding regulations.

The second part of the bitcoin production by half the low efficiency of the miners were eliminated

The second part of the bitcoin production by half the low efficiency of the miners were eliminated

Experienced three more than 10% of the market rose after the early morning of July 10th, bitcoin for second times in half. Under this background, the stock market rally will continue? The future of bitcoin what is going to be?

The second round of half cycle arrival caused a number of mining equipment and the low efficiency of the miners were eliminated. In half under the pressure of the miners to continue their efforts to keep their profits run.

From 2009 to 2012, bitcoin experienced the first half. In the first half period of bitcoin, bitcoin prices from zero up to a maximum of $30, pushing prices up, people recognize the value of bitcoin, rather than supply changes.

Therefore, in the first half, bitcoin did not usher in a rally in the stock market. The last half a month before and after the half, the highest point and the lowest point of the bitcoin prices are $12.67 and $11.78, in a sideways state. This year the bitcoin halved impact on prices and a large changes. The half before, the market sentiment is surging, a lot of game player admission, coupled by a British exit risk aversion effect from the beginning of May, bitcoin has experienced 3 round rose.

The application of bitcoin bitcoin itself is very fragile, and there is no price limit, so if there is great news, bitcoin price volatility will be more obvious. Bitcoin issue is an open and transparent. In such a mechanism, all bitcoin system participants can predict and respond to this variable, which leads to the yield impact on prices can be digested in advance. According to the survey, there are 80.77% users of bitcoin trading for short-term profits, profit by the difference; there are 13.81% users of bitcoin as safe haven assets, long-term holders; there are 1.26% users to pay.

The miners in economics, is the cost of various artificial electricity various business expenses, income is to acquire bitcoin bitcoin market award *. Bitcoin halving production means bitcoin miners reward by a fold in the specific time also means that income is a discount. In the last half of bitcoin, there is about 20% of the force was eliminated. After more efficient mining equipment into the bitcoin system, is quickly recovered and kept fast growth. This round of half bitcoin mining influence, will probably follow the same logic.

The world’s largest gold and silver trading companies to accept bitcoin payments

The world’s largest gold and silver trading companies to accept bitcoin payments

European Pacific precious metals company – the world’s largest gold and silver trading company, announced today that would work with the BitPay to accept bitcoin payments.

The company’s founder Peter Schiff is famous for the financial figures, many popular radio programs are called Peter financial Schiff show and bitcoin black. The company is expected to accept bitcoin, or caused no small repercussions in the bitcoin community, many optimists think Peter Schiff has changed its stance towards digital currency.

However, in an interview with the CoinDesk, Schiff claims to accept bitcoin payments is the strategic direction of the company, rather than recognize bitcoin itself.

Schiff told CoinDesk that he decided to accept bitcoin, but does not mean that he changed his view, not only for the present, accept bitcoin is a good profit opportunity, can attract a large number of coins customers.

Schiff reiterated that he is still bitcoin and other alternative currency skeptics, his company’s move is aimed at dealing with bitcoin market adverse, to accept bitcoin payments will be able to attract those who hold but worry about bitcoin prices rose to customers.

The price will fall

Schiff told CoinDesk that he personally believes that bitcoin prices will fall, and investors will be wise to be part of their holdings of bitcoin convertible into gold or silver. For example, Mt.Gox triggered by the collapse of bitcoin fell, investors may worry that prices will fall further, investors may pay attention to should diversify their investment assets to spread risk.

In addition, Schiff also claimed that silver is a better choice, he expects the price of silver will rise from the current $19 to $50.

He regretted not buying bitcoin

Schiff said that in early 2013 he came to the attention of digital currency, he regretted not taking the opportunity to invest in bitcoins. But he also said it is not now or in the future will invest in a digital currency on his behalf.
He went on to explain that his company could not hold any bitcoin. He said that they only accept dollars, do not accept bitcoin, accept bitcoin just BitPay.

Schiff adds one reason of this view is different, he can not understand other digital currency bitcoin and widely exist on the market.

He is considering to launch its own currency

Schiff told CoinDesk that, although he looked down bitcoin potential, but he also support similar digital currency projects, such as NoFiatCoin, use gold and silver as a digital currency endorsement.

However, he also said that he is not sure whether the final process caused him to abandon this idea. Because of this kind of projects will be costly, he did not confirm how much money he can, due to the gold and silver and gold and silver hook, but the number of concrete is difficult to verify.

However, Schiff believes that as an application technology, bitcoin is still quite promising, although he did not think the investment bitcoin is wise, or one day the government will launch a digital currency is backed by assets.