UPS is making a accept bitcoin locker

UPS is making a accept bitcoin locker


The latest patent documents show that the global shipping giant UPS is considering trading items to accept bitcoin teller service.

According to the U.S. patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is an application released Thursday, UPS is focused on a can use digital payment locker system. In addition to the traditional payment system, patent documents will bitcoin as may be used to pay money.

The document outlines a cabinet system, where a transaction or the sale of goods people can put it in the cupboard, let buyers pick up at a convenient time. If the two sides have rented lockers, some of these lockers may be configured to accept payment.

Overview of documents submitted by the different methods of payment for the tenants can lockers, specifically as follows:

In an exemplary embodiment, lockers may include a point of sale (POS) system for receiving the user’s payment: (1) cash transactions; (2) credit card or debit card transactions; (3) certificate; (4) electronic payment, such as the GooglePay, ApplePay, PayPal, bitcoin payment (5); and / or any other appropriate payment.”

This patent application later mentioned bitcoin, which is a way of offering refunds for customers, including credit cards and other traditional methods of payment.

The application is bitcoin for payment may be listed in the latest patent case. Although this does not mean that the company is fully accept the encryption currency, but as an option, highlighting it as a medium of exchange of digital image.

In 2017, more than 20 patent documents mentioned in the United States Patent and Trademark Office released in bitcoin is a possible payment system. Although this figure is a slight decline in 2016, but it reflects the ideas published in the past two years the number of patent applications 50.

The difference of bitcoin and gold

The difference of bitcoin and gold

Bitcoin has the upper limit of 21 million BTC, now there are less than 25% have been issued, the issuing rate is very slow, the equivalent of a very low rate of inflation. Or that seigniorage is very low. Bitcoin corresponding economy and gold.

Gold also has an upper limit, the earth is so much, dig out a little every day. It can be understood as the inflation rate is very low, or seigniorage is very low.

Gold trading cost is very high, the sale of gold to the agency bank or its agent in China people only, not only have the transaction fees, there is a special repurchase fee. Bitcoin corresponding economy and gold.

To buy Jewelry form, but also to all kinds of cost in disguise. How high can’t estimate. We can be understood as the gold “consumption tax” is very high. Bitcoin corresponding economy and gold.

Bitcoin transaction costs relative to gold is very low, but is gradually rising. Bitcoin corresponding economy and gold.

The GDP is the world’s gold GDP, gold after thousands of baptism, almost all of them accepted gold, that gold is a precious metal deposit. Gold does not need to accept the development of population, economy to increase the corresponding. No development, isn’t it?

Bitcoin is not the same, bitcoin corresponding economy and gold. Bitcoin corresponding to GDP is very small, but very fragile, people can use other abandoned bitcoin transaction media. Just last year, bitcoin industry lost several large companies, Shao Cirle.

A Circle change in the bitcoin on the block chain industry is how to treat?

A Circle change in the bitcoin on the block chain industry is how to treat?


In the news, you can also feel a particular emotion.

On the surface, Circle decided to give up bitcoin trading services, perhaps there is precedent. The company has long been in its discussion in social payments on efforts, and the bitcoin protocol as a financing basis, rather than customer oriented monetary cognition.

Circle, the decision may not cause a big impact. The company will continue its customer transaction (buying and selling) bitcoin, in exchange for cash, will also continue to use the agreement as a basis for a new hybrid block chain platform Spark.

However the situation is, in the news release after a few hours, according to Circle, there are various views. This means that the transformation is not completely unexpected, not loved, depend on the specific object of inquiry.

According to the media reports, some startups in the customer to see this news, the mood is complex, even a little disappointed, especially those customers who use Circle as their main portal of trading bitcoin.

JoeColangelo, chairman of the consumer advocacy group Consumers’Research Circle was not a surprise for this decision. He said, Circle long ago showed signs of.

He will cause the shift to low income, and that the Circle in the future will be a more favorable opportunity to restore the service.


Colangelo told CoinDesk:

“If bitcoin as an asset of the demand increase, I think they will return to the sale of bitcoin this line. The present situation is to abide by the rules, the fight against fraud requires additional expenses, so it may not get enough interest.”

In response to CoinDesk’s comments, changed Circle answer. Company representatives said that most of the business resources are invested in the bitcoin trading to, which with their core mission will be quite different.

Unocoin co-founder and chairman of Circle SunnyRay also decided not surprised, but he still made a critical remarks, Circle said “short-sighted”, did not recognize bitcoin as a digital replacement value of assets like gold.

He commented:

“They always say they bitcoin blockchain transaction value and more interested in.”

Why is it now?

Other people are not aware of this change is coming.

Block chain products ARK investment management director ChrisBurninske Circle of this shift in surprise. He is very confused, and predict the number of financial companies will begin to play a role.


He told CoinDesk:

“I think trading bitcoin Circle provides service drag on its development. In addition, it is also affected by the IRS’s attention, and suffer more and more conservative investors will focus from bitcoin pressure.”

This view is very common in the survey, but Circle said they did not suggest that the shift and the U.S. government to increase the tax on digital currency action.

Burninske will be part of the transformation of the Circle as bitcoin startups bigger change. These startups will have their attention to the application.

In addition, like Colangelo, Burninske also believes that Circle may not always give up bitcoin transaction services.

He commented: “that is to say, these decisions are not immutable. One day Circle bitcoin transaction services and on its platform, it is also not impossible.”

Coinbase benefit

Coinbase seems to be the last winner of the change. Because, according to the Circle blog content the change of view, with the intention of buying bitcoin Circle customers can turn to Coinbase, which will enable Coinbase to become the preferred trading platform for startups “”.

TimDraper is an investor in Coinbase, from the DFJ venture capital fund. He said in an email, the change of Circle will lead to the loss of market share, which has helped Coinbase.

He told CoinDesk:

“Circle’s loss of market share transfer to Coinbase, so they decided to change their policy. Coinbase is the big winner.”

FredWilson, another UnionSquareVentures Coinbase investors said, although he did not understand the motivation behind Circle change, but it will undoubtedly put in the strategic position of Coinbase digital currency transactions and wallet services.


Wilson said:

“Although I can not evaluate Circle to make this decision, but Coinbase allows it to occupy a dominant position in the rapid development of emerging markets. Personally, this is not what is not good.”

Of course, not all people think this is a chance. TimSwanson researcher R3 block chain alliance in the twitter pointed out that the block chain ecosystem services and is still trading wallet industry received degree, low participation in the field.

Keep Coinbase in the field of reform, the co-founder of FredEhrsam, said only the following sentence:

“At this stage the block chain ecosystem, try different methods are good for all people.”

Strategic recognition

In shock, some industry observers told CoinDesk, in general, from the perspective of Circle, this change is very wise.

One of the accepted this change is the writer WilliamMougayar, he told the CoinDesk that a greater share of this change allows Circle to seize the global remittance market.


He said:

“They reproduce Venmo, but the focus in the world, and the use of user friendly interface. The needed in the field of human experience, in addition, the familiar application user interface front-end processing transfer business is also conducive to consumer adoption.”

Researchers Needham&Co SpencerBogart stressed that Circle did not give up bitcoin completely, perhaps the start-up company is considering cuts that might not be beneficial service, and points out some other seek more interests in the field of the company.

He added that the Circle change is not a bad reflection of digital currency itself.

“This does not mean that bitcoin does not work, or stop the development of the (on the contrary). It just means that they want a bitcoin, money, mainstream, commercial block chain and follow the rules is very difficult.” He further concluded: “in the end, the honey badger doesn’t care.”

Texas regulators ordered BitConnect to cancel token sales

nComment: Recently, the Texas Stock Exchange (TSEB) released news on its website that it has ordered BitConnect, a blockchain-based financial system startup, to cancel its proposed tokens launch on January 10. According to the agency, BitConnect claims that the to-be issued token will yield a 100% annual return, and TSSB concludes that its token is in unregistered securities. Meanwhile, the agency’s statement also said BitConnect did not release any information about its financial position, profitability or exact location. It is noteworthy that in this statement, the agency also warned against the prevailing risk of cryptocurrency.n
nTranslation: Clovern
The Texas Stock Exchange (TSSB) has ordered BitConnect, a blockchain-based financial system startup, to cancel its proposed tokens launch on January 10.n
According to a press release posted on the regulator’s Web site, BitConnect claims to issue a 100% annual return of tokens, while TSSB finds the token to meet unregistered securities standards.n
In addition, BitConnect is looking for new members to promote its tokens, while Texas regulators identify those agents as unregistered securities sold in Texas.n
TSSB said these sales agents are primarily “resident in Texas” as well as residents of other states.n
On January 1, BitConnect announced the launch of its first digital token distribution (ICO) project called BitConnectx on January 10. It is noteworthy that the start-up had launched a token sale in 2016.n
This order from the Texas regulator, albeit from state agencies, highlights another example of the U.S. regulators being examining cryptocurrencies that could be considered as issuing unregistered securities through the token offering process.n
Earlier, the Securities and Exchange Commission halted Munchee’s tokens issuance, and the project later returned a refund to investors.n
In addition, the statement issued by TSSB also shows that BitConnect does not share any information about its financial position, profitability or exact location.n
According to the press release, however, this did not prevent the company from claiming that its token sale was a safety investment.n
According to data from CoinMarketCap, existing BitConnect tokens (called BCC) are currently trading for only $ 400, with a market value of $ 2.5 billion as of Friday. Over the past week, the token mechanism has been declining from a high of 460 dollars as of December 30, 2017.n
The press release from the Texas regulator also includes a warning about universally cryptocurrencies:n
n”Investing in cryptocurrencies is associated with significant risk due to regulatory and legal measures, competition with other cryptocurrencies, and the volatility of many cryptocurrencies.”n
nBitConnect did not comment immediately.n

Charlie Lee, the founder of Litecoin, said he had sold all of Litecoin

nRunaway Comment: As Litecoin prices rise and attract more attention, Litecoin founders have also brought their own words and deeds. He was accused of manipulating prices while posting a price forecast while trading on Litecoin. To this end, he announced that it has sold or donated in batches of Litecoin held. And holding a small number, so no effect on the market. And a few hours before Coinbase announced its support for Bcash, the exchange rate had to investigate whether there was insider trading.n
nTranslation: Annie_Xun
Litecoin founders have sold all their Litecoin holdings.n
Charlie Lee, who started Litecoin in 2011, said on Reddit that it has taken days to “sell and donate” all the Litecoin he holds, except to keep some physical tokens as “favorites.”n
Lee said he tweeted on the occasional criticism that digital currency prices are “personal.”n
n”Some people even think I’m short of Litecoin, so in a way, it’s a conflict of interest because I hold bitcoin and post tweets about it because of my influence.”n
nn”I often refrain from buying or selling Litecoin before and after posting important information on Twitter, but this is only what I know, and there are always people who doubt if my actions add personal wealth to themselves in the light of the success of Litecoin and cryptocurrency.”n
nLast week, Lee said he did not want to guess the price because he was “always wrong.”n
n”If you tell me it’s going to go up, but it’s not, you’re going to be frustrated.”n
nLitecoin prices have risen significantly more than once this month. It hit an all-time high of $ 375.29 on Tuesday, up more than 7,000% from the beginning of the year.n
Sales volume “did not collapse the market”n
The founder of Litecoin did not disclose the exact number of tokens to be sold, but said it was “a small fraction” of the daily volume of GDAX crypto exchanges and did not “crash the market.”n
Lee has even been accused of manipulating bcash (bitcoin cash) to buy bitcoin blockchain.n
He said in Reddit:n
n”Some people even think I’m going to bet on Bcash for my own benefit, as if I can not win it.”n
nAfter Coinbase announced its support for Bcash, the price hike was controversial. The exchanges show that this feature has been temporarily removed due to “significant volatility.”n
After the exchange said Bcash prices rose hours before offering this feature and would investigate allegations of insider trading.n

[View] openANX technical director: nurturing the community is significant

nnnnIt is not easy to build trust for “trust” technology and trading platform. The openANX project shows that after the sale of tokens, it will continue to work hard to educate the audience and raise their awareness of the way better to encrypt currency transactions, which is critical to the development of the platform. openANX these practices, perhaps for the operation of similar projects, has some inspiration.n
nn”Community development is an important part!” OpenANX’s tokens offer a record, in the first 10 minutes to reach the soft ceiling, in 3 hours to buy more than 15 million US dollars; during the project leader constantly check Number of participants, regardless of purchase amount more or less. In order to prevent the big monopoly, they said: “continue to open tokens on sale, so that even those who send 0.1 ETH can participate.” Position is clear: a large number of retail, high participation rate, can constitute a large community.n
nAlthough the market speculators did not hesitate to focus on the purchase amount to determine whether the project was successful, but the project leader to adhere to open, transparent and to the center of the road, such a decision has its considerations.n
nSo far, more than 3,800 people in the OAX tokens in the sale of ETH. When openANX is launched, existing users of the ANXPRO trading platform will be able to choose to move to openANX, whose prototype will be released in the second quarter of 2018. The team began with thousands of people, hoping to grow into a large community of millions.n
nopenANX team said that they will be people-oriented, firm belief, to achieve the project objectives. Through constant updates and timely notification, meetings and forums in the two-way communication, to mobilize supporters to actively understand and focus on platform development progress.n
nThe openANX technical director, Hugh Madden, answered questions from major Italian users during an Ask Me Anything (AMA) meeting on Monday night to answer questions and solve technical questions.n
nnIt is not easy to build trust for “trust” technology and trading platforms. Continuing efforts to educate the audience and raise their awareness of the way of better ways to encrypt currency transactions, openANX has the innovative characteristics of aggregated liquidity, collateralized asset gateways and chain dispute resolution mechanisms that are critical to the development of this platform.n
nnAs part of the openANX platform education, during the pre-sale period, the team released a project participation guide, which provides a detailed description; it is learned that openANX soon will soon release another easy-to-understand guide for users to register on the platform account. The team believes that the convenience of users, the adoption of user recommendations, is to establish relationships with community members and open the dialogue.n
nIn order to win every opportunity, seek the supporters’ opinions and suggestions. Prior to the launch of the OAX tokens, the team greeted hundreds of enthusiastic supporters in Shenzhen, Chengdu, Shanghai, Seoul, Singapore and Hong Kong. openANX said the future hope to be able to meet with users around the world. The team is committed to working with anytime, anywhere community.n
nIf you want to know more, you can go to to download the white papern
nJoin the openANX mailing listn
nScan the two-dimensional code concerned about the public number, receive the latest informationn

nOr add micro-signals (micro-signal: openanx), join the micro-group to participate in the discussion.n

60 minutes $ 200 million: Filecoin broke ICO records

nnnFighting: Filecoin ICO is the largest amount of ICO ever involved, exceeding the $ 232 million record in the Tezos project in mid-July, but temporarily suspended ICO due to technical problems one hour after the start. All along, everyone on the IPFS enthusiasm, IPFS known to replace the current http protocol, is currently deployed in the ether tower demo.n
nnTranslation: Nicolen
nDespite the technical problems, the data storage network Filecoinde’s first cryptographic tokens (ICO) has raised nearly $ 200 million from eligible investors.n
nThe figure is also the same as last week’s $ 52 million token sold to investors in pre-sale, including Sequoia Capital, Anderson Horowitz and Union Square Venture Capital. However, as of the press release, the ICO has been suspended through CoinList, CoinList is a joint venture between the company’s investment platform AngelList and Filecoin Developer Protocol Lab.n
nThe sale was discontinued one hour after the start of the afternoon at 1 pm Pacific time.n
nThis is because the sales began to appear on the site soon, the social media post shows some users in the visit to the site encountered problems. The Filecoin page on the CoinList also shows a problem with tracking the total amount of tiker.n
nHas been reset several times in the first hour after the start, although it shows the rising price, but still adjusts to the baseline. (Filecoin’s ICO is using a sales model where the buyer’s lowest price will rise as more investors join).n
nIn addition, the sales have broken the record of investor interest.n
nThe Filecoin team announced that it had received $ 252 million in total investment only 30 minutes after the start, which also included the number of pre-sales.n
nAccording to the Filecoin website, investment finance has been confirmed to be $ 186 million. Plus the unacknowledged amount, the ICO is by far the largest amount of ICO, exceeding the $ 232 million record in the Tezos project in mid-July.n
nAccording to CoinDesk ICO Tracker data, up to now, ICO model has been invested about 1.7 billion US dollars, indicating that Filecoin this sales can push this figure to more than 2 billion US dollars.n

Enigma co-founder Guy Zyskind sent a letter to the community

nnnIn the Enigma team and its community earlier this week after a phishing attack, Enigma co-founder and CEO Guy Zyskind personally wrote to the community to explain the attack time, and the whole community in the attack when the incident given The support expressed gratitude. Guy also explained the Enigma team’s solution for community members who suffered economic losses during the attack, and Guy also shared several important announcements in this article.n
nnTranslation: Clovern
nI am the co-founder and CEO of Enigma, Guy Zyskind. The purpose of this article is to describe the recent attacks on Enigma and his community, while sharing several more important announcements.n
nAs you know, our community went through a well organized phishing attack earlier this week. And in recent days there have been many similar attacks plagued the entire encrypted money community, these attacks are often for the huge potential for sale and encryption projects. We have fixed the vulnerability of the attacker and are taking other steps to ensure the safety of the community and the tokens on sale. I and the entire Enigma team, our partners and community partners are working hard, but I still want to share some of my thoughts with the community myself.n
nFirst of all, the past few days are extremely challenging for everyone (phishing attack victims, Enigma and the whole community). This time, Enigma is very grateful to our growing community in the attack when the action taken. In the minutes after the start of the attack, and the days after the incident, our community took the lead. A lot of good people are selflessly enhanced against new attacks, trying to close new fraud sites, guide the community, and help us improve our own security. Until today, loyal members of our community are working with us day and night to try to track cybercriminals who attack, and this is out of their own goodwill. These efforts have allowed us to successfully lock up some of the stolen funds.n
nBut even though everyone is working together to mitigate the impact of the attack, some members of our community are stolen by nearly $ 500,000 from the attacker. It is no worse than the community that is above all the companies and the individual, the members of the community who join us are hoping to support a new wave of innovation, but have become the victim of such malicious acts. Everyone at the Enigma team has contributed to other projects at some point, hoping to help them become the next big innovation. With such privileges and a steady stream of money, no member of our community should be affected by such a financial stolen event, especially those who are trusted by us.n
nSo we have to take responsibility. We are sorry for the pain of those who have lost money because of fraud. At the same time we also want to ensure that community members who suffer from this phishing attack will not suffer any economic losses. After the sale of our tokens, we will return a certain amount of money to everyone who has lost money in the recent fraud. We have made direct contact with some of the affected parties. If you have lost your money but have not yet contacted us, please contact and provide you with personal and transactional information. We will work with the community to solve the problem according to the specific situation.n
nEverything that happened this week is an important lesson for all of us. We work internally with our experienced partners and ensure end-to-end security for tokens. Our tokens system is being deployed by our friends and partners in this process, and Element has successfully and safely implemented several highly anticipated tokens for sale. We have developed data sharing and password management policies throughout the company, as well as other stringent security measures. In addition, in order to eliminate any doubts about the sharing of information during the sale of our tokens, we plan to live live on September 11. The Enigma team will continue to support our projects behind, and this will continue for a long time in linking our digital identity to real-world status. In this way, we will be able to ensure that tokens are offered as expected and that all communications are carefully checked.n
nIn addition to these stringent security mechanisms, Enigma works with several major partners in the field to participate in a survey led by a special cybercrime division. We will take every step we consider necessary, and this is not just to recover the funds, but to protect all future tokens sale activities from similar malicious attacks.n
nDespite the attack, we are still very lucky, the community and supporters are still continuing to support the Enigma project and our tokens on sale. As of yesterday, we have completed and ended the pre-sale phase for the credit investors, successfully reached the upper limit of 20 million US dollars. But the pre-sale of substantial oversubscription, so we had to reduce the participation of additional interest groups to ensure that community members can fully participate. We are now concentrating on the start of September 11 and have stepped up security measures to reopen the Slack community.n
nFor further up-to-date information on the Enigma team, please pay attention to our Telegram announcement and Twitter.n
nThanks again for the support we have expressed in these difficult times. The pain is terrible, but I am now more convinced that with the help of all of us, we will continue to build a great project and community. We will work together to create a powerful system, and millions of people can benefit from it. Let us continue to explore the new limits, bold to no one has been involved in the unknown areas.n
nThank you,n
nGuy Zyskindn
nEnigma co-founder and CEOn