St Petersburg canceled 40 bitcoin related website ban

St Petersburg canceled 40 bitcoin related website ban

On March 1st news, the local court second Russian city of St Petersburg, canceled after about 40 bitcoin related website ban.

Last March, St Petersburg prosecutors filed a lawsuit, to prohibit websites such as and, because they are “the spread of digital currency information”, “no real assets as the backing, and does not provide information about their data owner”.

Last July, St Petersburg Oktyabrsky District Court approved the St Petersburg prosecutor’s office for blocked 40 bitcoin related websites.

Vietnam bitcoin mining equipment has soared more than 7000 of imported ore

Vietnam bitcoin mining equipment has soared more than 7000 of imported ore


According to the Customs Department revealed that the number of known mining ore imports in 2017 to Vietnam has more than 7000 units, mostly from China, has imported more than 5000 Taiwan machine since November. In Vietnam is to limit the use of bitcoin as a means of payment at the same time, mining equipment is not in the list of prohibited goods.

Imports of more than 7000 mining machine

According to Hu Zhiming, the Customs Department, from early 2017 to mid December, 7005 bitcoin mining machine clearance.

Previously, the Department announced that during the period from January 1st to October 31st, the Department received a total of 1988 import declaration, the value of $2 billion 182 million.

Then, from the beginning of November 2017 to December 21st, the number of imported ore mining in Vietnam and an increase of 5527, the total reached 7005 units of imported ore. There is news that the 5527 machines mostly through the 8 institutions and individuals from China imports.

Not to prohibit mining equipment

Vietnam customs had asked the State Bank of Vietnam, the Ministry of information and communication and the Ministry of trade and industry comment on mining equipment imports. The central bank confirmed that bitcoin mining machine “and other encryption currency has nothing to do with the use of virtual currency as a means of payment”. Therefore, they do not belong to the national bank management functions and tasks”.

Subsequently, the General Administration of Customs issued a notice specifying mining machine is not in a list of prohibited items. Vietnam times stated:

The Customs announced bitcoin mining machine is not in the list of goods after the state regulations prohibit the import, the number of machines in the last two months of imports this year soared to more than 5000.

Mining equipment may be prohibited in the future

NguyenHoangMinh, deputy governor of the State Bank of Vietnam said bitcoin and other encryption currency is not the legitimate means of payment in vietnam. Therefore, the ban, supply and use of bitcoin and other virtual currency as a means of payment.

Sources pointed out that some enterprises and individuals about imports of mining equipment will also be prohibited.

Hu Zhiming, the Customs Department has suggested Vietnam customs machine “do not import these types”. But so far, the General Administration of customs and relevant departments have imported mining equipment for the exchange of documents.

Hire foreign hackers extortion bitcoin were jailed for three years

Hire foreign hackers extortion bitcoin were jailed for three years


Because of their economic tensions, the network security company staff Panmou hired Russian hackers on the domestic 3 large web site traffic attack, and give 3 company staff to send mail, a lot of bitcoin blackmail. Recently, Panmou found guilty of crime blackmail and impose exactions on Haidian court sentenced to 3 years and fined 5000 yuan. This is Beijing since the first implementation of illegal attacks by hackers bitcoin network company, blackmail and impose exactions on the case.

According Panmou account due to economic tensions, July 2016 initiation by DDOS attacks extortion bitcoin idea, then in August 1st, 4, 10, Russian hackers connected via the Internet to the domestic 3 large trading site DDOS traffic attack.

Attack by DDOS, these 3 websites have appeared in the client cannot start, paralysis, site trading system users can not normally access the phenomenon, and 3 sites where the company staff have received voice calls and anonymous emails, phone calls and emails to each other in this website is to claim the so-called “stress tests”. If you want to end the attack must pay a certain amount of bitcoins to the fixed address, otherwise it will continue to attack, will continue to be able to login the website.

Although the victims unit have hired security company Defense Analysis of traffic attack Panmou initiated, but early attack two sites can not resist the attack site consecutive days attacked paralysis caused a large number of customer complaints, the two companies were forced to Panmou the specified address scored 22, 44 coins, to two the company has caused economic losses of more than 23 yuan. Third attack website does not pay blackmail bitcoin, and timely alarm.

It is understood that the process of the trial in this case, Panmou although pleaded guilty but repeated to the full court statement, said because the price departments at all levels to bitcoin is not a price that the conclusion, therefore, bitcoin exchange rate by each trading platform for their identification, which should not be recognized since bitcoin has the corresponding property. The attribute value, it should not be identified according to the value of their punishment.

In this regard, all transactions bill investigators who retrieved the two victims unit to buy bitcoins, verify the victims unit to buy the bitcoin total cost of 234961.52 yuan. Ultimately, the Haidian court after the hearing to Panmou due to the crime of blackmail and impose exactions on was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, fined 5000 yuan.

The miners agreed to let New York consensus bitcoin war

The miners agreed to let New York consensus bitcoin war


Under the joint efforts of domestic and international community including the miners, mine pool, developers, and SW2X in a step by step toward the successful path, according to segwit2x (SW2X) group news, as of now, antpool, bitclub, Bixin,, bitfury,, BTCC,, BW, Waterhole, Viabtc, batpool has begun a formal vote on bit4, support the New York consensus, support is accounted for more than 80% of the whole network is.

In July 19th, the SW2X team again released a 1.14.4 version, 1.14.3 version released this version and 17 days before the difference is very small. No changes in consensus layer, only including clean code, test and the opening of the new DNSSeed, which is in the segwit2x plan, will be fully operational in July 21st. It is expected that the next version will be released in July 21.

Including the miners, with a sense of community members are also in the expression of the New York consensus around rush about telling the news around spreading, supported by their own practical action. Wright currency global table forum Secretary General PZ is called on everyone to put aside their differences and work together, don’t drop the ball and sabotage at the critical moment, to ensure the smooth upgrade of bitcoin. At the same time, the community has a strong voice against a split, called for a boycott of those who refuse to upgrade mine pool.

In the community, the upgrade has become mainstream, the community was divided will condemn split BIP bitcoin acts in the community is bound to fail not enjoy popular support. An attempt by this split bitcoin block chain, split bitcoin acts to hinder the smooth implementation of the plan of the New York consensus SW2X plot will fail.

In the case of It is all up with mine pool, look forward to, individual developers don’t drop the ball, in the crucial moment of sabotage, hinder the implementation of bitcoin upgrade hinder New York consensus. The Core team history tells us that treachery will have been abandoned as bitcoin community, the dust of history. Only respect for the community consensus, stick to their promise, serious to implement will be recognized by the community.

Affected by bitcoin may split, bitcoin prices have continued to decline, fell below 13000 yuan mark, but accounted for 12 in the continuous catalytic pool is more than 80% of the whole network has begun a formal vote in support of the New York consensus and other good news, bitcoin prices exceeded 17000 mark in July 19th, bitcoin Market began to reverse. In the bitcoin market under the other currency is a copycat road stride forward singing militant songs.

Once in July 31st, more than 80% more than the whole network is mine pool all locked SW2X, for three years the expansion of the dispute will be declared a complete end, bitcoin will usher in a new spring, the largest in the history of the currency change bit will also occur in this year. Once the New York consensus SW2X failed, bitcoin is likely to split into a situation, bitcoin’s future will be more uncertain.

Bitcoin Division will also have a deadly threat to the entire digital currency bitcoin industry, as a barometer of the digital currency industry, every act and every move will have a far-reaching impact on the digital currency industry, once the bitcoin split, bitcoin prices will fall, collapse of bitcoin prices may cause other digital currency collapse or collapse and the digital currency industry will enter a new, long winter. Once the bitcoin smooth upgrade, bitcoin prices will hit a record high, bitcoin digital currency will bring the whole industry to a new bull market.

For bitcoin transactions and demand soared ETNs bitcoin market capitalization of more than $one hundred million

For bitcoin transactions and demand soared ETNs bitcoin market capitalization of more than $one hundred million

The only European bitcoin ETNs bill issuance and trading bitcoin exchange, XBT provider, HargreavesLansdown, as investors “quickly upgrade” demand, its asset management (AUM) in the past 45 days has doubled to $100 million. In addition, the Swedish company also cooperate with the leading bitcoin wallet and storage company Xapo.

Recently, the UK’s largest brokerage HargreavesLansdown, in its investment platform provides XBT trading products. BitcoinTrackerOne and BitcoinTrackerEur are the only European ETN products, now use 876000 for HargreavesLansdown customers.

Following this news, the XBT provider announced on Thursday that its total AUM increased from 50 million in May 1st to 100 million dollars. In the past 6 months, this time almost three times. Trade and operations director Jean-MarieMognetti comments:

“In the past 60 days, bitcoin trading platform HargreavesLansdown has experienced a hitherto unknown growth in trading and demand. At the same time, retail and institutional investors are looking for bitcoin exposure. This trend makes HargreavesLansdown assets under management quickly doubled, to more than $100 million threshold.”

Institutional investors bitcoin interest has increased recently. There are reports that hedge funds are quietly investing in bitcoins last week. A few days later, due to the widespread demand from hedge fund clients, Goldman will start service coverage to bitcoin.

The two ETNs HargreavesLansdown is to reflect a return bitcoin design. They are to SEK (SEK) and the euro (Euro denominated). They are listed on the NASDAQ /OMX Stockholm exchange, covering 179 countries and regions.

In a statement Thursday, HargreavesLansdown also revealed and bitcoin wallet company Xapo cooperation. Deposited by two ETNs investors in the cold wallet bitcoin will now be secured by Xapo. In January this year, the company is headquartered in Zurich, the Swiss financial market supervisory authority (FINMA) approved, allowed to conduct business in switzerland.

HargreavesLansdown’s Investor Relations Director RyanRadloff said: “Xapo will join our basic services, is to ensure that our products are still a key step in global investors most professional bitcoin investment products.”

Copycat sniper currency bitcoin gold situation “embarrassed”?

Copycat sniper currency bitcoin gold situation “embarrassed”?

At the beginning of March, bitcoin once beat gold, triggered a hot debate on whether bitcoin or gold. After a month, a small, bitcoin imitator – Wright coins, but also can be said to be “copycat” version of bitcoin, to grab the limelight, since March 30th, Wright coins skyrocketing open mode, and the highest in April 7th rose to 65.5 yuan / month, less than ten days rose over 130%. For gold, before after bitcoin, Wright coins, and will be in what position?

Some bitcoin gradually stabilized, Wright currency prices doubled, rose over 130% to ten days

According to the domestic bitcoin trading platform btctrade display market, Wright coins from 27.9 yuan / March 30th, soaring all the way, in April 7th hit a two-year high of 65.5 yuan / month, or close to 135%. It is worth mentioning that, at the beginning of a few months before the surge, Wright coins almost no price volatility, most of the time in the 24 yuan / month near sideways.

Compared with Wright currency hurricane model, bitcoin prices appear stable many. Since April, the domestic bitcoin trading price in the floating up and down 7000 yuan.

To what Wright currency bitcoin seckill, behind the truth! *

Like bitcoin, Wright currency is a digital currency. It is understood that the bitcoin virtual currency is the earliest and most popular in the world, some businesses can pay with bitcoin, Wright currency is in addition to the virtual currency bitcoin most regular and most support. If the bitcoin as a “digital gold”, Wright currency is expected to become the “digital baiyin”.

The most glorious period is not now for Wright currency. Early in the second half of 2013, Wright coins once reached $48 (380 yuan).

Since February this year, Wright coins are in a infinite sideways state, the sudden outbreak of the early April exceeded 65 yuan / month, nearly two trading days appeared obvious retracement, about retracement of 10 yuan, as for what reasons in promoting Wright currency prices volatility, market analysts believe that the activation of isolation verification is probably the biggest reason. In April 1st, the largest in the field of Wright currency pool pond (F2Pool) – selective activation support isolated verification.

It is reported that, as of now Wright currency isolation witness support rate of 70%, the market value of a $140 million increase. However, some analysts said that another reason may be in addition to bitcoin traders into the market outside, trying to chase the possible benefits. Inspired by the Wright currency bitcoin, and has achieved the same principle in technology, Wright currency creation and transfer based on an open-source encryption protocol, without any central administration.

The emergence of Wright currency bitcoin is improved, compared with bitcoin, Wright currency has three significant differences: Wright currency (not network every 2.5 minutes 10 minutes) can handle a piece, so it can provide faster transaction confirmation.

Wright currency network expected output 84 million, is four times the amount of currency bitcoin network.

In the Wright currency work proof algorithm is used for the first time proposed by Colin Percival scrypt encryption algorithm, which compared to bitcoin, Wright coins were in common computer mining easier. Every coin Wright was divided into 100 million smaller units, defined by eight decimal places.

Some bitcoin is still attractive, Japan bitcoin settlement increased rapidly to the shop

The development of bitcoin, obviously better than the Wright currency. Because I can be deducted directly from consumer accounts bitcoin in use around the world, without the need for local currency, so in recent years to travel abroad with bitcoin settlement consumers gradually increased. Japan’s cabinet formally signed the “Payment Service Amendment Act” came into effect in April 1st, bitcoin virtual currency and other legal means of payment of recognition. The strengthening of the virtual currency trading rules, which eased bitcoin security concerns.

At present, Japan’s domestic support settlement bitcoin shop about 4500.

In addition, from July this year, buy virtual currency in Japan will no longer pay the consumption tax, is also regarded as a booster of bitcoin market expansion. But there are also people who believe that bitcoin price volatility, many people hold bitcoin is the purpose of speculation, so difficult as the settlement means of promotion.

Have you had before bitcoin, Wright coins, can really beat the gold? *

(pictured with bitcoin gold chart, the yellow line: gold ($/ oz); white: bitcoin ($/ a))

Bitcoin and the price of gold is really comparable? In fact, between gold and bitcoin not only what their relationship, and on behalf of the different categories of assets. For example, can not put bitcoin with gold as apples and oranges than. Many people may think that bitcoin is gold and currency, because they can be used for the purchase of goods and services. Or both are commodities, commodity futures trading because the need to meet the minimum standards of funds accounts, and comply with the relevant provisions of the futures and options contracts.

But gold is a commodity, bitcoin and block chain technology.

Despite the excellent bitcoin in the 2016 to early 2017, but the scale and depth of encryption currency market and $7 trillion in gold market compared to just pale into insignificance by comparison. Gold is still the only truly global currency, the scale and volatility of comparable currency. Bitcoin (or encryption currency itself) is the currency of the most exciting experiment in modern society.

Gold and coins of different units, compared with 1 coins and 1 ounces of gold price is a bit like the Seaboard shares in the company and the Apple Corp’s shares together compared, by comparing the shares it is concluded that Seaboard is the value of the company is 35 times of the Apple Corp. But obviously, if the market value calculation, Apple Corp is the world’s largest and most valuable companies, market capitalization is 126 times of Seaboard company.

The same basic principle also applies to currency. At present, the existing gold reserves of approximately $7 trillion, the number is more than the sum of all of the currency, and than bitcoin market capitalization of about $18 billion to high. In fact, all encryption currency (we recorded as 710) the market value of only $21 billion.

Bitcoin volatility than gold mostly, is not conducive to increasing. Generally, high volatility is not conducive to an asset value as a medium of exchange. We find that the volatility of gold (measured by the standard deviation) and currency roughly, in fact, even if the interest rate is included, gold than any currency to hedge. Bitcoin volatility significantly more than gold and currency. Although sometimes bitcoin volatility short time stability, even close to gold and money, but often will be in the near future and change.

The first Chinese village block chain innovation alliance was established in Wenchang

The first Chinese village block chain innovation alliance was established in Wenchang


In November 6, 2016, Chinese first block chain alliance special government support was set up and the formation of “Datong blockchain laboratory” and “Datong blockchain innovation center, block chain Datong, Shanxi to contribute together to create a new situation of the development of science and technology innovation and transformation. Not long ago, the “Guiyang block chain development and application of” white paper release represents the development block chain “local declaration”. From Shanxi, Guiyang in the industry layout, block chain technology is no longer a deep North City patent, from the central to local governments in this industry to turn out more and more innovative, and block chain development has now extended to the village.

Just yesterday, the first Chinese village global business block chain innovation alliance was established in the village of Wenchang City Lou Zhen good st..

The alliance is in support of Wenchang Municipal People’s government, China Aerospace Research Institute, Chinese Aerospace Industry Development Research Center, Chinese Aerospace Science and technology group, Chinese Song Qingling Youth Science and Technology Cultural Exchange Center, 25 research institutions and enterprises, industry organizations launched a joint initiative, this is the first China village block chain innovation alliance.

Block chain innovation alliance in Wenchang was established, will accelerate the blockchain technological achievements of the industrialization process, promote the popularization and application of block chain technology in Wenchang in various fields of social economic construction, realize the village as a unit block implementation according to the law management; through the innovation space, to achieve output value, create efficient supply.

The first Chinese village block chain innovation alliance was established in Wenchang

Wang Bridge

Deputy Secretary of Wenchang Municipal Committee, mayor Wang Xiaoqiao believes that the first China village block chain innovation alliance, in good ST Aerospace Science and technology well-off village in Wenchang city of great significance, high benchmark. The alliance will aggregate talent and resources to develop the field of village block chain, aerospace science and engineering, green financial innovation, the development of smart energy, big data, Internet, networking, cultural tourism, health care, medical education and other industrial chain blocks, providing opportunities and technical support for the realization of Wenchang new rural transformation development, is another effective measure Wenchang is also based on innovation driven transformation and development of the road.

Then, Chinese planting demonstration base of young MSI hit off the camp, Chinese space breeding of vegetables, will be gradually settled in good village of st..

Widely used in the rapid development of information technology, innovation and technology today, to block chain technology as the basis, the integration of cloud computing, big data, mobile Internet and a series of new information technology, will promote the development of intelligent manufacturing, networking, supply chain management, digital asset trading in areas such as integrated development. The blockchain will quickly penetrate into much-needed transformation and development of local city, more important is it to better fit the chairman Xi Jinping in January 17th to participate in the Davos forum of “globalization project”.

Kryptoradio: no Internet can also connect to the bitcoin network

Kryptoradio: no Internet can also connect to the bitcoin network

The main obstacles to the global adoption of bitcoin bitcoin is relying on the Internet network development. And now, the world’s only a small part can contact the internet. Obviously, there are other ways to contact the network. Because Kryptoradio (bitcoin transmission system based on wireless technology), the user can use the bitcoin network connection state television broadcast.

Businesses and consumers will be able to use the standard of digital television equipment connected to the network and trade. It can bring interesting effects. For example, in some areas such as the existing network patch, africa.

FIMKrypto is a cooperative project completed by the Koodilheto software. It will be the first by bitcoin and “quasi state” FIMKrypto digital currency cooperation.
Finland is the test of the plan, the project will be launched in September 1st. The network Digita, covering 95% of the territory of Finland and more than 5 million people in the population of Finland. After the end of the test period, users will be able to use it in the world.

Svante Lehtinen told Cryptocoins News in an email: Broadcast transaction data to provide trading places for applications based on bitcoin through wireless network.

Good selection and the transmission media will choose more. Diversity is the core purpose of weaving the open-source software community. Kryptoradio website quoted the bitcoin core developers Greg Maxwell:

“Blockchain transport alternative is the key to the bitcoin system success and survival.” The technology can usher in “a lot of interesting possibilities,” Lehti Chaanning said, but our focus is to provide simple and affordable turnkey merchant terminals, these terminals do not need software or network connection settings. The use of them than to enter the sales to the checkout process easier and more efficient.

Not many companies accept bitcoin. This is the widespread adoption of digital currency to hide a key. 很多比特币商业工具如雨后春笋般涌现。 But if it is more than the amount credited to the credit card needs more time, so why use it? Kryptoradio can provide another choice for customers.

Lehti Chaanning went on to talk about:
The technology in the mobile network coverage is weak or nonexistent Internet connection and the traditional business card payment terminal can not use case is very useful.

How it works

With the Kryptoradio data transmission system with a novel bitcoin bitcoin boast in the air “, which use national radio DVB-T (digital video broadcasting terrestrial transmitter) across the world. As shown above, DVB-T global coverage, in Africa on can transfer to Southeast Asia, Africa, Australia, and even greenland.

Bitcoin transaction data and FIMKrypto broadcast in the radio signal and transmitted to the network is encrypted.

This new technology has many interesting implications for digital currencies. With the Facebook of the UAV and Google Internet balloon is expected to spread to a wider global audience, connecting users in the future will have a variety of options.