Nomura: bitcoin appreciation or the Japanese GDP growth rate increased by 0.3%

Nomura: bitcoin appreciation or the Japanese GDP growth rate increased by 0.3%


Sina stocks news Beijing 2 news, Nomura Securities recently in a report to clients that bitcoin appreciation may make Japan’s GDP growth rate increased by 0.3 percentage points.

Nomura Securities analyst YoshiyukiSuimon KazukiMiyamoto said in the report, Japan bitcoin holders “wealth effect” may stimulate consumer spending, and will have a measurable effect on GDP.

The report is interesting, most analysts and economists believe that bitcoin’s market value is too small, too out of touch with other financial institutions, so as not to affect the real economy in the world. As of December 31st, the global total market value of $5600 encryption currency, but the world’s largest online retailer in 500 only three to accept bitcoin payments.

In economics, the “wealth effect” refers to when asset prices are rising, economic activity can be measured growth, making consumers feel richer, and increase their spending. This phenomenon has appeared in 2008 on the eve of the subprime crisis, the real estate prices soaring makes homeowners feel they are richer than previously thought. With the rise of their housing prices, these consumers start spending their balance, and inject vigor into the economy as a whole.

Japan is currently the world’s largest bitcoin market, 40% of the global bitcoin transactions with yen, more than the share of dollars. Nomura estimates that about 1 million Japanese holds about 3 million 700 thousand bitcoins. The wealth effect of these bitcoin holders may lead to 96 billion yen ($851 million) of extra consumption. Although bitcoin recently fell, but Nomura still believes that investors benefit the proportion of investors suffered a loss to Beamon more.

Another traditional investors confused to bitcoin

Another traditional investors confused to bitcoin

Bitcoin deep traditional investment field, the field of market leader also continued their stand, commercial wizards DennisGartman but stay away. Gartman still don’t understand the technology of currency, not so cold.

Gartman admits that appreciation block chain technology, bitcoin is quick money, but he will not touch.

The dream of gambling

Gartman said, let bitcoin price fluctuations become the hottest new product investment upset him.

“I believe it is the dream of gambling, but I’ll be far away from it, I have been away from it, never understand it, still do not understand”.

Gartman said, enjoy the bitcoin block chain technology brings, but the encryption currency volatility is too large, can not let him investment.

“I worry about that, one day, 10%, 15%, 5% wave 18% of what may be the price mechanism. Bitcoin price volatility is so big, how can you buy a house? How do you buy a car? How do you buy Starbucks with bitcoin?”

Alfa is no longer a soldier

The traditional asset investors continue to sound, become the new technology is no longer the experts have never met.

This dilemma seems to make them afraid, the billionaire investor, Oaktree capital (OaktreeCapitalGroup) Co President HowardMarks also like Gartman, say they don’t understand bitcoin.

VanEck, even from bitcoin, but also apply for exchange traded funds, investment bitcoin derivatives.

Is not as good as expected

Gartman bitcoin seems to understand only based on its capacity as currency, he said bitcoin is intended to than the dollar and the euro, but now has become impossible to calculate the currency.

“One day we will go in, it will end, and the end is bad”.

Bitcoin piggy bank CEO human error lost ten million dog coins

Bitcoin piggy bank CEO human error lost ten million dog coins

According to Sina micro-blog news, yesterday evening at about 10 bitcoin Piggy Bank (micro-blog founder Wang Cong: I love the sun) lost 10 million dog coins, equivalent to approximately RMB 23 thousand yuan. According to Wang Cong revealed that the pen is lost dog coins in human error that turned the wrong address. Of course, losing the dog coins only touch themselves, and not bitcoin piggy bank customers lost.
But the recent bitcoin security incidents continue to burst, a shadow on the bitcoin development of mongolia.
The day before yesterday evening, the fire coins network customer service provided in the background error coins work review, resulting in 27 users to more cash 920BTC, 8100LTC. Then the fire coins network official contact several users returned to the 880BTC and 5400LTC, and the promotion of cash flow.
Almost at the same time, yesterday morning, bit exchange wallet server suffered hacker attacks, lost 107 bitcoins. Yesterday afternoon, the bit Department issued the notice, that they are checking and alarm, and said that if people supply useful clue, they will be a big reward of 20 coins; about the stolen bitcoin users, they will bear all loss, completely stealing money payment.