UPS is making a accept bitcoin locker

UPS is making a accept bitcoin locker


The latest patent documents show that the global shipping giant UPS is considering trading items to accept bitcoin teller service.

According to the U.S. patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) is an application released Thursday, UPS is focused on a can use digital payment locker system. In addition to the traditional payment system, patent documents will bitcoin as may be used to pay money.

The document outlines a cabinet system, where a transaction or the sale of goods people can put it in the cupboard, let buyers pick up at a convenient time. If the two sides have rented lockers, some of these lockers may be configured to accept payment.

Overview of documents submitted by the different methods of payment for the tenants can lockers, specifically as follows:

In an exemplary embodiment, lockers may include a point of sale (POS) system for receiving the user’s payment: (1) cash transactions; (2) credit card or debit card transactions; (3) certificate; (4) electronic payment, such as the GooglePay, ApplePay, PayPal, bitcoin payment (5); and / or any other appropriate payment.”

This patent application later mentioned bitcoin, which is a way of offering refunds for customers, including credit cards and other traditional methods of payment.

The application is bitcoin for payment may be listed in the latest patent case. Although this does not mean that the company is fully accept the encryption currency, but as an option, highlighting it as a medium of exchange of digital image.

In 2017, more than 20 patent documents mentioned in the United States Patent and Trademark Office released in bitcoin is a possible payment system. Although this figure is a slight decline in 2016, but it reflects the ideas published in the past two years the number of patent applications 50.

Microsoft suspended to accept bitcoin payments, because it is too unstable”

Microsoft suspended to accept bitcoin payments, because it is too unstable”


According to technology website BleepingComputer reports, Microsoft (Microsoft) is no longer supported bitcoin as a payment method to buy their products.

Microsoft Support Department of a staff member said the reason they make this decision for bitcoin unstable consideration, this move is only temporary. Microsoft started to accept bitcoin payments from 2014, had repeatedly suspended this option.

Steam made a similar decision

Last December, Steam also selected for similar reasons bitcoin transaction is no longer supported.

Steam said: “the high fees and volatility” is the reason they make this decision.

Transaction fees from a few years ago a few cents to recent tens of dollars, bitcoin has almost is difficult for small transactions. A lot of people need to come up with a majority of the transaction amount as a fee.

For Microsoft and Steam these companies, bitcoin price volatility is also a problem, because of a sudden fall in unforeseen could have resulted in a huge loss.

Microsoft does not allow users to purchase products directly with bitcoin, but allow them to add a certain amount of advance in the accounts of the dollar, the money will be used for bitcoin payment.

However, this kind of transfer is still limited by the transaction costs, the risk of loss of Microsoft still have the account bitcoin money, this is any financial sector need to face the problem.

Bitcoin price volatility

Although bitcoin prices have been volatile, but has never been like the past three months as the concussion. To be the financial sector acceptance, whether digital currencies or legal tender are required to have a certain stability, but bitcoin currently do not have such characteristics.

At the same time, Microsoft also recommends that customers choose other means of payment, such as credit cards, debit cards etc..

In addition, Visa has also recently ended with the prepaid card issuer WaveCrest protocol, resulting in Bitwala, BitPay, Cryptopay and other companies bitcoin debit cards are not available.

Wall Street financiers will once again detonated bitcoin Market

Wall Street financiers will once again detonated bitcoin Market


Ready for the explosive growth of bitcoin, because Wall Street financiers are spending their bonuses.

Wall Street people will soon get a bonus.

This digital currency Group executives predict, when bonuses, bitcoin will be crazy to buy”.

Many market observers expected, compared with 2017, encryption market prices will rise significantly this year.

A few weeks ago, bitcoin transaction price of more than $20 thousand, by the end of 2017, bitcoin prices fell to about $11 thousand. This came after the rebound Saturday bitcoin prices reached $16500.

MeltemDemirors is an investment in the currency and the encryption block chain business investment company CEO, he believes that with the Wall Street bonus season, a new trend is unfolding.

Demirors wrote on Twitter earlier this year: “if the January 15th Wall Street bonuses in the bank account, we will see the crazy to buy the picture appeared in the epic on the market.”

Ready for the explosion

At the beginning of this year when Wall Street traders can use their money to influence, because many traders on gambling with their extra income.

In mid January the bonus may be around $138000, it can be inferred from the calculation of the New York state comptroller Thomas Napoli in.

20 years ago, the author describes the New York Times of New York automobile sales personnel, they benefited from the Wall Street bonuses.

The newspaper quoted a car salesman: “they are all young and enterprising people, they can spontaneously decide.

The former FDIC Chairman: bitcoin monetary development policy should not blow encryption

The former FDIC Chairman: bitcoin monetary development policy should not blow encryption

The United States Federal Deposit Insurance Company (FDIC) former president SheilaBair said, should not because bitcoin is not “intrinsic value” will be banned.

In the “YAHOO” published this week’s column, Bair should develop policies to protect investors. She pointed out that the currency itself was like bitcoin, just a society gives the concept of value, because people need a medium to the transaction, and the media to rely more on cognitive psychology, rather than physical property”.

She added:

“Instead of bitcoin to make their own value judgment, the government should first ensure that our policy will not hit its development.”

In view of the independent consultant and director of Bair served as several block chain and crypto currency related projects, her support for encryption of currency is not surprising, but because she had been set up in the Congress of the United States government agency FDIC as chairman, the judge’s still worth attention.

She was in the period from 2006 to 2011 the leadership of the agency’s work.

“Since the emergence of commercial activities, human beings began to have no significant value to the intrinsic value of things, especially in the case of a medium of exchange, money, we give value only because those who trade with us to do so.”

Bair also mentioned the history of some examples of the government failed to maintain the legal value of the currency, that she believed that the role of the government should focus on ensuring a fair and well informed on the market, the market should be away from fraud, manipulation and excessive speculation.

BCC is more and more accepted

BCC is more and more accepted

For bitcoin fans, this is a crazy ten days, because the network had its first notable network One divides into two.. In the first week, BCC block chain has been launched, the money market is booming. Now, the two encryption currency payment processor, theLivingRoomofSatoshi and Rocketr have announced support for BCC in their platform.

The BCC network and the market rose

BitcoinCash (BCC) block chain already in the processing block, is currently booming into a network. So far, the BCC chain has been the emergence of 408 blocks, in exchange for currency trading volume is large. At present, each BCC transaction price of $300, becoming the fourth largest encryption currency in market capitalization. So far, there have been many exchanges and encryption of digital currency wallet decided to support the BCC network. In addition, other companies like Purse market, has also announced to hold customer funds on the platform of BCC distribution.

The digital product market Rocketr customers can now use BCC in the online store

This week, the digital product market Rocketr has announced that customers can use BCC in the online store. Rocketr is an e-commerce platform for sales and publication of digital goods, such as documents, procedures, activation code, software and other services. The company was founded in 2016 by RobDanielson, BTC, ETH, PayPal, Stripe (credit card) and now BCC. The company announced the addition of currency statement in August 9th in Twitter;

“We have just opened BCC as payment. Today you can use the online store.”

LivingRoomofSatoshi accept BCC payment payment platform

Another is called the LivingRoomofSatoshi start-up company revealed crypto currency users can pay bills on BCC platform. The company was founded in 2014, is the one that allows Australian residents to pay electricity, telephone charges and credit card bills, payment platform. LivingRoomofSatoshi announced in August 7th to support the currency. Since then, people have slowly started to use BCC in the Australian startups platform to pay the bills.

“Now you can use your BCC to pay the bills, or cash payment to the bank account of the LivingRoomofSatoshi!”

So far, considering BCC all obstacles and difficult start, this is quite good for a week. In addition, the integration of this website reported customers can use BCC in the market thanks to Shapeshift. For a new Internet only a week, encryption currency is still a long way to go, despite all the bad mouthing BCC only so.

Educator Wouters:Schnorr signature will solve bitcoin spam attack problem

Educator Wouters:Schnorr signature will solve bitcoin spam attack problem


Bitcoin blockchain and expert SamWouters Schnorr provides an overview of the signature how to help users prevent bitcoin network spam attacks.

In media reports, Wouters Schnorr indicates that the signature will reduce the occupied space of multi output transaction block, thereby reducing the MemPool expansion.

He explained, “if each of US trade only a signature, spammers to send more transactions, so spend more money to occupy the same transaction space”.

Wouters said, bitcoin recently a large backlog of unconfirmed trades is the result of multiple transactions, multiple sources increased the volume of chain block.

Schnorr signature will take additional size caused by multi signature transactions, so as to save space and save money. The signature on the Schnorr help, this effect will be hidden, the deal looks like a single transaction signature signature.

“At the end of the day, if just one person sent from multiple sources, there should be only one signature. This is the signature of Schnorr allows us to do, “Waters added.

At the same time, the content of waste tips, in New York before the expansion of BarrySilbert protocol, the actors deliberately with high costs and delays to slow down the speed of the network, thus forcing a block size increase.

Bitcoin game player should bitcoin characteristics to understand the advantages and disadvantages

Bitcoin game player should bitcoin characteristics to understand the advantages and disadvantages

Bitcoin with its unique charm to attract the attention of the world, more and more people involved. Many experts and scholars bitcoin conducted in-depth research, hoping to explore the charming nature of this digital currency.

The characteristics of bitcoin

Characteristics of bitcoin: to the center

Bitcoin is a virtual currency first distributed, the whole network by the user, not the central bank. To the center of the bitcoin is safe and free guarantee.

Characteristics of bitcoin two: worldwide circulation

Bitcoin can be in any one Internet computer management. No matter where you are, anyone can buy, sell or collect, mining bitcoin.

Characteristics of bitcoin three: exclusive ownership

Need to manipulate bitcoin private key, it can be stored in isolation in any storage medium. In addition to their outside users no access.

– bitcoin four features: low transaction costs

Free remittance of bitcoin, but in the end of each transaction will charge about 0.0001 bitcoin transaction fees to ensure that transactions execute faster.

Characteristics of bitcoin five: no hidden costs

From A to B as a means of payment, bitcoin no cumbersome procedures and limit the amount of. Know each other bitcoin address can be paid.

– bitcoin six characteristics: cross platform mining

The user can explore the computing ability of hardware in many different platforms.

The advantages of bitcoin

One of the advantages of bitcoin –:

The line is simple: transactions through the network transaction bitcoin is very simple, no need to trust a man in the middle.

The advantages of the two – bitcoin:

Has completed the transaction can not be withdrawn: execute transactions can not be revoked or recovered.

The advantages of the three – bitcoin:

Safety and stability: no central bank and part of the reserve system brings instability. The bitcoin system of money supply distribution (determined by CPU capacity), spread throughout the entire network, thus limiting the monopoly by the bank according to the inflation.

Bitcoin disadvantage

The disadvantage of a bitcoin -:

The vulnerability of the trading platform. The bitcoin network is very strong, but bitcoin trading platform is very fragile. The trading platform is usually a website, and the website will be hacked, or by the competent department in charge of closure.

The disadvantages of the two – bitcoin:

Transaction confirmation time. Bitcoin wallet when first installed, will consume a lot of time to download the historical transaction data block. While bitcoin transactions, in order to confirm the accuracy of the data, will take some time to interact with the P2P network, the whole network has been confirmed, the transaction is completed.

The disadvantages of the three – bitcoin:

The price fluctuates greatly. Due to the large number of speculators involved, resulting in bitcoin cash price fluctuation as a roller coaster. Make bitcoin more suitable for speculation, rather than anonymous transactions.

The disadvantages of the four – bitcoin:

The public does not understand the principle, as well as traditional financial practitioners boycott. Active users to understand the principle of P2P network, know bitcoin without legal manipulation and control. But people don’t understand the difference, many people can not even distinguish bitcoin and Q coins. “No publisher” is the advantages of bitcoin, but in the traditional financial practitioners view, “no issuer” currency worthless.

India residents from bitcoin transactions arbitrage that bitcoin is a new asset

India residents from bitcoin transactions arbitrage that bitcoin is a new asset

Encryption of the value of money in a short span of four years suddenly surge, bitcoin prices from $13 increased to $1200 now.

In India, bitcoin traders can through bitcoin exchange or directly from the individual hand to buy bitcoin. Now some India bitcoin users has been specializing in bitcoin arbitrage, they buy bitcoins from low price of bitcoin exchange, and then sold to another bitcoin exchange.

In India New Delhi, a man named Rahul (Rahul) bitcoin users have heard of bitcoin in four years ago, when he was about to bitcoin through a multiplayer online game. Rahul said,

“This is a can take control of their own wealth, so I conducted a bitcoin transaction.”

Then the value of bitcoin soared from January 2013, a bitcoin price of $13, to $1200. Four years ago, Rahul from relatives to return home to the bitcoin investment. Rahul said,

“When I told my brother when bitcoin, he asked who I was with bitcoin. I told him, no one can control the bitcoin, it functions for the layman is difficult to understand.”

Rahul said, people can purchase or mining bitcoin (New bitcoin), but the latter requires high-end computing power and a lot of time. According to Rahul now used bitcoin mining machine, at present every month he can dig 0.1 coins. Rahul said, “not only unprofitable, nor practical.”

Now Rahul like many people, they are from the bitcoin exchange to buy bitcoin and sell it at a higher price. “Investment” bitcoin and investment gold or other currencies are very similar for buying, waiting to enhance the value, and then sell.

SahilBansal is a business analyst to Noda, he witnessed the India bitcoin growing. But he never use bitcoin payment or arbitrage, “I just think of it as assets.” Today, if he sold their bitcoin, he can earn 75000 rupees. But Bansal insisted on holding bitcoins, until the government of India to decide how to deal with bitcoin.

India bitcoin exchange Zebpay co-founder and CEO SaurabhAgarwal said, in the real world, few people use bitcoin payment of the value of goods and services.

“Like gold, the Indians think that this is an asset class, its actual value is the total transaction value of 1%. We believe that once the merchant of India clearly bitcoin regulatory and tax items, we will see bitcoin play a role in the payment.”

The underlying technology of bitcoin

The underlying technology of bitcoin

The underlying technology of bitcoin

In the past year, although the bitcoin itself has been questioned, but people started from bitcoin payments gradually shifted to the – block chain technology bitcoin underlying agreement, more and more investors and ordinary people to accept the concept of block chain. We can understand the block chain technology by understanding the generation and trading of bitcoins and a series of process.

(a) bitcoin transactions

The use of bitcoin P2P (Internet Financial peer-to-peer lending platform) distributed database of many nodes in the network structure, to identify and record all the transactions. In the process of information transmission, the sender information will be encrypted by a key, the receiver in the received information, and then through another key pair to decrypt the information, which can ensure the privacy and security of the information transfer process. Bitcoin transactions are not simply pay the money itself. In Figure 1.1 the transaction as an example, if B wants to pay 100 coins to C, then not only need to specify the amount in the B transaction, but also need to specify the source of 100 bitcoin. Because each transaction is recorded one of the funds have a current owner, and after an owner, you can achieve all of the funds back to a single transaction basis. This is one of the typical characteristics of bitcoin. Finally, when every transaction is completed, the system will be broadcast to the entire network, the implementation of the deal told all users.


Figure 1.1 bitcoin transactions

(two) block + Chain

Because each transaction is relatively dispersed, in order to better trade statistics, the bitcoin system has created the concept of a block. Each block contains the following three factors: one is the block ID (hash), two is the number of orders, three is a block of ID. The bitcoin system about every 10 minutes to create a block, which contains all transactions occurring in this period of time within the scope of the whole network. Each block also contains a block before ID, this design makes each block can be found in the front of a node, so you can always back to the starting node, thus forming a complete trade chain. Therefore, from bitcoin’s date of birth, the whole network will form a unique main block chain, which records from all transaction records since the birth of bitcoin, and every 10 minutes at a new node speed unlimited expansion. The main chain in each block to add a node, will be broadcast to the entire network, so that each bitcoin transactions involved in computer have a copy. In the real world, each non cash transactions by the bank system to record, once the bank computer network breakdown, all data will be lost. But in the Internet world, all bitcoin transaction records are stored in the computer in the world countless, as long as there is a global bitcoin program with computer can still work, the main chain block can be completely read. The transaction information is stored so highly redundant, the possibility of making bitcoin main block chain missing completely becomes very little.


The local structure of Figure 1.2 block chain

Source: Bitcoin:A Peet-to-Peer Electronic CashSystem.

Everyone was verified in the validity of the transaction after the transaction data can be generated according to the new block. In order to avoid false trading or repeat transactions, so that this new block is to build trust, proof of work mechanism. If you want to modify the transaction information for a block, all the work must be completed in the block and subsequent connection block, this mechanism greatly increased the difficulty of information tampering. At the same time, proof of work but also solve the network consensus problem, the whole network recognized the longest chain, because the longest chain contains the largest workload.

(three) and bitcoin blockchain

To sum up, the chain is a block data block using cryptographic methods associated with the. In the application of bitcoin, the entire block chain bitcoin is the public ledger, every node in the network has bitcoin transaction information backup. When initiating a bitcoin transaction, the information is broadcast to the network, and obtain legal right by accounting competition miners will record transaction information into a new block connected to the block chain, once the information is recorded, it can not be tampering. Bitcoin is a “killer app” blockchain, block chain is the underlying technology of bitcoin, and not just in bitcoin. Therefore, although the bitcoin blockchain and is often mentioned at the same time, but the two are not equal.

The famous bitcoin wallet Armory light that it does not support the BU bifurcation hard

The famous bitcoin wallet Armory light that it does not support the BU bifurcation hard

Non mining companies are increasingly hard against the BitcoinUnlimited bifurcation plan, bitcoin wallet Armory published his views and plans at this juncture.

The top bitcoin company almost all in the selected camp and prepare the emergency plan, the Armory claimed to be the most secure bitcoin wallet is no exception, it chose to support BitcoinCore and expressly does not support BitcoinUnlimited.

Armory said, will not support any controversial hard bifurcation (such as BU), and will continue to support the isolation of witness (Segwit) and BC.

However, this does not mean that Armory has the ability to stop people from using BU. If the basic structure of BC and BU are the same, Armory can connect to BU.

Depending on the connection and operation of the local node Armory bitcoin wallet software, it has never been performed consistent review. This node is usually BC (any node based on BC can also be run, such as the BU). So in case of hard bifurcation, as long as the transaction or block form without any change, then Armory can be hard with the bifurcation and allows the user to docking, trading in the bifurcation of the network.

Armory in this update, given more information, such as how to interact with BU chain, how in the environment and how to deal the bifurcation only in a chain of “tarnished” your money.

Against the coming wave of BU

More and more enterprises (mostly from mining community) against BU’s hard bifurcation plan. Bitbank, Bitfinex, Bitonic, Bitso, Bitstamp, Bitsquare, BTCChina, Bitt, Bittrex, CoincheckandCoinfloor, Kraken (Japan), QuadrigaCX (Canada), Ripio, Shapshift, Zaif, TheRockTrading, Poloniex and BitMEX launched a joint statement in support of BitcoinCore. BitGo also stood on the opposite side of BU.

The world’s largest provider of Coinbase bitcoin wallet has not signed this statement, the administration said,

Coinbase did not sign the statement, the statement is because we believe that the intention behind is wrong. Although it seems on the surface to avoid replay attacks against a hard discussion of how to deal with the exchange of bifurcation and BU requirements. But in fact, (we found) it is a blatant deception, to Core software activities linked with BTC. We feel that many people are not aware of the signature of this point.

Supporters of BU here.

Even if the situation occurs, some companies will still choose neutral. The big miners expressed support for BU, including RogerVer, BTC.TOP, ViaBTC, ant pool (AntPool) and SlushPool. Keys4Coins for BU can bring very interested.

Keys4Coins hopes to build a larger bitcoin block in the world. At present, the BU just to meet this. The miners, come and join the BU. BU will be the best choice for all bitcoin users and shops. Do you want a bigger block, to support BU!