Mito annual meeting the highest award 10 bitcoins? In fact, a total of less than two

Mito annual meeting the highest award 10 bitcoins? In fact, a total of less than two


In February 1 day evening, Mito company held the annual meeting, and since it was founded in 10th anniversary, lively and extraordinary. Especially the ultimate prize eventually, even bitcoin, also caused the envy of many people. However, for the year-end bonus value of 630 thousand and 10 bitcoin Mito denied rumors.

At present, the bitcoin market is still up to about $10 thousand, according to previous rumors, it is sent directly to $100 thousand, equivalent to 630 thousand yuan. But apparently not so beautiful figure “hao”. According to the introduction of beauties, the 15 employees get bitcoin. But not one, but 0.0888 per person. Add up, probably 1.332 bitcoin.

But although there is no rumor so exaggerated, but the total value of bitcoin is 80 thousand yuan, is also very generous.

The global stock market crash bitcoin is soaring

The global stock market crash bitcoin is soaring

Bitcoin rose to $11000, since the volatility fell sharply, was approaching $9000, followed by a rapid decline in recovery, breaking the $10 thousand mark, there seems to be a large bitcoin initiative began Paohuo, a portion of the profits to lock into the pocket, this approach is consistent with reasonable, bitcoin in many countries regulatory policy changes, has been at the center of the whirlpool of contradictions in some countries, resolutely resist, some countries welcomed the recent Chicago commodity exchange (CME) announced the launch of bitcoin futures from the fourth quarter of 2017, then bitcoin prices ushered in a wave of soaring prices. But I believe many friends of money after the boom decide on what path to follow do not understand?

In fact, five good bitcoin has not been shaken, i.e. up the core logic still support the upward trend, but the callback time and need to determine the magnitude of the shock, like the stock market, up the core logic is the sustainable economic development of mankind, as long as the human society is the direction of progress, of course, good stock rise, but there will be twists and turns, for long-term investors hold the value of companies that enjoy human economic progress.

Bitcoin is the core logic of human ultimate form for currency expectations. Now people all over the world especially for the rich existing money are lack of confidence, in today’s national debt to global liquidity are far more than the total amount of GDP, the central bank can print money to fill the hole, not only the risk of exposure for many years but more and more, the rate of currency depreciation can not catch up with GDP the growth rate and inflation, we are most worried about money is not worth, the more rich people want more investment to buy, not to not buy equity, resulting in a huge bubble in stock and property prices, are in urgent need of an ideal currency under the vicious spiral appeared to protect their wealth.

Bitcoin is precisely to meet the expectations of the people all over the world currency, has become a global free currency.

The first thing to say is his biggest characteristic to the center – no issuer (i.e. banks), such as the central bank without your consent, you can print money to inexhaustible wealth, plunder you; your money in the bank every day to shrink, or even lose is stolen, but bitcoin is a a completely out of the bank, only to rely on monetary system operation of the Internet, no one can steal your bitcoin bitcoin, so you can ensure that your private property will not be affected by outside forces.

Secondly, bitcoin broke the national capital of foreign exchange controls, can be paid in the international flow, and low cost. For example, the credit card payment business fee cost is 3%-4%, and the use of bitcoin payment cost is only 0.5%~1%, so businesses are more willing to use bitcoin to pay the transaction, it also reflects the demands of free trade.

This year the new fuse bitcoin, the best hedge assets.

The recent global stock market began to plunge into the global stock market since the stock market crash since the end of the carnival, constantly refresh highs, but rose more than 30%, the Hongkong stock market is to recover a record high. Coin birds have to worry about the risk of boom bust, especially the potential risk of stock markets regardless of economic existence, or pull persist in wilfully and arbitrarily high bubble. But the real economy may not be able to keep up with the market pace, countries rely on proliferation of hot money to support a economic train going forward, but most of the company’s profitability and the ability of innovation of science and technology has encountered a bottleneck, it means that the traditional economy cannot pull the current population income to maintain growth. The rise of the stock market are just a few of the monopoly of the carnival, capital is also aware of the strong stronger reason, funds began to hold together for warmth.

Most of the enterprises in the future life can not be bigger, this will only exacerbate the social contradictions. Small businesses and ordinary people in the water, equivalent to the giant fish, if the water is evaporated, the fish can’t live. For global capital for polarization and social contradictions deterioration and fear the future, bitcoin became a natural hedge currency, the global economic turmoil, bitcoin is better. The recent accelerated rise has heralded the global economic turmoil began, the bird that coin storm soon to come, to protect their principal safety is the most important, how to do the defense can focus on the mutual gold commune said that the public number, message for hedging tips.

How to develop the bitcoin technology Cornell University

How to develop the bitcoin technology Cornell University

We squeezed into a small room filled with black frame of the giant network. The fan and the computer sound intertwined, breaking the dull air.

In this noisy buzz, Cornell University doctoral candidate AdemEfeGencer voice almost drowned, he explained that the monotonous frame represents Connell in the name of science for the realization of building a global bitcoin network this ambition was to.

He pointed out that these servers accounted for approximately more than 1200 nodes of the bitcoin test bench for half. The other in the basement.

The project is called “micro world”, named after the stereo model inspired by the real world tourist attractions. Just, “micro world” constructed not a toy car and building models, but bitcoin network node.

Gencer comments:

“I don’t think there are other institutions to have such a big computer cluster.”

The most obviously is the question of what they do with these large and complex nodes? Gencer is a member of the IC3, IC3 of Cornell University is a specialized research digital currency institutions, he is studying the whole system of different rules or opposition environment will likely react.

The team to carry out the plan in the “small” network.

He said: “we want to extend it, the ultimate goal is to make it like bitcoin as large public network.”

You know, it takes a lot of nodes. According to the statistics of the bitcoin network Bitnodes, there are nearly 7000 nodes, including non monitoring nodes (but do not accept new connections with other nodes), the total number of more than 50000.

Bitcoin Technology

By pairing with the test bench, the Cornell University has established a framework by Gencer as the protocol compared to the more “principle”, the framework includes measurement indicators such as delay and information transmission system in the center of the adaptability etc..

“Micro world” to be able to run any client or more innovative protocols, such as Bitcoin-NG, which radically redesigned bitcoin, to extend it to support more affairs.

He said: “as long as the client to our system, we can run.”

Gencer believes that this measure can affect the network, and now bitcoin for decision-making system — some have questioned the effect.

Gencer joked: “the bitcoin community there is another popular method that is discussed.” That often Twitter and Reddit and other social media platform of dialogue.

Other people think that, because the technology in its early stages, this simulation is not perfect, it is difficult to figure out where the effect.

Falcon network

However, the “micro world” is not the only IC3 bitcoin project.

Last year’s launch of the Falcon network is a public agency chain of the more noteworthy attempt to help the bitcoin network to the center.

The composition of the 10 nodes of the network by the Cornell University has, provides a “fast track”, the miners and various size pool can quickly send and receive block.

Cornell University graduate student SoumyaBasu said in the description of the system: “this makes the environment more fair competition among miners.”

So far, Falcon provides second miners for faster transfer block on the network relay network and widely acclaimed. Previously only one: FIBER, has been called the bitcoin relay network.

Basu stressed that the choice of diversification is beneficial for miners.

“If there is only one relay network, and for some reason (maintenance problems, attack etc.) fault occurs, then the time will be slower than the block transmission.”

The director of IC3 EminG nSirer agree with this view, he believes that with the implementation of the increase, users do not have to trust only one open source network and the volunteer team.

The real impact

Again, the project is not only in order to improve the efficiency.

In the interview, Basu said, a variety of options (such as Falcon) can help the bitcoin better by minimizing the trust to achieve goals.

“The relay network has certain rights. If a relay network transmission speed of some blocks to determine more slowly than other blocks, then you can make such as selfish mining such attacks more easily.”

Here, Basu also suggested that the game theory behind Cornell University bitcoin is very interested in.

He said: “if you have to transfer multiple relay network block, then slow down the block transmission of a particular miners benefit is very limited.”

Basu, deputy director of the Sirer and IC3 IttayEyal are the promoters of the project, they have also developed a new thing called “cut through routing”, has now been included in the FIBER network, improve the network transmission speed block.

Expand the scope of

Today, Cornell University’s “micro world” has many famous bitcoin network simulation, but there are many others, including a Technical University of the Swiss Federal Institute of technology in Zurich open.

However, the Cornell University is also trying to maintain the leading position through other significant block chain and digital currency project.

In order to achieve this goal, Gencer said the Cornell University is working on a test bench like current run on the same infrastructure on the same Ethernet fang.

He said:

“To our knowledge, there is no human etheric Fang to try it.”