The approval of the Department of New York electric power supply to the bitcoin mining company, will boost the local economy

The approval of the Department of New York electric power supply to the bitcoin mining company, will boost the local economy


February 7th – New York wants to enter the bitcoin mining market, and provide power related work and income for the residents. Bitcoin mining could even help to revive the once industrial pollution industry depends on the local economy.

New York Power Administration (NewYorkPowerAuthority) approved will provide 15 thousand kilowatts of hydro electric power for the Coinmint company’s new bitcoin mining enterprises. Coinmint is currently operating in Plattsburgh with a bitcoin mine, the company expects the crypto currency market will continue to grow in the world, so you want to set up second mines to expand their business.

According to the bill, the power allocation will be sufficient to support at least $165 million in capital investment, and create 150 new jobs related to the proposed project. The project plans to rebuild an old metal smelting plant in Massena, and the installation and operation of up to 180 thousand in two years a bitcoin mining machine. Once completed and is expected to be fully operational, NCDC can handle 15% global encryption currency business.

According to local TV news reports, bitcoin miners into the area is the main reason can provide cheap and reliable power. New York electric power bureau is working with the hydraulic power value to improve the local economy, in the evaluation of an application, the number of distribution as a result of the jobs is one of the factors to consider.

The new bitcoin refinery plan all-weather operation, NCDC said, will be in 2018 and 2019 to hire 75 full-time employees, in order to provide employment for the minimum requirements of 150 employees. These include security personnel, technical personnel, IT electrician, installation personnel and operating personnel, the average wage is about $46 thousand a year.

The new factory site in the south of Canada, where the cold climate and cheap hydroelectric power to China bitcoin mining companies have great appeal.

The African revolution bitcoin and block chain nourish

The African revolution bitcoin and block chain nourish

Break the old ideas of oppression and domination of the African revolution led to a bloody battle picture of liberalism. But now, with no discrimination, not the exclusive bitcoin as a tool, the African millennials are free from financial repression.

The ordinary people of Africa if equipped with a smart mobile phone can be involved in the development of the ecological system, and profit from. But more than that, the enterprise wants to block chain technology for the enterprise upgrading alternative tool.

In the daily life of freedom

In order to enable the individual to enter the stock market, or investing in a company or creative, need not only to understand the process. The traditional money market long-term is the elite of the world, cleverly excluded people at different levels.

A more than 30 year old woman in Uganda on the outskirts of Kampala does not meet the requirements of savvy investors. However, bitcoin to all without exception, opened up the world.

The more than 30 ms PeaceAkware told the media:

“Every day I see my bitcoin, looking for any chance I can catch. One minute, one hour, at any time, as often as possible to pay attention to”.

Active alternative tool

Places like Uganda, New York this place alive than a lot of difficulties. Even for college graduates, employment is like winning the lottery, so many people looking for can ease the financial plight of alternative tools.

The so-called “sideline” is the source of daily life many people in poor countries, but they are often not successful, time-consuming and difficult. However, bitcoin provides an alternative tool, less time consuming, easy access, the risk is controllable.

Block chain energy

Some enterprises are using the block chain to cut costs and time, so as to resist difficulties and cruel workplace.

A company called BitPesa to transfer the company in the form of operation, to provide cross-border remittances, but not $medium, but bitcoin and convenient cross-border remittances.

The chief executive of BitPesa ElizabethRossiello explains why this with traditional banks from so effectively.

“In the past few months I was in Nairobi, there are three important problems to deal with the bank. And corresponding to the different bank of Kenya, but for different reasons are delayed or cancelled, the need for additional information. So the transaction almost spent 2.5 weeks, and I was an expert”.

Obviously, the banking system even in the best condition, also has become obsolete, bring a lot of unpleasant experiences, the banking system has some flaws in Africa, need to find alternative tools.

Bitcoin blockchain and education curriculum

Change in Africa and bitcoin block chain exists some problems, which have mentioned how to popularize the technical knowledge to the general public.

This makes some people into the bitcoin education industry.

A Kampala trader MartinSerugga opened bitcoin weekly course, currently the number of students 50 people.

His approach stems from people who say they seek employment and a desperate man.

“If not for the tens of thousands of graduates with University factory or enterprise post, so this is a substitute”.

Google data show that bitcoin annual search volume ranked in the forefront

Google data show that bitcoin annual search volume ranked in the forefront

Bitcoin or North Korea news search heat is higher or lower?

According to Google recently released data show that bitcoin search volume dominate the forefront. An overview of the “2017 trend as the search giant announced the 2017 annual hot search list (YearinSearch2017)” in detail, bitcoin ranked second in the “world news” category, it shows that this year the technology search volume is higher than this year has caused the search volume Las Vegas shooting with eclipses and other news events hot.

Similarly, “how to buy bitcoin” also ranked “how…” search category list third.

According to the CoinDesk bitcoin price index (BPI) records show that bitcoin prices rose 20 times during 2017, from $900 in January rose to a record $19783 in December. CoinMarketCap data show that the value of encryption currency since the beginning of the January 17 billion dollar rose to more than $650 billion.

Interestingly, promoting bitcoin seems to be the overall ranking of users outside the u.s.. For example, in the United States national classification, Google data show that bitcoin related items ranking than its ranking in the global classification to be low.

In fact, search for bitcoin shows on Google trends, to promote the current search volume in countries including South Africa, Slovenia, Holland, Nigeria and Austria, while the United States ranked sixteenth.

The United States Olympic bobsled team announced to accept bitcoin donations

The United States Olympic bobsled team announced to accept bitcoin donations

Last weekend, the United States Olympic bobsled team announced that they are the first domestic branch advocate and accept bitcoin donations of Olympic team. From the South Korean Olympic opening only two months, there is enough time to promote a crazy and cool games.

The US Olympic team into the encryption”

Encryption of investors and former Olympians TyDanco said:

“This is very suitable for the team. The sled team not for the short term, but long-term.”

Bobsledding is one of skiing sports. A high speed rotary downhill, in the snow line dedicated double skateboard wood or metal movement. The sled can be divided without rudder and rudder, single skid and wide skiing, riding and horizontal. It is said that the sport originated in fifteenth Century.

The bitcoiner we met all know that in this world has no appreciation of things, what kind of feeling.

Mr Danco explained:

“The bitcoin between 2022 and 2026 Olympic Games keep clear goals, this sport to change from the shortage of funds to support the overall level of the World Cup team, at the same time the development of grassroots youth programs and athletes.”

Now, this is a perfect storm. Bitcoin prices usually reach $19 thousand in global exchange, and do not see any concessions. If the team in February to enter the south of Pingchang County, and have enough coins to support their efforts, it is likely that it will be a bigger story, because the Koreans is absolutely crazy about encryption currency.

Bitcoin is still in its infancy, and because of courageous and prophetic vision and embark on this wave, therefore, the United States bobsled team has already started.” Mr. Danco expressed congratulations. The earliest record of the Olympic Games has effect of encryption currency case is in 2014, at that time, the dog coins (dogecoin) was sent to the Jamaica bobsled team, more people jealous than real donation.

This is the first South Korea hosted the Winter Olympic Games, history has hosted the summer olympics. Winter brings a dozen ice sports competition, including cross-country skiing, skating, hockey, speed skating and snowboarding. About 88 countries will participate in the competition and. Including single and double sledge. The Olympic Games will be in the alpine skiing competition West ski Stadium (the ski stadium in Pingchang County, South Korea can accommodate 26000 people) held seemingly built for the upcoming game. This is a huge facility construction cost $more than 100 million.

The Olympic medal winners and the team’s marketing director GordySheer said:

“You know, we hear a lot about Rogers crazy jokes, and people don’t know why we do it. However, the sled is a kind of into your blood, change your life…… we know exactly the world still do not appreciate things (such as bitcoin). We have been working on bitcoin, this is our understanding and desire for risk return. “

They also sponsor logo jacket. Maybe bitcoin marks may appear in a certain time, contribute to the marketing and promotion team cryptocurrencies distinguish.

The Spanish island of Ibiza a world heritage site to sell bitcoin price

The Spanish island of Ibiza a world heritage site to sell bitcoin price

When a company headquartered in Texas real estate brokerage company sold real estate through bitcoin, this transaction convenience became a hot topic of discussion.

On behalf of the buyer’s agent said SherylLowe:

“In just 10 minutes, bitcoins into dollars, the completion of the transaction!”

Coincidentally, the Spanish resort island of Ibiza (Ibiza) on a historic building managers are hoping to use bitcoin convenient to put on the market in the real estate.

The name “ElPalacioBadarji” of the building are on sale for 1850 bitcoin prices, no marked cash price. The building was built in 1740, the eighteenth Century palace, UNESCO World Heritage site in 1999.

It was renovated in the past few years. However, the construction of the four independent Guardian bedroom one with a private lounge and master bedroom suite with a reception area of the living room and other parts are intact.

Easy to use

Taking into account the real estate sales — especially cross-border sales of all kinds of trouble when the characteristics of the digital currency easy to use is the main real estate brokerage companies eyeing their main factors.

Just last month, a mansion in London to the price of 17 million pounds on the market. The sales note that the buyer must pay with bitcoin, according to the current price of about 5050 bitcoins.

Responsible for the sale of the real estate LevLoginov said bitcoin transactions “faster, more efficient, more easy to use than the bank to deal with them, because of the excessive supervision of banks will be unnecessary.”

British entrepreneur MichelleMone and DougBarrowman also launched in Dubai real estate development projects bitcoin pricing. Mone think:

Early adopters will make money more mainstream in encryption application. Therefore, the “land and building into the field and effectively provide people with the use of encryption currency payment opportunity is logical.”

Some of the other on the real estate market block chain project including Propy, Atlant and Brickblock. Propy to the center of the ownership registration platform recently sold an apartment in Ukraine, but Brickblock plans to provide the world’s first tokens of real estate projects — will start a apartment sales in Berlin in December.

The British luxury furniture retailer for the first time to accept bitcoin payments

The British luxury furniture retailer for the first time to accept bitcoin payments


Luxury furniture retailers and interior design services provider JuliettesInteriors to become Britain’s first high-end retailers to accept bitcoin.

Chairman of the company JulietteThomas is a new technology to embrace the man, she was driving the car early power — one of the members of the Tesla motors. Now she is paying close attention to the encryption currency market.

She said that the next 18 months, the use of bitcoin will become a part of our daily life.

The world around us is not stagnant, as a company, we must always walk in the rules of the game before. We have been concerned about the digital currency, we know that, after all, many of our customers is the bitcoin world serious investors.

She added that even if the encryption of user groups in monetary growth, JuliettesInteriors customers still can not use it. So now, our customers can choose to use bitcoin to pay the company’s high-end furniture design and interior design services.

According to reports, July, London Mayfair DadianiFine art to become Britain’s first to accept bitcoin Art Museum, art museum to accept the relevant currency bitcoin, including encryption as a means of payment for the art trade.

At that time, the art director EleesaDadiani said:

Encryption currency will for the elite art market and centralized and decentralized and open the world to provide a bridge to allow more people to become a part of this exciting market.

However, this is just how London embrace digital currency market as an example. The housing department also began to pay attention to the encryption of currency. Earlier this month, the Notting Hill building to the price of 17 million pounds was listed for sale. Want to buy this six manual plastering decorate the house buyers need to pay with bitcoin, which became the city’s first bitcoin payment transactions.

JuliettesInteriors joined accept bitcoin as a payment option, customers camp, such as Expedia, DELL, Microsoft and SavetheChildren etc..

Poland’s largest online ordering site into bitcoin payment page

Poland’s largest online ordering site into bitcoin payment page

According to foreign media reports, as Poland’s largest online ordering website, now all in order to accept bitcoin payments, the site is the largest network of restaurants, there are about 5062 positions and 883000 active customers.

In 2016, the report said there were about 883000 active customers, 4 million 300 thousand orders, average orders for 9.55 euros. Cooperation with 5062 restaurants including pizza, sushi, kebabs, dumplings and other dishes, all these restaurants offer delivery service.

In 2014, has acquired, is the world’s largest online food ordering site of. is headquartered in Amsterdam, covering 10 countries, with 28800 restaurants, 8 million 900 thousand active customers. is the fastest growing brand of, Poland is also the only brand, in 2016 growth rate of 150% per year. in November 2013 by Bitpay accepted bitcoin, acquisition of in 2014. recently announced that from the beginning of this month to accept bitcoin by Bitpay, in addition to bitcoin, customers can also use other options to pay credit card, online transfer, Sofort, Paypal, mobile phone users can also use the AndroidPay application.

The official responsible person said, the use of bitcoin payment without transaction costs. But pointed out that users must have their own bitcoin wallet to use this option.

Compared to 6%, in using a credit card or Paypal consumer costs, the use of Banconnect/MisterCash for 1 euros. If the order is cancelled before the treatment, and the use of bitcoin payment is only available in IBAN bank account issued a refund. said: “these costs include all bank charges for online payment, and added that for these options and the payment processing costs incurred.” responsible person said: “if the user use bitcoin payment orders but the order was canceled, then the refund will be paid in euros to the user, because the original bitcoin your payment has been converted to the euro.

Bitcoin startups focus on Africa South Africa is the rapid growth of interest in bitcoin

Bitcoin startups focus on Africa South Africa is the rapid growth of interest in bitcoin

Bitcoin in Africa, especially in Kenya, Nigeria and other regions of the growing popularity of Garner. This week, headquartered in Bitspark bitcoin start-up company in Hongkong in Nigeria launched a rate better than competitors remittance services, enhance the utilization of the bitcoin network speed and efficiency.

Bitspark provides cheap remittance through the use of bitcoin block chain

(Bitspark is the integration of financial services bitcoin startups photograph: a golden finance for the Asia Pacific region and Africa)

Bitspark is a bitcoin startups an integration of financial services for the Asia Pacific region and africa. The company has created by bitcoin blockchain point-to-point remittance service.

Bitspark said, they will first focus on Nigeria, because the country has the largest population and economy in africa. According to statistics, Nigeria annually received a remittance of $21 billion from around the world.

The details of the Bitspark, the new Nigeria payment service personnel will save the transaction cost, because the company believes it is much cheaper than remittance competitors.

Bitspark explained: “if you use a rival offer, so every dollar per sent to Nigeria to pay more than $0.14 in fees, these fees may end up to hundreds of dollars.

In fact, through the use of bitcoin as payment, but does not need to through the bank. It is good for Nigeria users can quickly cheap receipt of remittance. This is good for the whole of Nigeria, contribute to the rapid development of national economy.”

The major interests of countries from South Africa

According to Google, a growing interest in Nigeria, Garner and South Africa bitcoin is strong.

In addition, according to the report of South Africa bitcoin wallet provider Luno, bitcoin may appeal to the citizens of this country. Bitcoin startups Luno report also introduced 66% of the respondents said they believe bitcoin in South africa. 12.9% said that South Africa people are using it for faster payment, but 39.6% of respondents are bitcoin as an investment tool.

Other bitcoin bitcoin payment based on startup

The recent bitcoin payment platform company Bitwala announced the launch of a new service provided to M-Pesa bitcoin trading at zero cost. Bitwala customers will be able to use this service free of charge to Kenya, Nigeria, Uganda and Tanzania, friends and family money.

Others focus on Africa bitcoin startups also made progress in this area. Last month, the African bitcoin payment service provider Bitpesa and bitcoin lending platform Bitbond cooperation. In order to make cross-border loans become possible, the two companies are using bitcoin blockchain faster and more effectively to the payment processing.

The founder of BitbondRadoslavAlbrecht, explained: “this means that from Kenya small business owners can obtain loans from investors around the world through Bitbond, and in 20 minutes the funds will be paid to his mobile phone account. This is the innovation in the field of online lending and convenience of the hitherto unknown level.”

Many bitcoin startups are focusing on Africa, South Africa bitcoin interest is growing fast.

The increase of Abra bitcoin purchase service

The increase of Abra bitcoin purchase service

Based on the Abra payment gateway bitcoin bitcoin began to support the purchase directly from the wallet.

The international payment processing company issued a press release that the purchase function is currently the most expensive based on automated clearing system (ACH) bitcoin purchase channels”.

Abra has been used in the bitcoin system at the bottom, can send international remittances in the world between users, payment and receiving the currency specified by the user.

The ACH option is currently available only in the United States and Philippines open bank account holder, automatic teller machine and other residents can use the Abra network. Bank account function will also cover other countries.

Abra bitcoin purchase service is very timely, because the first bitcoin ETF fund approval results will bitcoin price impact.

Travel booking service company CheapAir began to accept bitcoin payments from 2013, said in the past half year bitcoin projects rose 74% compared with the same period last year.

CEO JeffKlee says:

“A lot of bitcoin enthusiasts received an unexpected return now, I think it is very good. Of course, we want to help them be a part of income spent on travel”.

Russian banker praised bitcoin

Russian banker praised bitcoin

In February 21st, Russia’s state-owned Development Bank (Vnesheconombank) vice president Nikita Smirnov. On the digital currency bitcoin has published some positive views. He said: bitcoin is the only network block chain technology “success”, “bitcoin has many advantages, the network effect is beyond all dispute.”

Bitcoin is the only widely used block chain technology in the world today, “Smirnov explained,” it has been in existence for several years, people try to break it, but no one has succeeded.”

In the past few years, some Russian bureaucracy that bitcoin is used for criminal activities. In the past, the Russian authorities blocked bitcoin related sites, such as BTC-e and Localbitcoins.

But in the past few months, Russian politicians and bankers to block chain technology and encryption currency solution view has undergone tremendous changes. Recently, Russian Deputy finance minister AlexeyMoiseev told the public bitcoin is not a threat, and Russia’s largest bank of Russian Federation savings bank (Sberbank) is a strong supporter of blockchain technology.

Bitcoin is indeed a new philosophical concept, it has not been well understood, “Smirnov said in an interview at the end.

Russia’s state-owned development bank was founded in 1922, in the past few years, as an ongoing “Russian Development Bank” has been significantly increased. Smirnov’s view may not be representative of the bank’s official position, but may further research that bitcoin encryption currency push the bank.