Take three steps, step back, bitcoin is very good on the rhythm

Block chain market to pick up? This is the latest in the industry most people’s doubts, rose for three consecutive days, suddenly to a Callback , bitcoin has a little rhythm so that people can not keep up.

Rise and fall of two forces in the fight

The whole world is beginning with Inflation The attitude of fear to embrace bitcoin bitcoin, whether that time really have the value of no great importance. Because of the block chain is just a mirror, it exposed the fragility of global credit currency.

But with the increase of participants, more and more gamblers joined the industry, after all, is the consensus of leek consensus, so bitcoin community ideal began to change, more and more people began to pay attention to its price, then the blockchain industry plunged into two forces in the struggle, is a Call One is. be bearish .

One of the leading bitcoin over the years most often suffered criticism is the frequent price fluctuations, if an asset price fluctuation can be achieved in one day 10% Or more above, how can the digital asset as a real money?

Although the desire to market, but not urgent

Although the development of bitcoin itself cannot do without Price fluctuation The key factor, but the value of bitcoin, the development of block chain technology is also essential. If the price factor is the necessary condition of bitcoin attention to improve the core value of the underlying protocol block chain technology application is that bitcoin bitcoin development.

Based on the bitcoin industry as a whole, although the price is the focus of concern, but also the application of bitcoin with the public to improve the awareness and popularity of the healthy development of bitcoin gradually towards the expected direction of many believers.

So even if the market to pick up should not immediately ushered in the boom, after all values are needed to support the application. High wall, wide grain is the block chain really should take the road.

The people on the prowl, the market is grinding out

Bitcoin in the future how to become a less volatile means of payment, all forms of discussion summarizes many different theories, but the reality is that only a real solution is the best, that is time .

When many people tell you what, this value may not be true. When people are feeling very sad, the market really grinding, but the overall market capitalization of the blockchain but how also do not go down, then this is probably the end point, Because the bottom is always in the torment of the mill.

But in the end how the market will go next, of course, is to think of ways to you. After all, no one can always correctly predict the market, but there are always people can make a profit in the market, as individual investors, only the general method in the market more stable benefit: A bull market bear market investment.

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