Take you in the bitcoin exchange, the bull market will come again

In a few days, bitcoin is the creation of block 10th anniversary anniversary, launched a bitcoin enthusiasts from the exchange took all bitcoin activities to celebrate the birth of the block .

The campaigners said in January 3, 2019 that bitcoin 10th anniversary Memorial Day, all of us should get their BTC to control personal wallet address. Then we will know whether the exchange really have to keep our assets, and we can also know how much real bitcoin in the world users.

Is the sponsor in the activities of the time in a week, a number of bitcoin by the good response to the appeal, claiming that they will be in London at about 4 in the morning began to take my digital assets.

The promoters did not appear in public, and this is likely to be a real sense of credit, do not let people recall ten years ago of the subprime crisis .

Of course, not everyone thinks it is a good idea. Ordinary users unless the use of hardware wallet, or how to safely store the encrypted personal assets will be first placed in front of the user, after all, every person can love bitcoin is not a cryptography expert.

On the other hand, many exchanges have closed. Such as the famous MT.Gox because of hacker attacks caused the loss and the exchange of bankruptcy. Unlike banks, MT.Gox does not have the ability to bear the loss, can only choose to take legal proceedings for bankruptcy protection in japan.

After the 2014 exchange have been closed due to poor management, like BTC-e, although it did not suffer hacking, but still did not live in the long-term bear market today.

Generally speaking, the exchange will have a hot wallet, accounting for all digital assets 5%-10% , hot wallet connected to the Internet to support user currency services, so this part of the funds may be hacked. But every exchange should have a cold wallet, most digital assets are stored in the offline wallet.

So even if the encrypted currency exchange online wallet funds suffered losses, the exchange can still use cold wallet assets to meet the needs of the customers.

Just recently, the famous cold wallet exchange Bitfinex seems to have some problems, because the changes with the block chain passes the market value of the general exchange of cold wallet balance will be a corresponding, but more than a month, the public address without any transfer of information.

The last trading activity of Bitfinex public address occurred in November 2nd. Prior to this, the address has been money exchanges, but since then, there is no related transaction.

Especially in the last month, because bitcoin prices fell sharply, sure of ATM business, but this did not produce any transaction address.

Therefore, people have launched the exchange Centralized currency activities To test, all exchanges really have kept the user’s digital assets.

Perhaps this action will make part of the exchange in trouble, maybe no one will care about this activity, and even some people will put this activity as a plot of the exchange, but this is a celebration of the ten birthday of bitcoin fun way.

After all, only his own pocket bitcoin is the real bitcoin. The exchange is only a safe deposit box, in case of accident is not responsible for what, exchange for you, after all, the private key is not his own control.

In take you in exchange for bitcoins, the bull market will come again. My answer is, at least it can promote the arrival of the bull market, and give you a deeper understanding of what is their assets.

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