Taobao on the blockchain ceremony will vest, pull out the wool in the end

 Taobao on the blockchain ceremony will vest, pull out the wool in the end

Following the transaction that is mining, travel namely mining, mining shopping is also put on the agenda.

Literally, you fight a lot and each “cut the hand of the Jingdong may have meant a” mining “in Taobao, and not what bitcoin, but shopping rebate platform for your reward passes.

Recently, Odaily Daily Planet reporter observed, there are a lot of shopping rebate platform declared itself as “a new generation of shopping rebate platform” blockchain technology development based on the block and hook chain lies in: platform token in accordance with the consensus mechanism and intelligent contract allocation, the total issuance is fixed, and the output year-on-year reduction, to ensure continuous token the appreciation of token reaches a certain amount of cash.

The reporter access, there is a platform on token has an unknown exchange.

If it is not “wool party”, it may be difficult to understand the meaning of shopping rebate platform. Taobao is derived from the wool party organization on behalf of mature platform, shopping rebate platform’s main business is different, but the most popular is the sharing of electricity supplier (internal hidden coupon coupon).

The reason is called hidden coupons, businesses in order to enhance the sales ranking, hidden coupons available as part of the promotion personnel specialized ordinary buyers not to see, if there is any link to purchase goods buyers through preferential promotion success, members can obtain the corresponding cash rebate.

In order to expand the customer, the platform also tend to form more than triple agent model, team members can develop offline, the team members through the single platform collar coupon rebate, home can be pumped into different proportion.

 Taobao on the blockchain ceremony will vest, pull out the wool in the end

The rebate pattern from the financial 360

而这些套上区块链马甲的这些返利平台,与此前最为不同的则是,把佣金、抽成变成了存在升值空间额 token。

In addition to access single reward token, also spread to other users in the behavior of the platform: for example, activity, information sharing, improve, invite friends and so on, the previous two level proxy mode has also evolved into no threshold of paying members and a higher level of VIP member, if the micro business point of temperament that may be called the “director”, but no matter how, apparently want deeper binding with the user.

A simple platform set up a token can, if the platform wants to obtain the token rules become more complicated, the “force” is simply moved into this set of integral system. That is to say, you are shopping, sharing of work force, force is produced by token, is more high, the more token it.

In fact, the shopping rebate platform is not the case, as early as the blockchain passes economy to get people’s attention on the occasion, this set of concepts will be perfectly integrated into the integral system in the traditional Internet, obtain and use of the scene gives token more, combine the block chain to the center of the open and transparent characteristics, will be transformed into the new play”.

But these shopping rebate platform is to play to the extreme, token can rely on “around the circle of friends or shopping, or” appreciation cash exchange function is the core of the retained C end, plus if you can “make the development of the line lay” distribution pattern, and already own “pull out the wool temperament coupons, it is difficult not to let the wool party are tempted.

Then hanging appetite, set a limited number of memberships, with the creation of the aristocratic temperament, there is a sense of urgency as early as the early entry of wealth and freedom “. More magical is, because the electricity supplier of the main business issuing coupons, many publicity release will impose its fight with Taobao, a lot, Jingdong hang electricity supplier relationship, such as “fight a lot of teamed up with Taobao to build” big news like this.

But does not lose the platform also there are always ten thousand ways to let users cut not born on wool, such as cash or cash threshold is not small.

Now, you often need to achieve a lot of requirements, such as a paid member, or complete a certain number of orders, invite a number of friends and so on.

Now when you find token in front of the digital value added 0, such as 0.00000*, the “million coins syndrome” might also only pull out two digit cash envelopes.

But the wool party who may not care about these, because can pull out to escape the “sweet warning”; they are very good platform, their promotional copy, this is the new retail dawn of 3 horn. Block chain enabling social business models, to subvert the traditional electricity supplier, embrace the “benefit everyone” era, will not be abandoned by time.

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