Telegram users can use TeleX AI for encrypted currency transactions

nWalker Commentary: Telegram, a widely-welcomed global chat software, now has an artificial intelligence chat program called TeleX AI that allows users to easily send, receive, and exchange cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ether. The emergence of the TeleX AI is of great importance to them because of the complexity of the transactional processes in the cryptocurrency market and the newbie’s headaches. This new feature may attract more participants to the cryptocurrency space and drive it to the mainstream.n
nTranslation: Inan
For the most novice traders and amateurs in the cryptocurrency market, strictly limited by the KYC and AML systems, sending, receiving and trading of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin, ether and the like is becoming more difficult.n
Take South Korea, the world’s third-largest Bitcoin market, as an example. Bithumb, the world’s largest exchange for cryptocurrencies, needs to provide government-issued ID cards, conduct face-to-face interviews and answer questions, and submit bank documents and sensitive financial Information to prove their own income.n
To move money from the exchange to the wallet platform to send and receive cryptocurrencies, there are still other steps people need to take. Users need to create a second-tier wallet account elsewhere to ensure funds are safe.n
However, for novices, especially those new investors who are still struggling to understand the concepts, structures and mechanisms of cryptocurrencies, the process of sending and receiving cryptocurrencies can be extremely challenging. This situation has limited the expansion of the potential consumer base in the cryptocurrency market.n
Fortunately, TeleX AI and TeleX Virtual Assistant solve these problems, providing a novice and amateur investor a more efficient platform. On the popular messaging application Telegram, users can trade and store cryptocurrencies on a point-to-point basis with a few simple commands without any handling charge.n
TeleX AI development team explained:n
n”TeleX AI users are able to store multiple cryptocurrencies in their Telegram account and send the tokens instantly without any charge by talking to TeleX AI.You can also buy and sell cryptocurrencies directly from TeleX AI.Other than these In addition to the basic wallet and exchange functionality, we also envisioned the myriad possibilities that can be achieved through the TeleX AI infrastructure, such as providing market data, selling mining contracts, sending trading signals, etc. “n
nAccording to Telegram’s official document released in 2016, the application reached 100 million active users in February last year and handled more than 15 billion messages daily. The company has said publicly that its platform grows about 50% annually.n
TeleX AI has created a market with hundreds of millions of users for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies. These currencies have become important assets in the global financial arena. The simplicity and efficiency of TeleX AI will allow consumers to launch bitcoin, Ethereum and other cryptocurrencies in an attractive market.n

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