Ten billion people died in the dust, 250000 people died in the “crazy roller coaster”! Can bitcoin still play?

1 see the news again, said bitcoin, dog money and other things to make roller coasters, lost 46000 dollars node, 250000 people burst positions, the loss of nearly 10 billion. Just after watching the news, someone on wechat asked me if I could do it? Can you copy the bottom? When I open the software again, bitcoin is worth $50000 again. To tell you the truth, I have been tossed by this topic for two years Therefore, I think it is necessary to tell you about bitcoin. First of all, I put forward my clear point of view: any cell in Lao Zhuang’s body is resistant to bitcoin trading! I strongly, very strongly, extremely strongly suggest that you cherish life! Cherish your family! Treasure your savings! Cherish IQ! (important things have been said three times!) Stay away from bitcoin and all kinds of token hype! No matter whether it is a blockchain concept, or a collection or a variety of concepts such as medicinal materials, do not touch it!!! I’ll start with the top-level reason why don’t you touch it! From the legal level, this thing is illegal! Brothers, think about it. In any country, regardless of constitution, only ZF organs have the right to issue currency. What is a token?! Does it represent money? There is only one legal public currency in China, which is called RMB. There is only one legal open electronic currency, which is called digital RMB. Besides, it’s gone! At least ordinary people can not contact the second kind! The essence of this bitcoin transaction is illegal public financing! Suspected of illegal sale of token tickets, illegal issuance of securities and illegal fund-raising, financial fraud, pyramid selling and financial fraud! Moreover, the main uses of bitcoin in international settlement are underground money laundering, froth trading and sudden trading, all of which are used in the black market. This is not a reasonable and unreasonable problem, nor is it true or false, nor is it a question of who said it. It is not only illegal in nature, but also a crime! Then, from the policy point of view, ZY repeatedly forbids this and forbids any financial and related platform from issuing any virtual currency of token nature. In 2017, seven ministries and commissions, including the people’s Bank of China, China Securities Regulatory Commission, China Insurance Regulatory Commission, China Banking Regulatory Commission, and State Administration of industry and commerce, jointly issued a notice to determine the nature of token trading. A lot of people look at this and say: why is there so much talk about bitcoin on the Internet? If it’s against the law, can they say it?! When I see this question, my head is big, which is also the most frequently asked question. However, if brothers study the logic, they will find that there is no logic to this problem. Who said that as long as someone did it, someone said it was legal? It is also stipulated by law that selling white noodles will be shot. Will someone still do it? Do we think it’s legal to sell noodles just because someone has sold it and said it in the news? What kind of strange idea is this?! First of all, the law says in black and white that it is illegal. Second, most of the media’s coverage of the currency is news, not endorsement. Third, it’s normal for some groups to study bitcoin, because it’s illegal to issue and hype this thing, but it doesn’t say that “studying it” is illegal. Fourth, bitcoin is based on the code generated by “decentralized certification production of blockchain”. It has no direct trading ability, which is a hobby or belief of programmers for blockchain technology. Musk changed his signature to bitcoin, which means “blockchain technology guides the future”, rather than the fragrance of bitcoin. It’s ridiculous to think about it. The richest man in the world has nothing to do with his leisure every day, playing with you to fry bitcoin? This thing is an assumption that “the empress eats scallion cake every day”. As the saying goes, “the shadow of the tree of man’s name.”. This is a lot of unscrupulous media through the reputation of musk, to fry the role of the plot to harm retail investors. Swindlers are not characteristic of China. They are found all over the world. Leek is not a Chinese patent. It is available all over the world. Fifthly, 99% of the “bitcoin trading institutions” in China are the original postal currency card, spot, foreign exchange platform and other fraudulent hot money. It’s not necessarily against the law. It’s a gray area. Because they only provide “financing channels” to their customers, even if they support it, it is illegal to provide financial services. It’s equivalent to capital allocation. I didn’t copy bitcoin. I just lent them money. As for those retail investors who speculate in bitcoin, what’s the matter with me? I just borrow money. Which royal law forbids borrowing money to others? Think about it, brothers. If you trade a standard position in a variety, how can you be out of position? You buy a bitcoin for $4W, and unless it drops to zero, you can’t sell out. The concept of “out of stock” in domestic bitcoin speculation is leverage trading, that is, capital allocation. What you buy is not bitcoin at all, but a concept dish made by illegal financing and gambling. 3 next, down a gear, in essence bitcoin. I am an unswerving value investor. Although I also speculate, I am also determined to speculate only in valuable varieties. But who can tell me the value of bitcoin? A spirit? A concept? A technology? Or a belief? It’s all bullshit Is it worth your saying that he can buy things? I tell you not! When the “tulip century tragedy” happened in Holland, you could buy a suite with a flower root Do you think tulip bulbs are really valuable? If he had one, how could Holland be made that way? You know, the first empire that never sets sun in human history is not Britain or Spain, but the “suspected little punk” Holland. At that time, the Netherlands controlled 65% of the world’s ocean shipping capacity. At that time, there was no big difference between armed merchant ships and warships. In other words, the Netherlands controlled at least 60% of the world’s ocean going warships, and 80% of the ocean control power. If the Royal fleet wanted to leave the port from its own military port, it had to pay taxes to the Netherlands. Is that enough?! It’s just a little punk It’s because I believe in the myth that tulips are valuable. RMB is valuable because it is guaranteed and endorsed by the state power, the National Violent army and the national productivity. What is bitcoin? Blockchain technology? When can a technology concept run the state power? You can still eat an ice cream? Bitcoin you eat, I’ll have a look! It itself is a castle in the air built on the concept Stop it! Ignore him, he can play Teng, a word to waste, he is like blowing breath, seconds into waste paper. Don’t listen to those silly words like “this thing has decentralized technology. There are servers all over the world, and the state can’t eliminate it.”. Even if there is something that a violent regime cannot wipe out, bitcoin is definitely not included. Don’t say that the FBI also has bitcoin, people have missiles! You a common people play a missile try! Finally, from our personal investment point of view. I have been saying: regardless of the size of the pattern, the key is to match! There is a saying that is good: we make money within our cognitive ability. This sentence is correct, but incomplete. First of all, the money we can see is within the scope of cognitive ability, that is, the “grid”. Whether you can see or not is the premise. And then you don’t make money when you see it, brothers! The real money we can make is the money that can be put into your pocket, that is, the money within your capacity. There is a word in China called “aim high and aim far”. 99.99% of retail investors in China have this fatal bad habit! I like to be tall, like the international situation, like to listen to Hong Kong stocks, bitcoin and NASDAQ. Yeah, you saw it, and then? Can you put it in your pocket?! In the end, 99% of them were either cut leeks or put into the pockets of cheaters. Why do the media like to talk about these tall people? Is to show you the picture cake, a high bait, let you think you are OK. Once he has the illusion of “I can do it”, he will ignore his own conditions. This is just like watching a small movie. Do you really think that he is falling in love with inashima? But you can’t hold on to this mouth. Looking at it, you will have a sense of substitution, a state of narcissism, feeling your wisdom bead in hand, and feeling that you are about to dominate the world That’s why I say to you: if you can’t think effectively, your world is full of gods. Because we will imagine a God and use it to satisfy the emptiness in our hearts. In this way, the media will give you a God, a dream of making money in your imagination! If you are happy, their traffic will come. He doesn’t care if you can put the money in his pocket. Anyway, the advertiser’s money has been put into his pocket. Also speaking of bitcoin trading, we are a small flower that has not even played with China’s A-shares. If we enter the futures market, we will even enter the deep-water area. Encountered a foreign exchange are repeatedly cheated, token this circle you can really earn money? Wake up! Crazy leverage, no legal guarantee, no value guarantee, no price limit, pure concept and hot money speculation. This is not deep water area, this is the deep sea plus earthquake, volcano, typhoon, tsunami together “Hell difficulty” game. Fish and shrimp, let’s not make trouble, darling! It’s killing me!

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