Ten days up more than ten thousand! How long will it take for bitcoin to reach 100000?

According to the official website of Ouyi okex, on February 6, 2021, bitcoin fell back and stood at $40000. When some people were hesitant and wait-and-see, the bitcoin trading market broke through $50000 in less than 10 days, standing at the highest point of $52500. Questions, abuse, exclamations followed, short and long speculation, but there are a lot of people waiting. Recently, a number of financial institutions from Wall Street have announced that they are applying or considering allocating bitcoin in their portfolio. Tom Jessop, President of fidelity digital assets, said last week that demand for bitcoin is still strong. With many financial institutions leading the way, Xiaobai, who is still waiting, can start at ease. Now, many hedge funds are full of interest in the special currency. One of the most exciting recent events is ray Dalio, founder of Bridgewater fund, the world’s largest hedge fund. On January 28, ray Dalio pointed out in his daily news bulletin column to clients that bitcoin is a wonderful invention, and qiaoshui is considering using new funds to invest in encrypted digital assets, so as to maintain the wealth of customers when the legal assets depreciate. Earlier, Anthony scaramucci, founder of skybridge capital, wrote that bitcoin can be used for long-term investment. Infrastructure and regulatory improvements have made bitcoin investment “as safe as holding bonds and gold.”. In addition to hedge funds, some large asset management companies have also entered the market. Several analysts are optimistic about the future of bitcoin this year. Anthony denier, Webull’s chief executive, expects bitcoin prices to reach $55000 by the end of the year. According to an analysis in the January 31 issue of ambcrypto, data from santifeed show that bitcoin, which has been dormant for nearly two years, has begun to move in large numbers. Some whales, miners and long-term holders have cashed in bitcoin and realized profit taking, but institutions may further buy bitcoin to continue to push up the price of bitcoin. Alex Kr ΓΌ GER, an analyst and economist on crypto assets, warned against being too bullish on bitcoin later this year, but he is still bullish on bitcoin. Before the festival, musk made a high-profile claim that he would take out $1 billion to join bitcoin, and bitcoin rose in response to the call. Now the market is that institutions are stepping up the layout of bitcoin, and retail investors are also ready to move. How to start bitcoin? All the good old hands around Xiaobian are buying bitcoin with oui okex, Ojex mainly provides spot and derivative trading services for digital assets such as bitcoin, letcoin and Ethereum for global users. It has tens of millions of users and covers more than 200 countries and regions around the world. First of all, how to buy bitcoin needs to register an account on the official website of Ouyi okex. Click the registration button in the upper right corner to enter the registration page of the official platform of Ouyi. You can choose mobile phone registration or email registration according to your habits. It is recommended to use the mobile phone number for registration. Fill in the mobile phone number and set the account password. Click Register to facilitate the password retrieval and login operation. Remember to complete KYC authentication after registration. The most basic verification is to ensure the security of each transaction. Name and ID card authentication are required. After personal authentication, start to buy currency, click the [buy / sell] button on the home page to enter the [quick sale] page, select [buy], select the currency you want to buy, and enter the amount of payment or the amount of currency purchased (taking RMB as an example). Click [buy BTC] (take BTC as an example) to jump to the purchase page, where you can choose the payment method with the best unit price. According to the collection information displayed by the merchant, after completing the payment through offline transfer (Note: the platform will not automatically deduct money), click [I have transferred, next step] on the page and wait for the other party to release money. After the other party puts money, the purchased digital assets will be deposited into the French currency account and the order has been completed. Click “view assets” to jump to “my assets” – FA money buy / sell account.

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