Ten years ago, I spent 100000 yuan to buy bitcoin. How much money can I turn to now? I’ve learned a lot

Ten years ago, I spent 100000 yuan to buy bitcoin. How much money can I turn to now? I believe that many partners have heard of bitcoin, a virtual currency. Since the emergence of bitcoin, its value has been constantly rising, and now it has risen to 30000 US dollars. Many people have become “multimillionaires” because of the appreciation of bitcoin. On the Internet, the discussion about the special currency is also continuous. Just like buying a house, has anyone ever thought that if you spent 100000 yuan on bitcoin 10 years ago, you might be the richest person in the world now? When bitcoin was just born, its price was as cheap as gold coins in the game. At that time, 1300 bitcoins could be bought for only one dollar. So many people bought bitcoins and then sold them at will. Sometimes, 10000 bitcoins were thrown out just to buy two pizzas. But no one thought that this game currency like thing would have such a big appreciation Space, which can make many people regret. Some are sad, others are happy. After many people bought bitcoin, because the role of bitcoin was too small at that time, it was easy to be forgotten like the gold coin in the game we abandoned. Then a few years later, when the value of bitcoin soared, I remembered my neglected savings. Overnight, these people became very rich. For example, if someone bought the bitcoin for $103 20 years ago, it would have been $580 million to keep it. Even if we used RMB 100000 to buy bitcoin at that time, we can still make about $78 billion. It seems that if someone could buy the 100000 yuan bitcoin and keep it up to now, it may not be the richest person in the world, but it is more than enough to be the richest man in China. Unfortunately, there are few people with foresight or good luck. Is someone starting to go back to the past to buy bitcoin, cross back to dream of being rich? In fact, this method is not feasible. You know, bitcoin wasn’t looked good when it first came out. Let alone whether someone would spend so much money to buy a virtual currency with a confused future, even if someone wanted to, it’s impossible to make a lot of money now. Why is that? Because according to the design principle of bitcoin in the beginning, the total number of such currencies could not exceed 21 million, and it is the same now. So eight years ago, if someone bought 19 million bitcoin, bitcoin was basically monopolized in the hands of this person. Naturally, it would not be possible to gradually increase its value in circulation. So the people who almost monopolized bitcoin at the beginning, in a sense, couldn’t be today’s tycoons. Unless he issues them, they will really become as common as game money. However, we assume that we buy a lot of bitcoin, even close to the total amount of bitcoin. It turns out that this situation is impossible to happen. But in our real life, there are some people who have won the gold mountain because of owning most bitcoins. In China, there is a bitcoin richest man. His bitcoin deposit is as high as six figures. According to preliminary calculation, the value of his current convertible cash is as high as 3 billion yuan. The recent sharp rise in bitcoin has brought him hundreds of millions of wealth. In the early stage, the opportunity to become rich with bitcoin can only be accidental, and the conditions of economic development are changing rapidly. I hope you can treat it rationally and do not “ruin your fortune” in order to buy bitcoin. Do you still think it’s like special coin? Welcome to share comments in the comments area. Don’t forget to pay attention to it and share the world’s news every day!

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