Tencent Finance: one man against the world bank system who is he?

Tencent Finance: one man against the world bank system who is he?

Bitcoin founder of “mysterious Nakamoto recently out of the big news: 2 this month, the Australian computer scientist Craig Wright said he is” Nakamoto “, and promised to provide proof, while the whole world in his true identity debate, Wright suddenly quit, give up that the opportunity. Looking back and forth for eight years, there have been several middle smoke bombs, Nakamoto himself has failed to emerge. (from Tencent Finance)

In 2008, a pseudonym for “Nakamoto who posted a report on the Internet, for the first time, the first to draw the outline of the idea of bitcoin, electronic money network by user control, without a central authority or middleman. At the time when the global financial crisis, the ability of banks and the government’s economic management questioned, falling into the bottom of the credit. (from Tencent Finance)

Nakamoto first appeared in public view, it expresses the declare in no uncertain terms on the bank’s dissatisfaction and Distrust: “we put the money entrusted to the bank guard, they are in a wave of credit bubble in its lending.” As for the Nakamoto who I am? He lived in Japan for online profile display, a free service site in his e-mail address from Germany, any relevant information on Google, he has no name. Obviously, Nakamoto is a pseudonym. (from Tencent Finance)

In January 2009, Nakamoto established an open source project, bitcoin was born. At the beginning, only a handful of bitcoin active in early adopters, but slowly, it is becoming more and more popular, and has been before the study of electronic currency appreciation “senior”. Hal Fanny: outstanding cryptanalyst behind RPOW, think bitcoin has the potential to change the world “”. (from Tencent Finance)

With bitcoin’s reputation is growing, “the mysterious identity and Nakamoto more people talked about. He is suspected of working for the CIA, the Federal Reserve; it was suspected that he is not a person, but a mysterious organization; some people doubt it is a team of Google or the National Security Bureau, because the design does not like bitcoin can finish by one force. As for Nakamoto himself, he rarely disclose their information, only talk about source code on the internet. (from Tencent Finance)

In December 5, 2010, bitcoin users began to ask WikiLeaks to accept bitcoin donations form, always talk about business when Nakamoto So openly oppose, “no, don’t do it”. Nakamoto So said that bitcoin is still in its infant stage, very fragile, if not handled properly will be destroyed. In 2011, Wikileaks announced their support for bitcoin donations, Nakamoto So expressed dissatisfaction, Wikileaks downplayed this thing. In April 2011, his last public message “I turn to do other things, then disappeared. (from Tencent Finance)

Then, bitcoin spread more widely, more and more people began to wonder: “who is in the Cong?” The long “looking Nakamoto” road begins. In 2011, Professor Nick Szabo of University of Washington has attracted public attention, he is a computer scientist, a period of 1998-2005 years, is committed to the research and development of virtual currency, a bit of gold “system, which is regarded as the predecessor of bitcoin. Therefore, he was highly suspected Nakamoto mami. But this kind of speculation by Shao Bo himself denied posting. (from Tencent Finance)

In March 2014, American freelance writer Liya Mcgrath Goodman in the “Newsweek” wrote that she had found Nakamoto So, and conducted interviews with him. According to Goodman’s description, Nakamoto is a 64 year old Japanese named Dorian – this, worked in secret defense project, married two times and has 6 children, very mysterious. After that, this Nakamoto denied this, and said that many reporters on his life caused trouble, therefore, he also tried to alarm, and once the “Newsweek” to court. (from Tencent Finance)

Going around for so long, 2 this month, Australian computer scientist Craig Wright, let us finally see hope, but with vigour and vitality made a week, he suddenly got cold feet, Nakamoto who is “the mystery was originally poke a corner, now closed. (from Tencent Finance)

In “looking for Nakamoto bitcoin in this eight years, rising and falling, gone through a tumultuous history. From 2009 to early 2010, worthless bitcoins, April 2010 first half of the transaction, 1 bitcoin worth less than 14 cents. The beginning of the summer of 2010, bitcoin transactions entered a golden period, the value began to rise, in the spring of 2013 is entering the “outbreak” of growth, the highest was up to $979, a bright future. (from Tencent Finance)

In the fall, thriving, the seeds of disaster start breeding. The United States Senator described bitcoin as a “online form of money laundering, appealed to the relevant departments of the closed. Some users lost bitcoin backup, or forget the backup password, caused huge losses. Bitcoin as an electronic currency is different from the modern banking system, the third party supervision is his biggest security advantages, but also disadvantages, because once the data is lost, no one can help you recover. (from Tencent Finance)

After 2014, bitcoin trading platform Mt. Gox was hacked, bitcoin was terminated, cash business users found themselves unable to log trading platform. The lawyer said, during this period, $460 million worth of bitcoin, and the company’s bank accounts for $27 million 400 thousand, will take wings to itself. The company insolvent, apply for bankruptcy. The world’s largest bitcoin trading platform this fall. (from Tencent Finance)

到现在,比特币一共被宣告“死亡”了89次,被死亡的原因有技术因素、政府管控、名人唱衰、媒体唱衰……大概在3个月前,比特币核心开发团队中的Mike Hearn在一篇文章中称,比特币已经失败了,因为社区做砸了,更糟糕的是,整个网络已经走到了技术崩溃的边缘。 Hearn is a bitcoin circle of Daniel, his statement caused no small talk. Many people said that bitcoin is dead. (from Tencent Finance)

Is it really? Small M small M do not know, only know that the 1 bitcoin price is about $450, compared with a year ago rose nearly doubled. There are also well-known sources said the bitcoin network will appear in the new core developers this year, reborn. (from Tencent Finance)

In fact, both living and dead, bitcoin greatest contribution to the world, it is completely different from the bank to the center of the payment system. What is this system? Compared to the bank, bitcoin advantage? The bank will disappear with the development of bitcoin? I want to know the answer? Don’t worry, it’ll tell you M. (from Tencent Finance)

[to send welfare: bitcoin bank and who is the final winner? ] want to know the bitcoin network and bank payment system in which the difference? After the bank may be bitcoin alternative? Please pay attention to the public, WeChat MissMoney (ID:missmoneytf), and reply to the keyword “coins” in the background, let M tell you! (from Tencent Finance)

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