Tens of thousands of South African businesses to accept bitcoin payments

Tens of thousands of South African businesses to accept bitcoin payments

South Africa’s largest bitcoin exchange Bitx business development and growth at WernervanRooyen and Cointelegraph sites about bitcoin development in South africa.

Cointelegraph: how do you evaluate the bitcoin in South Africa needs?

WernervanRooyen: bitcoin is based on encryption currency demand potential; either as a kind of improved payment technology (payment), or as an alternative asset class (stored wealth) it has great potential.

CT: can you describe bitcoin startups in South Africa and moving foreground?

WR: the biggest bitcoin in South Africa was recognized by investors is used to store wealth. We have seen investors bitcoin investment has greatly increased. Like BitX exchange can provide bitcoin exchange, wallet and storage services.

In South Africa, there are also some interesting blockchain startups, which CustosTech company is through the digital media content distribution to provide privacy and assistance.

In addition, accept bitcoin businesses in South Africa, increasing the number of stores online and offline stores.

CT: can you explain it in detail?

WR: in South Africa there are tens of thousands of merchants accept bitcoin. Any PayFast (through the payment gateway in South Africa) to accept a credit card or bank payment merchants will accept bitcoin payments. South Africa’s large online shopping platform, including Takealot.com will also accept this payment.

CT: what makes a good bitcoin development in South Africa?

WR: bitcoin in South Africa seems to be more than the rest of the momentum of development; we go forward happily, but also create the momentum in the effort. South Africa also have a considerable improvement of existing financial services. These make deposits and withdrawals easier, and more extensive coverage of mobile data and WiFi.

CT: the South African government bitcoin friendly?

WR: South Africa’s regulators are aware of the working principle of bitcoin and its progress. We are working with banks and regulatory agencies to help the bitcoin education, consumer protection, prevent money laundering / terrorist financing, and help to give the final formal bitcoin regulatory advice.

CT: what do you think of the next 5 years the development of bitcoin in South Africa?

WR: I can’t predict bitcoin prices, no one can do that, but I clearly see more and more consumers and businesses to accept this trend bitcoin. Regulators and investors to more actively participate in the use of bitcoin, create a more diversified portfolio.

CT: do you think that the rainbow nation (South Africa claimed) can continue to maintain the leading position to accept bitcoin in the whole of Africa?

WR: absolutely!

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