Tesla has officially held bitcoin, and coinbase platform helps it complete the purchase

Coinbase, the US cryptocurrency exchange, has been helping large companies invest in bitcoin. It is reported that Tesla, which announced that it would buy $1.5 billion of bitcoin, is one of coinbase’s many rich corporate customers. Tesla made headlines when it announced its $1.5 billion bitcoin investment earlier this month. Tesla disclosed in its annual report that the bitcoin purchase would help “diversify and maximize returns on cash reserves that do not need to be used to maintain the liquidity of the company’s operations.”. For now, coinbase declined to comment on the report. According to people familiar with the deal, coinbase executed a bitcoin purchase for Tesla in the first week of February (for several days). Similar to coinbase’s bitcoin purchase for MicroStrategy, the order is routed to several OTC trading desks. Coinbase wrote in the MicroStrategy case that “by using coinbase’s proxy OTC service desk and routing and algorithmic trading tool suite, coinbase can help MicroStrategy obtain its expected bid price without causing market impact, while defeating the market VWAP [volume weighted average price] in the process.” Coinbase’s gold brokerage division has more than five Fortune 500 clients, the source, who declined to be named, said. According to previous reports, coinbase is preparing to list on NASDAQ this year. News of Tesla’s $1.5 billion purchase of bitcoin continues to drive bitcoin higher. Mike Novogratz, Galaxy digital’s chief executive, predicted in an exclusive report in mid January that Elon Musk would take action to buy bitcoin. With bitcoin trading at more than $50000, there are more and more discussions about large companies investing in digital assets as value storage. Square, the payment company of push CEO Jack Dorsey, is another early adopter of bitcoin, which bought $50 million last October. If you want to learn blockchain systematically, it is recommended to start with some good introductory books, and learn to improve what you can’t save [many friends are anxious every day, asking questions and jumping randomly, that is, they don’t read, they don’t study – they suffer from not reading, they suffer from not learning! It’s not expensive to buy a book! 】 Brothers, I think it’s reasonable: praise, reward and liven up the atmosphere. [praise]

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