Tesla Model sale 3 hot, BitGo engineers with bitcoin ordered a

Tesla Model sale 3 hot, BitGo engineers with bitcoin ordered a

A bitcoin road development so far, there have been many merchants to accept bitcoin payments, now use bitcoin shopping easier. From the initial bitcoin to buy $10 to a pizza can now buy a new high-tech electric car with bitcoin.

Recently, BitGo Software Engineer Mason Borda (MasonBorda) on the use of bitcoin scheduled a Tesla Model3, and the use of bitcoin payment in full of the car.

Borda in his blog posting said: “I have just booked a Tesla Model3, bitcoin paid around”. And explain how he learned of this car Tesla and how he was from the electric car manufacturers booked this car cool car.

Boerda not directly sent to the bitcoin wallet address or use the Tesla site bitcoin payment gateway to booking the car, but the use of bitcoin payment in the car manufacturer’s website, while also using the traditional currency payment channels. In order to complete the payment, he used bitcoin credit card service ShakePay. Boerda first use ShakePay service to create a support bitcoin payment credit card and deposit the required booking $1000 worth of bitcoin to them. After paying the reservation, he has to pay the remaining $34000, you can put the car next year.

Tesla is technological entrepreneur and inventor Ilon Mask (ElonMusk), Tesla is a leading manufacturer of electric vehicles, the electric car market in high performance cars. Just like bitcoin to get rid of the currency in the game’s image, Tesla also broke the widely held view that this generation of electric vehicles to achieve high performance.

The Tesla Model3 is equipped with a high power group, the battery capacity is 80 kilowatt / hour, the car mileage over 300 miles (about 482.7 km), Model3 will be able to hour in 4 seconds to 60 miles (about 96 km / h). This car is currently on sale of Tesla’s official website. It is understood that the Model3 in Chinese, scheduled for the amount of 8000 yuan each, each time limit for 2 sets of owners.

Bitcoin debit card or credit card, also known as the encryption card, make it easier for people to consume bitcoin in any POS machine. Connected to the users of bitcoin wallet the encryption card, running on the Visa or MasterCard terminal, just like an ordinary debit card. The use of encryption card payments will be deducted from the user’s bitcoin balances, and received a business is currency settlement.

Perhaps in the near future, bitcoin technology will be applied to the automatic driving vehicle, used to maintain the position of the mobile car sharing system records, and bitcoin can be used to pay the toll, traffic fines and repairs etc..

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