Tesla new planning will be more involved with bitcoin blockchain Technology

Tesla new planning will be more involved with bitcoin blockchain Technology

Elon Musk Tesla? The new master plan will be more with bitcoin and block chain interaction.

Tesla: micro payment is king

In second the overall plan released Wednesday by the Tesla project, by detailed description of the automatic driving car sharing as a future goal of the massive expansion of the.

“You can add to your car Tesla sharing team…… When you work in revenue or vacation it will be for you, “he wrote.

This greatly reduces the real cost of owning a car tesla. Because most of the car owners daily use rate of only 5%~10%, a real self driving car basic economic utility will likely is many times the non automatic driving vehicle.

He wrote to rent or lease a Tesla high prices will by adding cars to share in the “offset” team or even more than.

Bitcoin (Finance) and the blockchain (Practical) in the field of automatic driving potential is also often mentioned. Tools for ecosystem self driving cars will actually use a set of complete blueprint, from safety features to automatic parking.

All of these services will be required to pay, depending on the route of the passenger demand and. Similarly, micro payment, such as cryptography currency micro payment, will enter the outbreak period.

Similarly, in the realization of sharing the blockchain team can not change the car will be able to achieve all quasi co ownership only a small amount of manpower to run smoothly.

Transportation will be intelligent assets, they are composed of intelligent contract management.

“So a car keys will be embedded in the etheric Fang block in the chain in accordance with the rules of the sale or rental, in order to achieve a new point to point to the car or share,” the economist website wrote in October last year. Also, some people are discussed using this technology to realize the private ownership of automatic driving vehicle.”

Sharing than to have?

In this case, the word “ownership” is not so important. Only with all physical than shared intelligence asset owners will have the priority of the convenience and efficiency.

Obviously, musk “demand exceeds the customer’s own car supply enterprise ownership city team idea that ownership of Uber is popular and popular – it was decades ago is completely different.

“When the real autopilot gets the regulatory approval, which means that you will be able to use your Tesla almost anywhere,” he continued. “When you get on the bus, you will be able to rest, reading, or any other way to do things.”

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