Tesla, the richest man in the world who bought bitcoin, can still drive?

Musk, who has just become the richest man in the world and is trying to launch a satellite, has failed to launch successfully, but failure is the mother of success. The time of success may be just around the corner. It can be said that musk is in the ascendant and proud. However, China’s General Administration of market supervision and other five departments began to collectively interview Tesla. The super cause is that consumers have reported abnormal acceleration, battery fire, remote vehicle upgrade (OTA) and other issues of Tesla. According to the website of the State Administration of market supervision and administration, recently, the State Administration of market supervision and management, together with the central network information office, the Ministry of industry and information technology, the Ministry of transport and the Fire Rescue Bureau of the emergency management department, jointly interviewed Tesla Motors (Beijing) Co., Ltd. and Tesla in response to consumer complaints about abnormal acceleration, battery fire and remote vehicle upgrade (OTA)( Shanghai) Co., Ltd. During the interview, the five departments required Tesla to strictly abide by Chinese laws and regulations, strengthen internal management, implement the main responsibility of enterprise quality and safety, effectively safeguard social public safety and effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Well, the less news, the bigger the story. Why were they interviewed? 01 the new car was repaired as soon as it left the factory. However, the official frequently tossed the pot: “it took less than 50 hours to collect the car and less than 2 hours to use the whole car (the distance from the delivery center to the home). The heat pump air conditioner promoted by Tesla had no hot air, and the app could not control the temperature.” This is a problem encountered by Ms. Lai, the owner of Beijing model y. She ordered the long-term model y on Tesla’s official website on January 1. I picked up the car on the 24th, but I haven’t driven it. Two days later, there was a problem. In this regard, Tesla Service Center admitted that there is a problem with the air-conditioning compressor, which needs to be replaced. The car has been repaired, but who can accept that the new car just got to be repaired? Obviously, Ms. Lai can’t accept the new car entering the repair shop as soon as it leaves the factory. She hopes to change the car, but Tesla does not agree. Another model 3 owner also revealed a charging problem with Tesla. His car will lose a lot of power when it is still. He often loses 70 or 80 kilometers of power in one night. And charging will also appear the problem of insufficient charging, charging to 78% shows that the charging is completed. “For a new car that was only picked up in October last year, I can only charge up to 294km for the standard 468km range just after it started to cool in November.” In the process of driving, the power down speed can be quite strange sometimes, “driving a kilometer, losing two or three kilometers (mileage)”. As for the Tesla service center, Tesla agrees, but it can’t solve the problem. As a result, the owner’s car can’t be used at all. It was said that the mileage could reach 430 km, but actually it was less than 150km. “How can people drive this?” ——It’s not a car to drive now, and it’s not to drive it either. If you drive it, it’s too fast to lose power, and the mileage is very short. If you don’t drive, you have to recharge regularly. Otherwise, you have to worry about the car and you’ll get stuck. Another owner surnamed Li said that he once charged 51 kilowatts of electricity, but actually only ran 118km. “The theoretical range is 468km, and I can only run 118km with an air conditioner in winter. If the winter endurance is reduced by 20% – 30%, I can bear it. Now it is only 25% of the theoretical endurance. Isn’t this false propaganda?” The car owner took it to the service center for maintenance, but the staff told me that at present, only self balancing calibration of battery can be done, or software upgrading and updating are needed. Problems have appeared and should have been solved properly. However, Tesla frequently makes confusing “throwing pot” behaviors when responding to the causes of accidents or failures. For example, after a Nanchang car owner charged, the car failed to start, but Tesla’s customer service personnel said it was due to the excessive current of the State Grid, which caused the vehicle to be damaged. Now, the State Grid Nanchang company quickly responded that the (fault) was not due to the excessive current in the State Grid. It was suggested that “Tesla should ask professionals to carefully find out the cause of vehicle charging failure”. China’s power grid supports the charging of so many domestic electric vehicles, as well as the charging of various electrical appliances. Why can’t others be damaged? This is not the first time Tesla has had problems in our country. Tesla has not apologized to users and the public for the occurrence of multiple failures such as spontaneous combustion and control failure, but often attributed the causes to improper use of vehicle owners or third-party problems. Are you really a fool to be a Chinese consumer when you earn our money, but ignore the quality problem and throw the pot to others arrogantly? According to the information from the State Administration of market supervision and administration, in October last year, Tesla recalled some imported model s and model x vehicles with production dates from 2013 to 2017, with a total of about 29200 vehicles. The reason for the recall was that there was a potential safety hazard in the connecting rod part of the front and rear suspension. However, this is not a spontaneous act of Tesla. It is just because Chinese regulators believe that the relevant models need to be recalled, Tesla “can only choose to be forced to voluntarily recall the relevant vehicles”. On February 2, Tesla also announced that it would recall about 135000 model s / X vehicles due to the lack of certain safety functions due to touch screen display. On February 5, Tesla (China) also announced the recall of some imported model s and model x electric vehicles, totaling about 36000. This is also in the United States and German regulators under investigation, Tesla announced a recall of its models. 02 musk admitted that there were quality control problems that could not be covered up. CEO musk finally admitted to the public that Tesla had quality control problems. Musk admitted that during the period of increasing the production of model 3, there was not even enough time to dry the car paint, and sighed that the production at that time was like hell. “It’s really difficult to get production to go straight up and be perfect in all the small details during the acceleration process.” According to CNN on February 3, in an auto talk show broadcast on YouTube channel, Tesla CEO musk publicly acknowledged for the first time that Tesla has quality control problems, and even suggested avoiding purchasing the company’s electric vehicles during the production acceleration period. 03 “the richest man in the world” enters the Bureau in a large scale. The quality of bitcoin’s side car is frequent, but it does not affect Tesla’s market value. On January 7, Elon Musk, 49, surpassed Jeff Bezos to become the world’s richest man with $195 billion, according to data from the blog’s billionaires list. Moreover, musk, the “richest man in the world”, has not been idle. On the one hand, he admits that Tesla does have quality problems. On the other hand, he uses such concepts and slogans as “Tesla invests in bitcoin” and “bitcoin can pick up a car”, and bitcoin has soared again. “In January 2021, we updated our investment policy, which has been formally approved by the board’s audit committee. We may invest some of our cash in certain alternative reserve assets, including digital assets, gold, gold ETFs and other assets,” Tesla said in a filing with the SEC on the evening of February 8. Since then, we have invested a total of US $1.5 billion in special currency in accordance with this policy, and may acquire and hold digital assets for a long time “In the near future, we will begin to accept bitcoin as a payment method for products, as permitted by law,” he said As soon as “the richest man in the world” entered, the price of bitcoin rose nearly 14% within an hour, soaring nearly 4000 US dollars, and the highest rose to 44195 US dollars, that is, a bitcoin is about 280000 yuan, and one bitcoin is about equivalent to a model 3 (about 270000 yuan). In one hour, bitcoin’s total market value reached $793 billion, surpassing social giant Facebook and second only to Tesla. As for whether musk uses the name of “the richest man in the world” to harvest traffic or is really optimistic about digital cryptocurrency, we can only keep watching. //////////However, back to the root, for the majority of car owners, the quality problem? Is it solved? How to solve it? All kinds of piles and Tesla’s problems are not individual cases. Should the fundamental quality of products be guaranteed while the market value is soaring, orders are soaring and identity is soaring? After all, this is a high-speed vehicle, and the quality problem is of paramount importance. Just like the comments of Xinhua news agency, the rapid development of new energy vehicles today, no matter how dazzling the halo, as car companies need to bear in mind that vehicle safety is always the first priority, and product quality is the premise after all. In order to pursue the speed of sales and reduce the requirements of vehicle quality, itself is to fish and drink poison to quench thirst. Don’t let quality give way to sales. Tesla, don’t forget, our primary concern is safety! Tesla, please bear in mind that there is no “special” example in front of quality!

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