TF Rex launched bitcoin bitcoin Trading Fund derivatives will increase

TF Rex launched bitcoin bitcoin Trading Fund derivatives will increase

Public records show that in Connecticut, ETF company is launching a new fund, to invest in bitcoin exchange derivatives and other products.

ETF Rex was founded in 2014, according to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) submitted a new file, ETF Rex submitted a “Rex bitcoin Strategy Fund yesterday”. The fund does not invest directly in the encrypted digital currency itself, but to buy bitcoin bundled futures and exchange traded notes, to create new market opportunities.

The company’s preliminary prospectus pointed out:

The fund does not directly invest in bitcoins, but directly or indirectly invest in bitcoin price volatility of financial instruments, including bitcoin price or index related futures contracts traded in the United States and / or listed (bitcoin futures).

Rex announced that the company is creating a commitment to the development of encryption around digital assets (such as bitcoin) to establish a subsidiary of investment products. In a statement, on behalf of the company said it will seek to create a variety of products in the next few years.

Rex, CEO of GregKing said: “we believe that the encrypted digital currency is a tremendous innovation, will affect the financing and investment in the next few decades.

This document represents the latest efforts to increase the use of bitcoin derivatives momentum.

For example, earlier this month, the exchange option CMOE announced plans to launch later this year, bitcoin derivatives, in cooperation with the New York stock exchange Gemini, although the plan is still awaiting regulatory approval. CoinDesk this month also reported that the United States money manager VanEck is seeking to launch its own bitcoin Trading Fund (ETF).

At the same time, SEC approval in some with bitcoin related investment products showed a certain degree of silence, this may be the most significant to investors Cameron and TylerWinklevoss proposed the bitcoin trading fund. SEC then began to review the decision, but it is unclear whether the agency will be the final approval of the resolution.

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