Thailand bitcoin prosperity 80 years old support bitcoin payment

Thailand bitcoin prosperity 80 years old support bitcoin payment

Over the past year, the use of encryption currency in Thailand has been in significant growth, because there are a lot of reports of citizens to seize the “bitcoin loophole” (BitcoinBug).

In June 22nd, a computer Expo, a large crowd of people gathered in Thailand, the purchase of computer components for bitcoin mining. According to reports, the country in Thailand, there is a shortage of GPU card, because Thailand residents are mining digital assets such as Ethernet and Zcash square to bitcoin trading. The queen Siriki Convention Center (QueenSirikitConventionCenter) to assist the organization of the exhibition shop owner VeerachaiMorprapaipan said, there are so many people, he even had lost count of the number of customers to participate in the exhibition.

A customer NiratchaSukyu said: “I bought as many things as possible.” GPU from Thailand with many suppliers, competitive currency value are on the rise, the local bitcoin miners in the competition with bitcoin currency trading. Veerachai’s booth “mills” gained widespread attention, because the company sold a complete GPU mining machine and other parts. According to Veerachai, his machine day sold 109 thousand baht.

80 years of Bangkok fish noodle shop started to accept bitcoin payments

GPU Veerachai is not the only manufacturer merchant in Thailand bitcoin betting. Bangkok fish noodle shop owner LIM-LAO-NGOW TewitBoriboonchaisiri decided to accept bitcoin payments in one of the six branches.

“In order to prevent our old restaurant, we need to update it, to make it more modern.” Mr. Tewit told the Bangkok post. “This is located in Siam square, the new branch has more modern characteristics. As a tavern, its order in different ways with the original menu, and use the latest technology.”

In addition to accept bitcoin, LIM-LAO-NGOW customers can use the tablet computer to view menu and menu. Mr. Tewit told local media, many Thai people use bitcoin transactions and encryption currency in this area.

“I think the future of encryption currency will be a very important technology in these technologies will change the way we conduct financial transactions.”

Bitcoin in Thailand is becoming more and more obvious

Bitcoin has got some growth in Thailand, many reports detailing the bitcoin in the area of growth. Bangkok post also mentioned recently, Thailand citizens to use regular digital assets, and seized the bitcoin loopholes.” According to public information display, young entrepreneurs are investing heavily in bitcoin, although the government has not yet bitcoin has a clear official position. Thailand’s current regulatory bitcoin is uncertain. Thailand sources interviewed traders said he felt uneasy about the government’s lack of supervision, bitcoin accounted for 70% of its portfolio.

In addition, Pattaya is located in a popular restaurant and bar owner told us that because of the tourism industry in Thailand by reason, bitcoin is flourishing trend. In addition, the country also has a very active bitcoin conference organization, called “BangkokSatoshiSquar”, and a growing number of bitcoin automatic teller machine (ATM) is deployed. In addition, Thailand over the past few months, the local currency bitcoin trading volume rose sharply.

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