Thailand bitcoin trading platform open again

Thailand bitcoin trading platform open again

After closing and performance test of several months, bitcoin trading platform Thailand reopened. Last year, Thailand’s central bank announced that bitcoin does not comply with the law in June, the platform is closed, in March this year, the central bank said bitcoin risk but does not violate the law, bitcoin business was able to restore. In the meantime the platform for a large number of public test, there is still a beta. The concern is that now and bank cooperation, the user can use the currency to deposit platform. The exchange also supports bitcoin and other 8 kinds of electronic money.

Trading in the company sold some stop during the mining equipment without external investment. Trading platform provides Thai and English dual interface, because management believes that the current Thailand bitcoin economy driven mainly by foreign forces. But can be traded on the platform is limited to users in Thailand. Therefore, the next step will focus on improving the service function and user interface content in thai.

In the transaction security, take a variety of measures, such as two factor authentication, the wallet server implementation of full disk encryption, internal development code, all taken out after manual verification, verify the new user account before the transaction. In the transaction transparent, open platform for all not collected funds address for the user query, and publish the market transaction information.

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