Thailand travel agency to accept bitcoin payments to provide high-end customized travel service

Thailand travel agency to accept bitcoin payments to provide high-end customized travel service

Southeast Asia Travel Agency SmilingAlbino announced that it will begin to accept bitcoin payments in August 1st. The company is located in Thailand of Bangkok. They cooperate with customers to provide professional and customized for Southeast Asia travel. They will accept bitcoin payment, in Thailand, Kampuchea, Vietnam, Laos and Burma custom travel service organization.

SmilingAlbino accept the point of bitcoin payments directly from the client, they want customers to use exchange service based on bitcoin wallet. This can avoid the customer bitcoin funds is difficult to be lost, and immediately broadcast on the network.

The SmilingAlbino client and the reasons for accepting bitcoin payments

The company said that they began to accept bitcoin payments in a news release. They say they have a master of science and technology customers, their customers is their power industry development, so they need to provide bitcoin payment, to match them in the life of demand.

SmilingAlbino StephanieRowe business development director summed up this position. She said: “our core customer is the innovator and leader. By early adaptation, we hope that through the bitcoin payment for some of our customers to provide convenient, in order to travel easily pay instant booking or additional components. To maintain the leading position in financial transactions, is one of the many ways we show luxury travel style.”

In general, SmilingAlbino recommends that customers to accept bitcoin payments, because it is a more effective way to travel booking. Their customers in overseas payment, which reduces the cost of customers and unbelievable unnecessary expenses.

More and more companies begin to accept bitcoin payments

Because Japan admits bitcoin payment as a legal means of payment, many companies have joined the bitcoin carnival.

For example, in order to meet the needs of users of bitcoin, recently, Japan bitcoin trading platform Bitpoint and Japanese payment platform (NipponPay) cooperation, bitcoin as a reliable means of payment for many users. Japan is a multi payment payment platform, dedicated to accelerating mobile payment. They use WeChat, Alipay and China UnionPay payment as part of their service. This greatly expanded the bitcoin in Japan and other parts of Asia’s influence. South Korea, Thailand and Taiwan bitcoin payment services also increased in the implementation.

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