The 11500 ATM machines can make bitcoin cash!

The 11500 ATM machines can make bitcoin cash!

There are many kinds of ways to buy bitcoin wallet providers, Holytransaction has provided a trading website and app, allows you to choose to buy or sell bitcoin network. The company has been in Spain and Poland to provide users with 11500 ATM machines, for they will bitcoin cash. Holytransaction, CEO of FrancescoSimonetti, and the discussion about the details and plans for more of the company.

11500 ATM machines will allow you to bitcoin cash

To buy bitcoin began to diversify the way, with the development of the times, bitcoin cash also began to develop.

Halcash is a company headquartered in Poland, with its focus on the development of ATM technology can promote the real-time transfer machine. From the beginning of last year, Holytransaction and Halcash reached a cooperation, in October last year, Holytransaction launched a service called Holytransaction trading, which allows the user to bitcoin for cash, and then extracted from the bank ATM machine. Simonetti said that the company has spent nearly 6 months to test the transaction service.

Through this partnership, users can send their bitcoin cash to cash out, and from the Halcash card and any Spanish bank ATM machine in Poland area. As of now, HalcashATM in Spain and Poland respectively with 7000 units and 4500 units, Simonetti said.

It is reported that, Holytransaction also provides a virtual prepaid Visa card, which can be loaded bitcoin transactions through Holytransaction application, users can accept Visa card payment in any online shopping.

To buy bitcoin, 15800 sites available for purchase bitcoin

As for the purchase of bitcoin, Simonetti explained that currently in Greece 500 bitcoin ATM is available, and has more than 10000 retail stores through the Paynet network to achieve the purchase of bitcoin payment functions, including 7Eleven and CircleK. In addition, Holytransaction also paid Teleingreso and Spain reached a cooperation, allowing users through its more than 3000 ATM machines, 2000 post offices and 300 retail outlets to buy bitcoin. There are many kinds of ways to buy bitcoin.

“When you choose Teleingreso as online payment, the system will automatically generate a unique 9 digit transaction code,” Holytransaction says in a news release, “the beginning of the transaction will be in a wait state, waiting for you to visit any of them a place to buy, and then complete the payment, we will immediately receive payment information.”

At present, the application of Holytransaction have been added to GooglePlay, the company plans to release the iOS version in next month’s APP. For the company in the future expansion plans, its chief executive said: “we plan the service extended to India, Mexico and the United States, the year will be extended to Columbia”.

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