The 12 year old millionaire Erik Finman claims that, in the long run, bitcoin has died “”

12 17 April, teenage crypto currency celebrity Erik Finman, said in an interview with the financial news website Market Watch, bitcoin may also have a bull market, but from the long-term perspective, it is already dead.

Erik Finman 2011 early in the year due to investment bitcoin is famous. According to reports, only 12 years old, from my grandmother got $1000 to $12, then each of the price to buy bitcoin. Therefore, the high school record currency encryption in 2017, with more than $4 million. He and the parents bet, if he becomes a mysterious millionaire before the age of 18, he can choose not to go to college.

Erik Finman Market Watch in an interview said: bitcoin is dead, it is too fragmented, there are too many factions, I think it won’t last too long.” In addition, he founded the Charlie Lee Wright currency made a prediction: “the same stern Wright currency has been dead for a long time, just like the sun for 8 minutes before sunset, Wright coins have been seventh minutes.”

Erik Finman feel more optimistic is the project such as coins based on Ethernet square and anonymous oriented ZEC. He bitcoin cash retained positive comments, despite the recent bitcoin hard fork sparked controversy, but he certainly has confidence in bitcoin technology.

According to reports, this boy also denounced the Wall Street intrigue and lobbyists. He told Market Watch: “by the early success of inspiration, I am better at these things than those millionaires. They don’t know how to operate the system, they are a nerd, I and they are different.”

According to the “Cointelegraph” of the price index, until the publication of the article, bitcoin transaction price of $3611, up 10% for the day, but when the moon fell more than 36%. The Wright currency rose more than 16%, to $30, but the monthly chart fell more than 30%.

As previously reported, Erik Finman odd including Mexico to safe and hard disk encryption key to his wallet allegedly, like the TV series “breaking bad” in character. Although he had not graduated, but he plans to buy a car with his high school GPA, with personalized license plate Lamborghini.

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