The 2018 digital currency market value will reach $1 trillion!

The 2018 digital currency market value will reach $1 trillion!

The chief executive of one of the world’s biggest digital wallet platform Blockchain announced that the total value of all encrypted global currency will reach $1 trillion in 2018.

The whole world all kinds of digital encryption currency about 1300 kinds, of which the total market capitalization of bitcoin currency and Ethernet has been more than $587 billion.

Now for the digital currency “Carnival feast”, only to bitcoin or etheric currency can not meet investors.

In this year, a “local digital currency Chinese A new force suddenly rises.”, began to attract people’s attention (Red Coins) TKC.

This is a human based on the foundation of human society based on the combination of participation in society and the main social behavior (consumption, occupation, work, welfare, etc.), numerical through open formulas and the calculated for the issue and the size of its activation of digital currency issuance.

Technical architecture Dinodon rufozonatum directly abandoned the serial chain block chain technology, but the net P2P and serial chain technology combine to form the level transfer structure, not only can effectively avoid the safety and traffic problems encountered by BTC and ETH, but also greatly enhance the efficiency of the transaction, can do the millisecond deal, reducing the node this is the pressure of accounting and verification, grading the benefits, but also emphasizes the China traditional cultural nature, after all things in the world, regardless of flowers, animal, galaxies are the level of health. A food chain system level in nature, a star system, the Milky Way department level omnipresent in the universe, from micro to macro level. So the digital monetary economy is inevitable to depend on natural law in order to get better development more smoothly.

At present, the total market value of bitcoin is about $317 billion, accounting for more than 50% of the whole encryption currency market. Second Ethernet digital currency currency market capitalization was $68 billion 900 million. The price of this year there has been substantial growth.

Some market participants believe the single bitcoin market will be in the near future value of $1 trillion. The founder of RonnieMoas StandpointResearch even said bitcoin price could reach $400 thousand a, the market will eventually reach $1 trillion. These figures are not including other currency competition in the current market is optimistic about the market value of the.

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