The 25 year old bitcoin millionaires around the world, a bitcoin advocate

The 25 year old bitcoin millionaires around the world, a bitcoin advocate

When a person is in twenty years old age to become millionaires, people often think that he inherited a fortune. However, the 25 year old entrepreneur from San Francisco who is not so JeremyGardner. Now, he passed the risk investment bitcoin and accumulated a sum of assets, has become one of cryptocurrencies millionaire.

How did he do?

JeremyGardner BusinessInsider in an interview revealed that it all began in 2013, when one of his friends with him Nabite coins in exchange for cash. His curiosity was around the Silk Road market disputes arising from the drive, buy bitcoin.

Soon after, Gardner began to realize the true potential of bitcoin, so he took his life savings to buy bitcoin. And now he called himself “bitcoin supporters” net savings, almost all of the bitcoin.

Gardner further explained:

“I realized that as long as I can connect to the Internet, I can with any one of the world can also be connected to the Internet exchange value… I no longer need to rely on intermediaries such as banks or the government center, they are like the trolls under the bridge.”

Good luck to expand

Gardner did not stand idly by just looking at his investment growth. He began to play a positive role, set up a start-up and provide support for encryption monetary community.

He founded the market square block chain based on Ethernet Augur. Moreover, his company raised $53 billion in financing.

At the same time, he also founded in 2014 by the blockchain education network. Provides exploring bitcoin block chain and a platform for other people of this network for the global university students.

Now, the net assets of Gardner continue to grow rapidly. Even so, the fluctuation of encryption currency market will sometimes make him feel panic:

“When the market fluctuates rapidly obviously make people feel very excited, but when market prices rise rapidly, I had a premonition that it will soon drop down… I have been in the market for a long time observation.”

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