The African water project received 38 bitcoin donations

The African water project received 38 bitcoin donations


Bitcoin supporters heard a good news, the African Water Project (TheWaterProject) has recently received 38 anonymous bitcoin donations ($23000 at the time). Charities do not know who donated money, but they are very grateful, the money to provide clean water and sanitation facilities for the whole school.

The African Water Project (TheWaterProject) received 38 bitcoin donations

The African Water Project (TheWaterProject) is a well-known bitcoin public welfare projects, the local team in Kenya, Uganda and Sierra Leone wells, building dams and water protection, when the BitGive to help them raise funds in Western Kenya playing well, the charity won everyone’s attention.

These wells to Shisango women’s junior high school and more than 500 people in the community to provide clean drinking water, BitGive also produced a 3 minute video about the organization they help people with other bitcoin community is not the same.

This organization until September 13th, received the largest donation is an anonymous donor in the night by the two transaction giving them donated 38 coins.

The African Water Project (TheWaterProject) to thank donors on Reddit: Although we do not know who you are, but we are very grateful to you, if you are just looking at this site, I want to say thank you. Today you anonymous donations, to provide clean and safe drinking water and sanitation facilities for the whole school, we will for the next year to start the project supervision of the funds.

The bitcoin community has supported 5 water project

The African Water Project (TheWaterProject) also said the bitcoin community has supported 5 water projects in the past two years, some of the money is anonymous, thank you very much for charity donations recently, thank you all for donations, regardless of the number of donations.

The charity is bitcoin community support, namely “each bitcoin provide clean drinking water”.

Then, the organization said that the use of bitcoin can check in their bitcoin donations on the web, they now want to put donations for Sierra Leone wells task, and BitGive transparent project cooperation to accept donations can be audited.

The bitcoin community that bitcoin is a true humanitarian currency

When the bitcoin community heard the random donations, they are very happy.

Someone wrote in a Reddit 38 bitcoin charity, regardless of who donate, are great people. Because of the greed of bitcoin is often black, are those bitcoin black, many of which are in the hands of charity, rather than investment traders.

These 38 bitcoin donations are generous, no one knows whether donors will show identity, but is not important for the bitcoin community and African Water public projects, anonymous donations like this is one of the important humanitarian power of bitcoin.

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