The bank and the mainstream IT companies set off a block chain recruitment wave to tackle block chain revolution

The bank and the mainstream IT companies set off a block chain recruitment wave to tackle block chain revolution

Block chain revolution has been in full swing, inevitable. The bank and the mainstream IT enterprises have realized, and ready to meet this new wave of posture.

Related reports indicate that the company has begun to block chain technology related jobs recruitment. The recruitment website is full of major financial institutions, banks and technology companies recruitment information. But most of them have never heard of the new positions and requirements.

Large banks and financial institutions to invest the blockchain technology development, attract other institutions to follow suit. These new requirements to the development of internal block chain resources, realizing the effect of short term.

Join the Army Recruiting Expert block chain enterprises (CognizantTechnologyServices), M. Mei Long of New York Bank (TheBankofNewYorkMellonCorporation), JP Morgan (JPMorganChase), American Express (AmericanExpress), Citibank (Citigroup), the United States Fidelity Investments (Fidelity) etc.. This trend shows that the demand for human resources transformation of the Internet in the financial sector.

The mainstream banking and financial industry to implement the block chain technology can increase the automation, so the elimination of some positions. At the same time it can create new opportunities, more inclined to the development, operation and maintenance of distributed technology application talents related books.

In order to cope with the inevitable trend, the technology giant IBM founded the Watson Watson financial services based on cognitive platform (WatsonFinancialServices). The company said the new division will be a fusion of Watson, cloud and block chain for the banking and finance technology.

IBM is currently involved in a number of block chain projects, cooperation and a number of large banks and technology leading enterprise encryption currency. It is also super books project (Hyperledger) and R3 block chain alliance members.

With the block chain technology continues to progress, other industries will gradually change. Is expected to soon manufacturing and government also has a similar change.

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