The bankruptcy application formally accepted, the global bitcoin blackmail against iPhone, HTC next year

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# Jin court formally accepted the bankruptcy application

(NetEase Technology) line according to the new financial reports, the court formally accepted the application for bankruptcy jin. It is understood that the Shenzhen intermediate people’s court has ruled on 12 June 10, accepts the application for bankruptcy liquidation of the Jin Huaxing bank. This means that Jin entered bankruptcy proceedings, but specific to the bankruptcy liquidation or bankruptcy reorganization should be ruled.

After Jin came into the capital chain crisis, Jin to bankruptcy reorganization, if the choice of restructuring, relatively optimistic, the creditor can take 80% of the debt. But in accordance with legal procedures the ruling may be a long time.

Public information, as of August 31st, the total debt of 20 billion 200 million yuan Jin, creditors 648.

Little miss Andy Lau had the advertisement to Jin

# bitcoin blackmail extortion criminals comeback, 4 countries accounted for less than $1.

(geeks Park) according to a number of foreign media reports, 12 13 April afternoon, the United States, Canada and Australia and New Zealand English speaking countries dozens of companies, schools, banks, government and media organizations have received a “bomb threat” e-mail, mail content is roughly: “the value of bitcoin payment 2 million dollars, or you choose to detonate at the foot of the bomb. The bomb was assembled according to my instructions, can be hidden in any place, because of its small size, the building structure will not damage the support, but the explosion of words, will have serious consequences. At the end of the day when you have to pay me if the money is late, the bomb will explode. “

12 month 13 day at noon, the New York Police Department said on twitter “please caution bitcoin blackmail. These messages are distributed around, but did not find any mention around the explosive device… The probability of these threats is not credible. “

The problem is not just money, than money loss, cause social panic and solve the problem of cost is the biggest loss. As of April 14 EST 12 pm, only two do not add up to $1 deposit account to play blackmail. But from California to Toronto, working in the universities, companies, government departments, law enforcement departments in the “” the stock suddenly detonated a bomb scare also disrupted the city’s daily operation.

Do not add up to a dollar, brother estimating brain scratching skin has broad tulu..

# HTC: next to the high-end mobile phone with iPhone to ensure each profit

(Sina Technology) according to Taiwan “Economic Daily” reported that in view of the intelligent mobile phone market in Taiwan area are occupied by iPhone, HTC (HTC electric) Taiwan area general manager Chen Baiyu said, the first half of next year will be HTC in high-end intelligent mobile phone with iPhone, continue to pull the high market share as the goal, and to ensure that each a mobile phone to profit. As for the U12+ series, he said, will be launched next year extension of new products, lengthen the life cycle.

That what, to earn money.. Behind the war iPhone War..

# NVIDIA MX250 alone exposure: replacement of light of the graphics performance

(fast) “the game” entry-level thin card configuration to update. VCZ exposure of a new HP notebook configuration table, model and 66 Pro, 14 G2, one of the biggest bright spot is the MX250 alone, the only 2GB GDDR5 memory a useful parameter in the rough information.

According to the present data, MX250 based on TU107/108 core, the weakening of ray tracing and Tensor unit, memory upgrade to 128bit interface, CES 2019 is a very appropriate release opportunity. Of course, this type of entry card NVIDIA categorically is not held separate conference, certainly by the notebook manufacturers appear disguised public product.

MX150 are the flowers, but also the update..

# 2018 iOS ten App released Chinese manufacturers money maddening five seats

(IT house) on December 17th, the day before the foreign technology media lists iOS platform in 2018 revenue highest ten App, one of the top ten in App, five from China. Foreign media found that the current iOS platform monthly subscription application occupies the dominant position, and the top ten App provides a subscription function. The rapid rise in total revenue to help these App on the list.

The following is the top ten complete list:

Netflix-7.902 billion dollars

Video Tencent -4.902 billion dollars

Tinder-4.622 billion dollars

Iqiyi -4.205 billion dollars

Fast -2.64 billion dollars

YouTube-2.442 billion dollars

Pandora -2.257 billion

Youku -1.929 billion dollars

QQ-1.597 billion dollars

Hulu-1.326 billion dollars

In addition to quickly, I seem to have the job…

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