The Barclays Bank before joining the board of the company will bitcoin CEO

The Barclays Bank before joining the board of the company will bitcoin CEO

According to foreign media reports, one of Europe’s most eminent banker Anthony Jenkins (AntonyJenkins) joined a bitcoin startups.

As the former CEO of Barclays Bank, Jenkins said he has joined the London bitcoin startups board. The startup in the A round of financing in 2014 to raise $30 million.

With this announcement, Jenkins became the latest to join the blockchain industry heavyweight financial executives, before the big man and former JP Morgan BlytheMasters (now a sister in the blockchain company DigitalAsset), and the former New York stock exchange CEO DuncanNiederauer.

In a blog post, Blockchain CEO Peter Smith (PeterSmith) praised Jenkins, with said in a speech in 2015, the former Barclays chief executive said the blockchain how technology will fundamentally change the financial services.

Smith then wrote:

“I think the reason to cooperate with Mr. Anthony is very simple: the emerging technology will achieve a new financial ecosystem. From the timing point of view, this is right.”

In addition, Mr. Smith also said that the blockchain will deal with about $50 billion in transactions this year, of which about 1/3 are from institutions.

At the same time, early competitors, such as Circle and TradeBlock have turned to the background of digital money, in order to promote the traditional money transfer business.

In a statement, Jenkins said:

Block chain technology has the potential to change the way we use of money, it is helpful to improve the quality of the financial system, and has low cost, high security, fairness and transparency. I am honored to join the company, and served as a pivotal role, together to create a new era, “he said.

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