The bionics into bitcoin expansion solution

The bionics into bitcoin expansion solution

Bionics is a scientific research object and process of bio derived works, may be the solution to the problem of bitcoin expansion. So far, bionics has almost been the user to adjust the screw nut and so on various aspects, such as according to the shark skin swimsuit design.

Now is the time to apply it to optimize the flow of information. Since the discovery of DNA, and the expression of science has known the life from gene code storage. Biological information, biological information. In order to solve the problem of bitcoin speed, the network needs to bionics.

In the block chain, “ecosystem” is a term in a bunch of hot words in news headlines, in almost all start-ups. As everyone knows, it is hard to explain to the people who have never heard of the technology innovation chain block. “Ecosystem” is an excellent metaphor, let people know the blockchain simplified financial and commercial complex correlation potential.

Neuroscience research has found that thinking presented in the form of image, rather than language. The advertising industry is well understood. “A clever marketing term ecosystem” call just strategic division? It appears that the word is not only a hot word, and our subconscious, help us to understand the new model.

The ecological and economic system

Hypothesis of “eco system” is not just a metaphor. Perhaps blockchain will indeed put economic field into a similar ecosystem biological definition. But the ecosystem biological significance is the core characteristics of what?

The term first appeared in 1930s, the Oxford botanist A.R.Clapham colleagues hope he can think of a word, all the physical and biological relevance covering specific environment. A.R.Clapham’s answer is “eco system”, the answer to the satisfaction of colleagues. In 1935 A.G.Tansley wrote a paper which belongs to the popularity of the.

“Ecosystem” and the root of the word “economy” is the same, “Oikos”, derived from the ancient Greek “family.”. At least an amazing coincidence. Comparative ecology and economic results are strikingly similar. In two areas, there are “manufacturers” and “consumer” and “resources” and “regulation”, “organization” and “organism” and other words.

The science of complexity that, at the most basic level, artificial and biological systems are to follow the same principle, that is to say the emergency behavior, self adjustment, adaptation and evolution. Glossary of ecology and economy seems to have so many similarities, because it has the same operation principle. They have a public foundation: self regulated by a feedback loop.

Force feedback

In the economy, “self regulating market” the word can be traced back to the earliest AdamSmith economist in eighteenth Century. Self regulation is a basic characteristic of capitalism, but also characteristics of biological systems, the feedback mechanism is the core. The example is related to human health in regulating blood glucose levels. Simply, if the blood sugar is too low too high, the organism will return to normal levels by cell signaling.

Similarly, the market will adjust the relationship between supply and demand response. Prices will push the decline in demand, prices will stimulate demand for commodities. This is back to a state of balance of endless struggle. As the body recovery, the economy is likely to be the impact of external damage, will or may not recover.

In determining the key link between human economic system and the natural evolution of the ecological system, bionics has become a feasible way to solve the urgent problems in the digital encryption technology economy. Bionics is essentially the problem solution from nature into technology in the field of science.

For example, in one experiment, the growth pattern of fungus like slime mold Physarum model is very similar to the Tokyo railway system, is to model the real world network structure. Choose the same route and city planners nature. Then the researchers will act as mycetozoan encoding algorithm, to solve the logistics of the “traveling salesman problem”.

Bionic reconstruction

In the history of the Internet, bionics method layer and brings great technical breakthrough. Study for the United States Army in early 60s, PaulBaran is designing a powerful communication network for the Third World War, even if the enemy forces destroyed most of nodes, the network will continue to operate.

Military communication depends on the analog circuit was similar to the telephone line always on the. Baran introduces the concept of packet switching, the old point-to-point communication path into interactive network for high speed continuous packet transmission. Even if the node is opened and closed, they can find a new route to reach the destination.

Literally, this is similar to the maze in mice, explore other way out of the maze. The Baran solution is inspired by the information technology pioneer ClaudeShannon build machine “Theseus” is believed to be the world’s first machine language learning device. Shannon produced a mechanical mouse controlled by electromagnetic circuit, can effectively find the maze exit, remember the correct path.

When the mouse is positioned over the trip position, it will quickly again in the right direction. Mechanical mouse Shannon reflects the instinctive behavior facing specific problems of animal. Packet switching and then simulate the mechanical behavior of rats. It seems that the Internet is really a “soul”.

The key stage of bitcoin is now in the evolution of technology. Slow down the speed of transaction costs and prices so that the whole structure has been questioned.

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