The bitcoin bull market in 2021 is a slow bull!

Cryptocurrency market reversal is really very fast, yesterday morning or a sharp fall in the market, to the evening has been a lot of warming up, this reversal speed is very amazing, the current market still has a bull market, although there will be a lot of callback in the middle of the market, so don’t be thrown out of the car easily. It is said that this wave of plummeting has something to do with grayscale’s suspension of investment. After all, grayscale has been adding positions in bitcoin in recent months, and the strength of adding positions is indeed very strong, and the influence of grayscale is growing. However, when the investment is suddenly suspended, some people in the market interpret it as a big negative. They think that gray does not accept investment and may have to sell BTC in the opponent. However, after reading the microblog information of Wanhui’s little sister, she knew that this was not the case. She said that gray scale has two times a year to suspend the acceptance of investment and maintain it for a month every day. The last time was from the end of June to the end of July this year. The reason for suspending investment is that the GBTC in the first half year cycle will begin to be lifted, and then there will be more GBTC in the market After the arbitrage is finished, the holder generally needs to buy back bitcoin in the market. This time, it may be that bears are using gray scale to suspend investment. But I believe that many people have been cheated. After all, BTC some time ago It’s true that it has gone up a lot. Suddenly, the gray level stops accepting investment. This information is used. Many investors follow suit. They don’t go down to the real meaning of the information. Sometimes even some fake information can be used by bears. In particular, the information about BTC has a great impact on the whole cryptocurrency industry. After all, BTC is the wind vane of the market. As long as BTC falls, other currencies will fall along with it, and the decline will be even greater. Take a look at yesterday’s performance, it is still a familiar routine. Eth and EOS are all down, while EOS is still falling sharply. It is no wonder that some people are always short If EOS succeeds, the price performance of EOS is indeed relatively weak. Once BTC falls sharply, it tends to fall more. But when it rebounds, it rebounds more slowly. Therefore, we should have our own judgment on the news in the market. We should learn more and improve our cognition. Judging from yesterday’s market reversal, the cryptocurrency market as a whole is still in a bull market. It seems that this year’s Christmas market will not be too bad. At the end of the previous two years, the overall market has plummeted. That is because the overall market is in a bear market, and now it is a bull market, so this year’s rate will probably not be difficult in spring. I hope we can all take our chips well. The current market is from the western institutional investors, Niu Wanhui little sister, as a long-term living in the United States, not only has a very good understanding of the western cryptocurrency market, but also a very good understanding of the domestic cryptocurrency market, so her point of view is worth learning. For example, her recent speech “the current market is the famous long bull from western institutional investors”. After reading it, she felt very informative and had a clear idea, which can help us to judge the current and future cryptocurrency market. For example, she mentioned in her speech that the current market is a long bull from western institutional investors. She divided institutional investors into three categories: first, speculative institutions, focusing on short-term returns, trading oriented, liquidity king; second, investment institutions, focusing on medium-term returns, trend oriented, and French currency based returns; third, allocation institutions, focusing on long-term earnings and value storage orientation. The correlation between bitcoin and other US dollar denominated assets will become lower and lower. Most retail investors in the market should belong to the first category, that is, speculators. They pay more attention to short-term earnings and usually do more transactions. However, they may not make a lot of money in the end. Judging from the long-term development history of bitcoin, long-term holders make the most of it. Those short-term traders often get off the bus halfway. Compared with speculators, most of the investment institutions are medium-term investors who pay more attention to medium-term returns. For example, many investment institutions belong to this category. In the cryptocurrency market, the first or the second type of investors are the main, while in the current cryptocurrency market, there are more and more third type investors, that is, allocation institutions. This power can not be underestimated. In the current and future cryptocurrency market, allocators are likely to occupy a more and more dominant position, and the number of bitcoin held will be larger and larger. As an cryptocurrency investor, we should be aware of the impact of allocators on the future market. I believe you know something about MicroStrategy, a listed company. This year, we made a lot of money by buying bitcoin. Just a few days ago, we bought 30000 more bitcoins, holding more than 1.1 billion US dollars of bitcoin. Bitcoin’s return on investment may be more profitable than its main business. More and more listed companies such as MicroStrategy will begin to configure bitcoin. According to the corresponding laws and regulations, these listed companies are required to disclose their financial statements on a regular basis. Therefore, their investment in bitcoin must also be disclosed and written into the financial statements. Even the wallet address of all institutions’ coin hoarding can be checked. So Wanhui said that institutional cattle is a famous brand. For many listed companies, in addition to the necessary working capital, there is still a large amount of cash reserves. If this part of capital is placed in the bank, it will continue to depreciate. Therefore, this part of capital will also go to look for investment and profit opportunities. Taking a small part of money to invest in bitcoin will not have much pressure on these companies. When more and more listed companies begin to allocate When bitcoin is used, each listed company may not allocate much, but the total number will be amazing. Moreover, the total amount of bitcoin is constant, with only 21 million pieces in total. More and more listed companies and individual investors want to buy bitcoin. From the perspective of supply and demand, it is inevitable that there will be a sharp rise. Therefore, in the future cryptocurrency market, there will be more and more institutional holders, and the market structure has changed greatly. Institutional investors will play an increasingly important role in the whole market. As retail investors, our arbitrage space will be smaller and smaller. If we hold our own currency for a long time, we may earn more. If you also want to learn blockchain systematically, it is recommended to start with some good introductory books and learn how to improve yourself

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