The blockchain reform of the online advertising industry, the biggest threat to Facebook “”

The blockchain reform of the online advertising industry, the biggest threat to Facebook “”

Remember the first time you opened Facebook (Facebook) scene? For you is very novel, interesting, and is completely free (no cost), at least we think. Time flies, our relationship and social networks have also changed. Google, Facebook and twitter, like Instagram, do not know what time to start, the Internet giant to users always ask for more than you give.

All because of our personal data and. We always lightly submit personal data with a large number of online advertising is indeed. But we can still hope to block chain and its principle, it can help us to regain the initiative.

Facebook, Google and other companies start to know the huge commercial value are our personal data. Through their own service monetization disposal of our privacy, and profit from. When we feel for the full screen advertising trouble, rising Google and Facebook’s global advertising revenues are. We ignore the value of personal data. Therefore, we will be affected by others at the mercy of a product.

However, the blockchain democratic qualities will make the game more fair. Of course, the block chain will be wrong, but in fact it’s mode of operation is very simple. For the first time to contact the word people, it is best understood as a book. For centuries, books have been used for tracking financial account. Books (ledger) from Dutch word “legger”, means “a workbook stored in the same place or regular maintenance”. This source is very important. We put the block chain is regarded as a book at the same time should also remember that the content is not rewritten. The data is unable to move, but also unable to change, but there is an essential difference between the block chain and chain block content in the books: not stored in a single location, they’re everywhere.

More precisely, the block chain is a distributed books. One of the most successful case is bitcoin. Block chain is the underlying technology bitcoin, it has proved that the money transfer does not require central institutions (banks) to participate in. The information is distributed, by the public record transactions constitute a distributed books, are at stake for each participant. The center of the books of the distributed books instead of at the same time, the transaction information network among participants can recapture the hands of the central bank can real-time sharing of power. Whether the results will be how? We will become a bank teller.

But more than bitcoin blockchain. Block chain to the center of the principle can also be used in social media. Personal data and money is not what is different, personal data can also be stored in distributed records, and not under the control of the central mechanism. Therefore, to regain control of information block chain. The central agencies like the face book that will put our personal data as a profit-making tool and a bargaining chip. Sharing form by reallocating our data block chain can completely reshape the online advertising business model.

Then what will be the result? In simple terms, there will be a more equitable system. The personal data initiative of the public can also become the communication and the media. If bitcoin let each of us can become a bank teller, then use the block chain management of personal data will make us become the media agencies. It sounds a bit strange, but not impossible. The effects of marketing (influencermarketing) concept (refers to the enterprise in the sales of products to meet the market demand, but also obtain the public trust) appear, especially in the fashion industry, that we do not dislike advertising. This pattern in Instagram, Facebook, twitter, Snapchat is not. As long as the content is good, and reliable.

This change is the natural order of things. A similar development mode reform of online advertising and other industries. Only a few people attempt to monopolize an industry, there will be someone trying to launch a reform. As the Portuguese explorers, they had to lift the Venice sea exploration in European and Asian spice trade monopoly. When they arrived in India, road transport is no longer dominant, Venice cannot continue to monopolize the favorable position.

I think the block chain will be in the same way to reshape the online advertising industry. I am looking forward to this moment. Just like the development of the Internet, the initial speed of change is always very slow, but as long as the reform of the horn sounded, you can completely change our lives.

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