The blockchain will enter the field of energy technology

The blockchain will enter the field of energy technology

The German Energy Agency (DeutscheEnergie-Agentur) and ESMTBerlin conducted a survey showed that: the energy sector may be widely used block chain technology in the near future.

The basic block chain technology bitcoin is moving into every industry sector. The energy sector is one of them, the Department will soon widely used block chain technology. According to reports, the German Energy Agency (GermanEnergyAgency) survey and ESMTBerlin, many energy companies have developed the implementation route block chain technology.

More than 70 energy executives involved in the investigation. Of which more than 39% of respondents said that their company plans to use the distributed ledger in the near future. Another 13% said their company has or will soon use the application block chain based on technology.

Block chain technology, transparent and immutable nature of the existing record and become the best alternative to the compliance process. The reason is easy to use encryption currency payment this additional advantage is widely used in the energy sector block chain technology. Many respondents believe that, in the smart contract and record maintenance of encryption currency technology subversive. More than 60% of the respondents believe that the German energy sector block chain technology will further expand in the industry.

Use block chain technology and encryption currency in the field of energy and not what. Like TransactiveGrid and SunExchange, have been studying a variety of encryption currency function.

TransactiveGrid is a New York based start-up company, which created a network of micro block chain based energy trading can be achieved. On the other hand, SunExchange provides a bitcoin loan scheme based on the public, people can be in the local and global investment in solar energy projects.

The next few years, we are looking forward to block chain technology can play a more prominent role in the field of energy in which all power will be connected to register in the block chain, consumption data and other statistics is the same. Users can pay with bitcoin or other digital currency. Even if it is not possible to determine whether this will become a reality, but it is worth waiting for.

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