The British back in Europe, the new EU proposal to end anonymous bitcoin transaction

The British back in Europe, the new EU proposal to end anonymous bitcoin transaction

Since a file scandal broke, the EU has made plans to combat tax avoidance strategy, the leaks in the event, exposing the rich and powerful use of tax havens to hide their wealth.

A leaked document, is the history of the most influential leak, the impact is far more than the 2010 WikiLeaks event.

The European justice commissioner VeraJourova told the financial times:

“A file after the outbreak, more stringent transparency, has become a priority.”

At present, the EU to shell companies and trust transparency rules, there are many loopholes, which is often criticized. The new driving force, trying to narrow the gap, especially those that allow tax avoidance strategies.

The measures proposed by the European Union, want to end the anonymity of bitcoin exchange and other virtual currency platform. They hope to require operators to carry out more customer check (KYC), to achieve this goal.

On the regulation of bitcoin exchange and encryption currency platform, the EU has been a long time to adjust, such as the European Central Bank and the European Banking authority, also carried out to study their own digital currency.

The EU has not given bitcoin legislation

In March this year, the European Parliament issued a report on the virtual currency on the admitted, although the EU has not virtual currency (including bitcoin) legislation, these virtual currencies in the member countries are not completely unregulated. “In some Member States, national legislation combined work at different levels are compatible, others have no law at all,” said in the report.

The report also pointed out that:

“The European regulation of virtual currency, and the United States have fundamentally different. The virtual currency as a unit of account, the latter put them as a commodity, so the United States will be more strict supervision.”

The use of the European central bank admitted bitcoin

The European Central Bank President Mario Delagi (MarioDraghi) said in a letter to a member of the European Parliament, there is no virtual currency (including bitcoin) has been declared a national currency. However, he also said that:

“When the agreement between the buyer and the seller, to accept a given virtual currency as payment, virtual currency can be used as a contract of money.”

Britain has been a stumbling block in the way of the EU

Other measures, including forced trust company publicly revealed his true owner. At present, many trust companies are excluded from the National Registry of ownership in the beneficial. After the EU legislation on anti money laundering directive in December 2014, the registration agency appeared.

In the past, the European Commission put the trust tax treatment to use, part of the reason is that the former British Prime Minister David Cameron, in 2013 he had argued that trust, help their family heritage management in the UK, so they should get some exemption rules.

However, Britain has voted to withdraw from the EU, EU regulators before, also lost a gold. The new proposal has indicated that the EU is seeking to end the transaction, and increase the bitcoin exchange and encryption currency platform supervision.

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