The British government and the central bank will not consider the digital currency regulation

The British government and the central bank will not consider the digital currency regulation

The Bank of England to bitcoin take regulatory measures, but slowly observed influence the development of block chain technology on Internet banking.

The government knows that the regulatory bitcoin is a serious problem. Because the regulatory object is no longer money laundering or parallel economy. Bitcoin is perhaps the government to improve the financial industry to explore the long-term answer. The importance of bitcoin technology to the government and the central bank to take the quiet attitude of digital currency, rather than Yiyongershang do unnecessary control.

Of course, there are also some government agencies rush to take regulatory measures finally anti kill financial industry development and innovation of science and technology. In addition to a small number of countries, the development of most countries and central banks are not willing to let the government financial regulatory obstacles. Britain is one of them.

The Bank of England is the Central Bank of England, it said in the meeting today, the government is willing to wait for the user to provide solutions blockchain start-ups to limit the use of power. At present, bitcoin blockchain is transparent and open the books, everyone can see the block on the chain of transactions. This feature is not applicable to the banking industry. The bank has its own rules to follow. One is that the bank will require a certain level of privacy and the protection of customer information.

England bank cashier: VictoriaCleland

In the Bank of England and the London School of Economics and Political Science hosted the meeting, VictoriaCleland cashier of the Bank of England said: “the banks fully understand bitcoin technology and its advantages and disadvantages. In addition to wait, Bank of England also weigh the benefits and risks of technology chain block. Once the bank determines the final opinion, suitable for peer-to-peer lending and financial sector regulatory measures will be taken to the technology chain.”

Bitcoin and underlying technology from the bank’s pain points into a potential savior. Although the banking and financial industry will bitcoin as a threat, they are on the bottom block chain technology more open attitude. The banking industry in the study area chain technology to replace the original SWIFT transfer and supervision mode. This will help the bank greatly reducing costs. At the same time, the banking industry can keep pace with the bitcoin progress of science and technology, and will not be eliminated.

The introduction of digital currency regulatory measures without a specific deadline, but it seems that the Central Bank of the digital currency technology patience and carefulness will bring you a favorable decision.

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