The Bulgarian University bitcoin scholarship system

The Bulgarian University bitcoin scholarship system


Bitcoin prices into the mainstream financial fields to create a miracle, but its spiritual home or stay in IT fancier in the brain.

Casually walked into a development studio, must see IT employees think bitcoin block chain, and all related encryption currency.

In this regard, Bulgaria’s Varna School of management (VUM, VarnaUniversityofManagementinBulgaria) will be one of the first to provide bitcoin scholarship institutions of higher education.

In 2018, ten software engineering students will get bitcoin scholarships every semester 1000 euros. University also provides the euro or bitcoin scholarship options.

These lucky candidates will receive valuable encryption currency, and University also plans to accept bitcoin payment of tuition fees.

Software engineering students in the future can also see the encryption currency and block chain new teaching module, because want to lead the University block chain technology education.

At the end of Qingping

Bitcoin scholarship is initiated school amateur community prosperity product encryption currency. Encryption currency field will bring the forum held weekly bitcoin scholarship and the blockchain creative technology innovation course.

VUM digital marketing manager OmerIlyasli said, students at the front block chain development.

“The school of Computer Science in the school, some students in the study of block chain technology. Here we have a great community, we occasionally organize seminars. Provide bitcoin scholarship decision from the “Introduction” block chain technology forum”.

The school scholarship program launched just the tip of the iceberg of ambition. Ilyasli insists that the community will become the block chain and encryption currency education center.

“We think the pioneer in the field will get good returns, so we want to do pioneer, whether individuals, our organization or our country. Therefore, we urge the government of Bulgaria and Varna Varna into a center of local government. We have not received the government reply”.

The school hopes that through the world’s most valuable cryptocurrencies scholarship and blockchain technology curriculum, to attract the world’s most intelligent young man.

VUM, issued by the commercial software and hotel management bachelor’s and master’s degree, there are MBA courses.

Ilyasli said, to apply for the first bitcoin scholarship students must meet the general admission requirements.

“The academic committee will be responsible for the screening process, they will be based on the subject, extracurricular activities and technical interest to select students. But first of all the candidates must meet the minimum admission requirements, such as high school education and English level”.

Taking into account the Bulgarian government recently passed the crime group obtained encryption currency, the country may explore the rapid development of the niche industry.

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