The central bank is determined to implement the digital currency!

The central bank is determined to implement the digital currency!

Recently, many sources said, the Central Bank of the digital currency has achieved initial results. It is reported that the Demo prototype system of the central bank’s legal digital currency is expected to launch in the spring festival. Earlier, the central bank issued a legal prototype scheme of digital currency has completed two rounds of revision.

This is the second in January 20, 2016 the people’s Bank of China held a seminar for the first time that the issue of digital currency, digital currency this strategic target and the country and the central bank in July this year by launching a digital currency, special issue of November Published professional recruitment information after a series of measures to continue to push the central bank into digital currency landing a major breakthrough.

The central bank has decided to implement a digital currency, and think clearly.” In this regard, insiders say. “Now, the central bank is concerned with how to fall, what issues need to be addressed, especially security issues. This is the top priority. Earlier, the central bank and the relevant departments have some security contractor company conducted several rounds of discussion.”

“However, the current version of the future will continue to upgrade, this is not the final version.” The same day, a Hangzhou block chain company official told reporters.

Earlier, the central bank vice governor Fan Yifei has written that the tendency to run China legal framework of digital currency to the central bank and commercial bank “two yuan model, i.e. the issue of the central bank is responsible for monitoring and verification of digital currency, commercial banks from the central bank to apply for a digital currency, directly facing the society, responsible for providing digital currency circulation service with the application of ecological service system construction.

The same day, according to people familiar with the matter, the research of digital currency directly under the central bank also formally established in December this year, the people’s Bank of China digital currency preparatory group leader Yao Qian as director. However, the same day, and not linked to the central bank concerned to comment.

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