The Central Bank of Russia: bitcoin should not be refused

The Central Bank of Russia: bitcoin should not be refused

    After a few months, the Bank of Russia broke the silence in the bitcoin digital currency and the attitude finally, compared to the previous risk warning, regulators are now hung up a new attitude, this shows that Russia on this issue has a more moderate attitude.

The Wall Street Journal reported that the Russian central bank is collecting the information and digital currency bitcoin. Vice chairman of the Central Bank of Russia Georgy Luntovsky Said, although there is evidence that bitcoin will be in Russia for the purchase of drugs and weapons, but can not use the method to generalize. He explained: “now we need to focus on the development of these currencies, these tools should not be refused.”

Earlier this year, Russia’s central bank issued a warning that the use of bitcoin or other currency substitute in Russia is illegal, which caused a global panic that Russia banned the use of bitcoin. Russia is not only a legislative state, recently California has a similar law, no substitute for the dollar but this is not by law.

Nevertheless, because Russia considered ban bitcoin, that no one of the most important meetings or activities held in Russia, this is probably due to regulatory concerns.

Luntovsky suggested that the Russian central bank now for bitcoin in a wait-and-see attitude, a move that could affect other areas of judicial supervision. Economists recognized bitcoin in Russia by many influential, including German Gref, he served as a government minister in 2000-2007 years. Gref is the current leader of the Russian Federation savings bank, which is one of Europe’s three largest bank, is Russia’s state-owned banks. He had stressed that ban bitcoin is a “big mistake”, bitcoin should be learning and management.

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