The Central Bank of Russia by hackers to steal bitcoin 2 billion rubles, or as financial protection

The Central Bank of Russia by hackers to steal bitcoin 2 billion rubles, or as financial protection

The Bank of Russia this year became the third attack by hackers hacking the central bank, which makes the agent bank account of its losses of more than $31 million (2 billion rubles).

The bank account is also known as the current account, it is the bank’s purpose is to create customer or cooperative institutions trade. In most cases, the agent bank account will hold the top of customer funds or central bank capital investors.

To prevent hacker attacks

In December, the Russian Central Bank News Office Manager EkaterinaGelbova told the Wall Street journal, they have a total agency bank account amount of money stolen.

Although the Russian central bank has allocated a lot of manpower and material resources to solve the loopholes in the system, but still did not find the details of the attack. The Russian central bank security and information security report ArtemSychev said in a statement, the agent bank when attacked, they managed to prevent hackers on the other 3 billion rubles to steal.

In February this year, the Central Bank of Bangladesh computer intrusion by unidentified persons, it lost $81 million. The past few months, the Central Bank of Bangladesh also can not find the money gone, the only certainty is stolen funds were transferred to Philippines.

With several banks attacked by hackers lost hundreds of millions of dollars, the International Monetary Fund issued a warning to crack down on such financial shocks.

Bitcoin as financial protection

With the development of hackers and criminals more complex and intelligent software to attack the loopholes in the banking system, the importance of financial network and platform security becomes the most financial service providers are the only priority.

If the central bank then frequently and loopholes, banks can not deal with these attacks, then the general public and bank users will choose and accept encryption, security, digital currency network to trust, such as bitcoin.

In Bangladesh Bank theft, hacking into the computer by the higher authority to black, then the system once again visited the Bank of bangladesh. Bank architecture based on trust based this proved to be the main factors leading to these attacks.

Therefore, to trust the technology and network, such as bitcoin, can efficiently protect user security funds, companies and investors.

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