The Chinese first block chain games list “DappRanking” officially launched

The Chinese first block chain games list “DappRanking” officially launched

In 2018 just ushered in the spring of March, the chain block Game It is early to enter the hot summer, various well-known channels with the developers, are heavily flags into the new continent, the blockchain game has become the hottest topic in 2018, whether developers or the general game player, game data for demand is also growing, China One of the first A block chain game list ” DappRanking “It was born, formal Today Go online !

DappRanking ” global leader Dapp key data! Dapp key data!

“DappRanking” is the first Chinese block chain game list, as long as the use of Ethernet square base game, can apply for a login, all data are derived from the etheric Fang original data, and the whole layout simple, users do not need to through the etheric Fang complex layout, everywhere can immediately know the key data of game the decision for your accurate judgment!

DappRanking ” provides sharp critical data, let you in the competition one step ahead!

“DappRanking” the key data of a total of four daily active users, transaction amount, transaction amount, balance amount, and can select the time interval, screening seven days, day, hours of data, by way of chart data clearly show the trend of the game, and the game’s official website, the contract, social media links, all the key information at a glance, if users of the game are interested, you can immediately link game.

“DappRanking” features:

  • Open world game log chain block.
  • The whole layout of jane.
  • Key data: active users, transaction amount, transaction amount, balance amount.
  • The latest free access to your Dapp information whenever and wherever possible the business needs.
  • For developers, to provide an exposure of the channel, and quickly browse key data.
  • The general game player, do not have to use Ethernet interface to browse the most complicated workshop, fire game data quickly!
  • DappRanking ” the world’s best window completely free login!

    At present, DappRanking has received hundreds of developers logged more than two hundred Dapp on the list, bring stable fixed flow rate for developers, operations team encourages all the developers can not login at the station, immediately apply for login, the login is completely free, only need to fill out the online data can apply, allowing you to develop the game with the world immediately!

    The future DappRanking will also provide more blockchain hand news with exclusive games for more information, please pay close attention to the official DappRanking Discord!

    “DappRanking” official website:

    “DappRanking” for accession:

    “DappRanking” the official Discord:

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