The cloud makes bitcoin value soaring trend of miners

The cloud makes bitcoin value soaring trend of miners


Although the etheric Fang foundation team is working to improve the block chain, but the encryption currency of the world continue to develop. In order to support its claim, mineral company Hashflare lists three positive trend bitcoin is happening in the world.

The cloud makes bitcoin value soaring trend of miners, the reaction of the market demand

1, available in Japan bitcoin payment bill

Hashflare said: “the price of bitcoin will continue to grow, because Japan announced its new policy to accept bitcoin payments for utilities. This is an important stage in the development of encryption currency, because it means that the trust interests and growth, which will have a positive impact on bitcoin value.”

Accordingly, the company said recently ResuPressInc. announced that the company bitcoin payment service Coincheck, the company said it has partnered with Mitsuwa industrial limited company, allow Japanese users to use bitcoin to pay electricity bills. Will be launched in November 2016, when the service is running after bitcoin users can save the cost of 4-6%.

2, Wright currency value soared

The miners also believe that the crypto currency Wright currency value soaring is a factor to make bitcoin more valuable. It said: “the Wright currency price growth is unstoppable. According to many encryption currency market, China investors seem to be very interested in digital. Considering the lack of global Scrypt hardware user, we can be sure that the value of Wright currency will continue to grow.”

After the Gadex, Wright currency prices surged in August, Coinbase added Wright currency of US dollar transactions. A new integration means that customers can now exchange coins Wright, both for bitcoin, but also directly for dollars.

3, the legal currency devaluation

Some of the global currency, especially the pound, and did not perform well, close to the 31 pounds to the lowest. When the pound began to drop in the value of the deal, Brexit from the vote since the trouble seems to have deteriorated. Like most of the world monetary system, which is based on debt. This is another reason that bitcoin soared in value, Hashflare said:

“Due to the edge of the political and economic changes, many of the classic currencies (such as the dollar, euro or pound) struggling and losing its value. This is one of the main reasons and Wright currency bitcoin development in the global scope.”

Bitcoin is valuable, because of the different currency, it as an independent currency value depends entirely on the market demand.

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