The collapse of bitcoin, once up to $20 thousand, but now only worth $3600.

The collapse of bitcoin, once up to $20 thousand, but now only worth $3600.

For the price of bitcoin, has always been a controversial, some people think that the future of bitcoin will become very valuable, and some people think of the Internet as a virtual product, bitcoin hedeheneng can value prices so high, but in fact, the price of bitcoin really up to us a lot of ordinary people can not touch the price, the peak price touched $20 thousand price, even if the fall, all the way to today, and the price is $3600.

Ten years ago, by a mysterious person bitcoin Nakamoto proposed, then bitcoin and block chain technology, at the same time the birth, but at the time of the bitcoin is not worth a hair, can be said that there is no any value at all, but gradually, bitcoin has a price, believe in the history of the development of bitcoin we have all heard, there was once a programmer for 10 thousand bitcoins to buy two pizza things, if according to the current bitcoin price calculation, so that the two pizza was full value $36 million, which can be said to be a turning point in the history of bitcoin also, can be said to be the beginning of a bitcoin value, since then, bitcoin prices began to rise in this way, it also expressed love for the programmer, $36 million to buy two pizzas, this is the most expensive food history! At the same time also celebrate for selling pizza shop, selling two pizzas, can earn so much money, is really very lucky!

Of course, do not know when the owner was selling pizza is already in the bitcoin price is low, it has been already sold out? In fact, for bitcoin words, many people do not know what kind of bitcoin is useless, after all and we are familiar with the bitcoin virtual currency approach is very similar, but because it is behind the block chain technology endorsement, bitcoin began to rise, and the price is once crazy, there are people who say that the future of bitcoin can substitute for gold, gold and beyond.

But this is really feasible? We only take gold and bitcoin to do comparison! Gold as a hard currency in our human history, can be said to have a certain concept of value, are recognized for the presence of gold, but bitcoin? It is the only product of the Internet, but also to see products can’t see the Internet. While gold is not only precious metal so simple, and practical properties of it can be said to be very much, just as our common form is gold jewelry, of course, some people will say that gold as jewelry, it is just a way of bitcoin is similar? But gold is not only jewelry is so simple, it can also be made of conductive material on the circuit board, such as electronic products that we use, as well as some scientific research and technology needed to place, gold can be used to. On the practical nature of this alone, bitcoin is incomparable place.

However, bitcoin prices are very expensive, but it’s really practical value in the end what? The belief that even the coins are also said not to come out, because the price of bitcoin is that it relies on the concept of the future. But recently, we also see that bitcoin does not like the rumors as crazy prices, but fell very sharply, then the future of bitcoin whether it can continue to price myth? For the future of bitcoin, you have what kind of view? The comments below express your views! Make complaints about it!

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