The constitution of Brazil or will boost growth in demand for bitcoin

The constitution of Brazil or will boost growth in demand for bitcoin

Various geopolitical and economic factors affect people demand for bitcoin, and in the near future, there are many events in the play this role, including the Greek crisis, Britain returned to Europe, the continued depreciation of the RMB, the U.S. presidential election, the government of India to abolish large amounts of paper money, Venezuela’s economic collapse. The implementation of the new Brazil constitutional amendment, may soon join the list.

The implementation of the new constitutional amendment will effectively freeze the Brazil government in the basic public welfare plan on spending, including health care, education, pensions, infrastructure and defense. These measures are expected to continue until 2037, which may lead to the people of Brazil suffered more serious inflation and economic difficulties.

It is reported that Brazil has at least the country against the outbreak of the conflict in 12 states.

The protesters believe that the austerity plan is entirely on the exploitation of the poor, spending cuts in many parts of a national life and the future, such as health care and education which had insufficient funding areas.

Because the Brazil government tries to limit spending to stimulate the economy, it may soon be introduced some strict reform, or hinder the free flow of the territory of Brazil and across the border. These potential reforms may boost the Brazilian bitcoin as a substitute for fiat.

The Brazil leadership to negative influence by the entity tax and debt repayment way to offset the new stricter policies brought. Even banks and financial companies will also be instructed reduce operation time, and reduce the charges.

As of now, is a positive factor for the Brazil market bitcoin industry, but at the expense of the country people will encounter economic difficulties. According to the new development, the next year will be very beneficial in terms of bitcoin, bitcoin prices or sprint to $850 in the first few months. In addition to the market in Brazil, India and Venezuela are two broad prospects for bitcoin emerging markets.

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