The court approved the extradition for BTC-e operators

The court approved the extradition for BTC-e operators


A Greek court has been accused of money laundering bitcoin Vinnik green light.

The AlexanderVinnik is the operator of the bitcoin exchange, while AlexanderVinnik is wanted by Russia and the United States authorities, charges involving different charges. As previously reported in CoinDesk, Vinnik had asked the court to be extradited to his native Russia, where he faces allegations of fraud. He also denied their role as the BTC-e operator, claimed that he was just doing technician in exchange.

According to Reuters, the Greek Supreme Court yesterday denied he was deported to Russia’s appeal. According to news sources, now by the Greek justice minister made a final decision.

Russia had previously criticized the United States comply with the request for extradition decision. The county’s foreign ministry “expressed regret”, the court did not intend to return Vinnik to russia.

Vinnik was arrested in Greece in late July, on charges of money laundering billions of dollars by BTC-e.

In July this year, the international law enforcement officials to take action, the closure of the BTC-e exchange, US prosecutors subsequently released a series of allegations against BTC-e and Vinnik, and the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) was fined $110 million.

As of September, the platform has been launched, and claimed to be to those in the raid in the loss of user refund. Later that month, the company’s operators have launched a new trading platform called WEX.

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